1. Re: Finding Readers Helpppp

      It's important to note that fanfiction has a built in audience already which makes it significantly easier to convince people to read the stories. Original works, not so much. You're building up your readership (...)

    2. Re: How to devote yourself to writing as a distracted college student.

      It can if you overextend yourself, yes. Just like literally anything else in life. But you also need to work outside your comfort zone and push yourself if you want to achieve something sometimes. For (...)

    3. Re: Finding Readers Helpppp

      You need a cover with a graphic on it. Text covers don't really do well. You can check out the art forum and either put in a request/commission or select a premade from those who offer then, like Asviloka. (...)

    4. Re: How many chapters do you write in a volume?

      For my story volumes are the equivalent to novels in a series, albeit on the shorter side since my first drafts are generally somewhere between tornado and hurricane on the disaster scale. I don't pre-determine (...)

    5. Re: How much did you write today? - Word Count Tracking Thread

      2.4k today, that's pretty impressive for me. Finished a chapter of Into the Blue and wrote one chapter for Surviving the Arcanum. I'm really going to have to knuckle down and grind if I want Into the (...)

    6. Re: Bloody translations! Help! Part Two

      It can go either way. To me won't sounds more natural, but both are correct. For your second question, I would write: He was waiting in the square. There are a lot of different names for that (...)

    7. Re: Bloody translations! Help!

      That is the major reason he doesn't (won't also works here) allow people to touch his hair, much less cut it.

    8. Re: First Chapter Challenge

      Ah, I see. You probably wouldn't like the next chapters, because I really like my slow character driven stories. But that is what reader taste is about. Because the disagreement and following self-questioning (...)

    9. Re: How to devote yourself to writing as a distracted college student.

      Make a schedule, remove the distractions and enforce discipline. If you want to write seriously, you need to treat it seriously, too. I have a full time job and a strict release schedule. Haven't missed (...)

    10. Re: Is stagnate progress normal? How do you keep people interested in a story?

      As I so often do, I suggest visiting the wonderfully generous Asviloka and picking out one of their premade covers to use for now. My own story's cover is one of theirs, not a custom! They just added the (...)

    11. Re: Is stagnate progress normal? How do you keep people interested in a story?

      I don't think your synopsis is doing anything productive for you. It doesn't tell the reader anything about the story or characters they're about to read about. Do not put worldbuilding in your blurb, (...)

    12. Re: Publishing

      You don't really pitch stories to publishers. There are certain very niche areas of the business where this happens, but not for the average novel. Keep in mind anything you post publicly online has (...)

    13. Re: How much did you write today? - Word Count Tracking Thread

      Only about 400 words on the next chapter of Into the Blue for the contest, distracted by something else tonight. That's fine though. I'll pick it back up tomorrow.

    14. Re: First draft of Book 1 is done. Book 2 is already clamoring in my head. What do you guys do?

      If you're looking to build a readership, always prioritize new content. The absolute best release rate is daily. After having finished the first draft of one book and starting on book 2, I would say (...)

    15. Re: First Chapter Challenge

      Not a ton of readers in the forums but it's a slow day at work so... Silver, Sand & Silken Wings - This chapter doesn't work for me. I see what you're trying to do with it but it's just a prologue with (...)

    16. Re: What's a genre or subject you will never write?

      Awhile back I made the conscious decision that none of my stories will ever include explicit sexual violence in them. I acknowledge that it exists and is a very serious issue, but I simply do not want (...)

    17. Re: Anyone Else Feel Burnt Out For the Jan Writing Contest: Uncharted Waters?

      My problem is mostly an issue of timing, honestly. I knew the contest was coming and that I wanted to participate. I also decided to launch my Patreon with the new year. I brought this on myself, lol. (...)

    18. Re: How much planning did you do before publishing your work?

      Honestly, I'm a pantser. I develop the world, plot and characters on the fly. My chapter releases are basically my first draft and I'm not far enough ahead in my production schedule to do any serious amount (...)

    19. Re: Where do I ask for commissions in Royal Road?

      It's a little bit buried but there's a request subforum over in Art.

    20. Re: How much did you write today? - Word Count Tracking Thread

      1.3k for tonight's Patreon release. Oh man, even I think it's getting good, now. Can't wait for you guys to see what's happening next!