Sketch Sanchez

Sketch Sanchez

    1. Re: A review swap a day

      i'm interested in a 10 k swap if you still have slots

    2. Review swap while I'm posting my new volume

      You: Read Solar Flare Versus The Quantum Plague. It is Volume 3, but I'm confident you don't need to read the rest to enjoy this as is. It is currently just 6 chapters and 20k words so that is the baseline. (...)

    3. Three versions of the same cover

      Just curious about which people like the best. "None of them" is 100 percent an option. (...)

    4. She really loves music

      Roxanne was perusing a box, trying to find what to listen to, while she got down to brass tacks. The crate was filled with records belonging to artists she listened to constantly on her private streaming (...)

    5. Re: My two leads are ready to party

      This is pretty cool, how many shots can they do? Corina's personal best is 14; Rox is a total lightweight

    6. Re: My two leads are ready to party

      For a second there, I didn't recognize them, but then I realized it's because the light in the room is pink so their color palette shifted accordingly, nicely done! :D  Thank you! They also got new haircuts (...)

    7. My two leads are ready to party The main lead Roxanne is on the left, dressed to the nines because it's her (...)

    8. Re: Superhero authors--Promote your work!

      Excited to see new superhero writers!

    9. Roxanne arrives in the nick of time

      Scene from my latest chapter :)

    10. Re: I made a video ad on tiktok ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      It’s a cool video! Where can I read your comic books in full? Do you have a special webpage for that? No comics right now, just novels. Just click the link in my sig :) Related artwork I post to twitter (...)

    11. You should read Solar Flare Versus "You are to wield the Cyntaf, the most powerful weapon in the universe, and (...)

    12. Re: Shoutouts for Reviews while I'm still on Rising Stars!

      Hello folks. I hit rising stars about a week ago (I still can't quite believe it haha), and I'm fairly certain I've hit my peak position, so I thought hey, why not help some more writers get visibility (...)

    13. Re: Review swaps (fantasy/sci-fi)

      I'm game for a swap, my story is soft sci fi, superhero, and its got a dash of cosmic horror. Read as much or as little as you like and I'll hit you up with a review :)

    14. Re: Giving Shoutouts for Reviews!

      I'll take part! Your story sounds fun!

    15. Re: Review 6 of 10 novels

      May I have one? :)

    16. How bout a nice fat punch?

      Just finished coloring this with markers last night. It's my MC engaged in battle with Volume 2's big bad! (...)

    17. Re: November Thread - Promote your Story

      Hi everyone, a new chapter of Solar Flare Versus just dropped so I thought I'd post in this thread. Roxanne Belmonte is the titular main character of Solar Flare Versus. She is the latest to wield a (...)

    18. Re: Open for swaps

      Okay now that chastearisen is done, I'll be moving to forsaken fry!