Tales of Adventure

I really love this fiction and am about to reread what you’ve done, I’m sad that it seems like it’s over for it as it’s not had any updates but maybe you’re on hiatus?(if so know that I will be crying tears of joy when I see an update). But if it is over and there will be no more updates, know that I loved this fiction so much and would rate it in the top 5 of royalroad (and MY second favourite sometimes first). And I totally agree with the other reviewers who had to make a review to say how they loved it as well so here’s mine to tell you of another fan of your works(I’ve not read your other works but know that I will)


So to show my appreciation for your time and effort into this fiction I thought I should rate this and thank you properly with this review :). So THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


Edit: OK I’ve read the first two chapters again and am so happy and impressed, I just thought I needed to say(pretty much anyone who is reading this, read the fiction it will be one of the best fictions you’ll have found on this site :D).

Yggdrasil Online
I wasn't sure whether to rate a 3 or 3.5 but I was nice and rated it 3.5 because there are some harsh things that have been said but I do agree on some of them. Well you're obviously enthusiastic about writing this story because you're doing a great job keeping it updated, and it has a good story but it also has problems with the grammar which is why I dropped it. I think if you were to keep going as you have the story will remain good but it can be a lot better if you were to spend more time correcting the grammar. Keep up the good work ;D

Immortal Soul

This is one of my favourites on this site, because It’s so well written and original too! My only complaint is that it’s not in the top 5 which isn’t even Mike’s fault  :(. THIS SHOULD AT LEAST BE IN THE TOP 5. Anyway this fiction is so good that I was recommending it to my brother 30seconds in.

Don't Fear the Reaper

Definitely deserves first place

This is definitely the best fanfic I've read on this site and I've tried the others in the top 5 btw (pretty angry that they were rated wrongly too) so don't question me. This, Immortal soul and NPC are ones I read btw if you've not tried them you should.

NPC (First Draft)

Great story, definitely worth a read

This is a really good fanfic and even though he’s OP it doesn’t put you off while you read, but rather I personally wanted to see more of his power. Also, great we get to see how he got so strong. So if you’ve not tried it you should as this in my opinion deserves to be in the top 5, that’s how good it is.  And this may sound harsh but, oh well, it’s questionable whether people actually read other fanfics before rating them 5 stars because if they did, this would be higher rated.