1. Re: 3 things top web novelists are doing that you (probably) aren't

      I would suggest saving up for 2 months and buying 1 $90 rectangle ad. General consensus right now is those are the most effective ones. As far as Patreon goes, I would leave the giant image that takes (...)

    2. Re: LitRPG/System apocalypse + Historical fantasy can work? Is it a good idea?

      Well, are there any litRPGs written using this concept? If not, that's a great market gap you can fill. I would give it a shot and see how it goes. I bet there's a lot of overlap between stats people and (...)

    3. Re: Learned through trial and error, would this be a good idea for a series?

      Ideas aren't really worth anything on their own, it's all in the execution of the story. I suggest, if you're looking for a marketable story, start with researching the stories available on said market. (...)

    4. Re: 3 things top web novelists are doing that you (probably) aren't

      I knew money was going to be the problematic point. Monetization of a story is a business. Businesses have expenses. You can deduct it on your taxes later, but you do still need to buy it when you need (...)

    5. Re: Other sites to release on

      FictionPress is pretty much dead, I wouldn't recommend posting there. Neovel has a pretty interesting setup, I have it on my radar as a potential. Space Battles is a forum, but it's a huge space (...)

    6. Re: Should I start a forum guide?

      Honestly I started doing this but as a blog instead of posting here. The benefit of doing it in blog form is a wider audience and taking advantage of SEO and digital marketing techniques to drive readership (...)

    7. Re: Patreon Question

      I wouldn't do anything that lessens the value of your Patreon. If you want more RR views, do more self promotion and marketing instead of pushing your paid readers away. They paid for that early access (...)

    8. Re: Do reviews / ratings boost visibility?

      If you don't already have any, doing swaps can be beneficial to put you on the map, so to speak. If you already have reviews, you're better off doing some self promotion and marketing.

    9. Re: There are no Systems here, only death.

      No. She's just a beach bob trying to survive. This is grounded survivalism in a post apocalyptic high fantasy world. Think Extinction, with the world already wrecked and fractured into pieces with (almost) (...)

    10. Re: Releasing One vs Multiple Chapters at a time.

      Depends on your goals and what you're trying to accomplish. Generally, those releasing multiple chapters over a very short period of time are trying to get a new story to hit the Rising Stars list. (...)

    11. Re: Stick to a schedule or give out extras?

      I give out bonus chapters for hitting follower goals. Otherwise I just stick to my schedule.

    12. Re: When you rewrite your first draft, does it generally get longer or shorter?

      I'm an underwriter so my chapters tend to be expanded significantly in drafts.

    13. 3 things top web novelists are doing that you (probably) aren't

      This is an article I was originally going to write for my blog, hence the clickbaity title. Since I took that down for other reasons, I thought it might be worth putting the condensed version here instead. (...)

    14. Re: As a writer should you he discouraged by ratings?

      It depends. Sometimes the ratings are discouraging but accurate. My own story recently started to stagnate and ratings have been tanking. I'm not discouraged by it because I know exactly what the problem (...)

    15. Re: A Question for editors

      That's not how editors work. You pay up front for their services for a defined rate and length. No one is going to agree to share profits on a story that by definition isn't profitable, with no guarantee (...)

    16. Re: Readers of Royal Road, pls what would make you stop reading a novel?

      Bad writing, poor plotting, dull characters, or the story is just plain boring.

    17. Re: Silently Proud of Something?

      My first chapter is a homage to Ark: Survival Evolved, which is the base inspiration for my own setting.

    18. Re: Why doesn't RR remove "dead" fictions? And what is it about 1970?

      I for one am very happy that there is no policy in place for this. One of my favorite stories (Battle Trucker) just came back after an unplanned year long hiatus due to the author's personal struggles. (...)

    19. Re: how do you develop characters, plot, and world building?

      Think of your characters like you do the people in your life. People aren't just a name, a list of physical traits and maybe their background and a hobby if they're lucky. They're a collection of experiences, (...)

    20. Re: paste the 23rd sentence of your story.

      She emerged triumphant with a Styrofoam container.