1. Re: what's a thing about you that slips into your writing?

      I'm left-handed and it's really hard not to default to that when describing how characters interact with the world.

    2. Re: How do you guys back up your work?

      I use the 3-2-1 method of backing up my work. That's 3 copies in 2 different file formats, with 1 stored offsite. I guess it's slightly outdated in the age of cloud sync but on the other hand you (...)

    3. Re: What does your production schedule look like?

      @Sabaoth I have very thoroughly read that guide and a few others, actually. I may have only joined yesterday but I've been lurking here for a bit now. Originally it was to help a friend who's been posting (...)

    4. Re: What does your production schedule look like?

      Thanks for the tips. My issue isn't that I can't physically write fast enough, but rather trying to balance high quality production on an already full plate. I already worked out a few tricks of my (...)

    5. Re: Why do you post your story here?

      It's a visible platform with good integration for monetization options. I'm not too proud to admit I want to make money from my writing to improve my life and maybe someday make a living so I have more (...)

    6. Re: Why do you write what you write?

      I write the stories I want to read.

    7. What does your production schedule look like?

      I have to admit I'm super impressed and maybe a little bit intimidated by how common it is for writers here to put out a novel's worth of content every single month. I'm curious, how is everyone managing (...)

    8. Re: Isekai = Thoughts wanted.

      Is him recovering his memories a major plot element? If yes, then don't change it. If no, then have him remember everything from the beginning. It sounds like him being from the past is important so (...)

    9. Re: Should I focus on the numbers or care more about telling a story?

      Story trumps all. If precise numbers aren't plot critical elements, it's ok to use fuzzy logic/numbers and let your readers infer the exp gain. I would suggest if you're not super into the math and (...)

    10. Re: What is your naming convention for characters like?

      I don't really have a particular system for naming. Each character has different purposes and needs so I choose their names accordingly. Sometimes it's symbolic, sometimes it's cultural and sometimes it's (...)

    11. Re: Help naming a main character.

      He kind of sounds like a Bert to me.

    12. Re: Should I do a Rewrite?

      I looked at the reviews where people left comments. You're getting a lot of high marks for writing mechanics, most of the low reviews pertain to the story and characters. A couple of the comments mentioned (...)

    13. Re: What are the general cues for how to write a decent story?

      There are two main ways to write an interesting (to other people) story: One, is to write to trends. For example, RR is very heavily based in LitRPG. So if you were to write one, you would have a built (...)

    14. New in town

      Hello everyone, Cymas here, just thought I'd pop in to say hey. I'm a relatively experienced writer, in the sense that I've been doing it for awhile; off and on for over 20 years. I have been published (...)