God Of The Realms

God Of The Realms

Singularity's System For Human Advancement

Singularity's System (...)
by brokebutton
160 pages

Humans on Earth finally achieved a breakthrough and created a real technological intelligence, called the Singularity. With its advanced intellect, the Singularity realized that humans had become too dependent on external power instead of continuing their evolutionary processes to become higher-order beings. To correct this issue, the Singularity took away most of the world’s technology and gave all life on Earth a way to advance itself. Every aspect of life was turned into a system by the Singularity as a method to speed up and manage humans’ progression and development.

Nate’s advancement system awoke on his sixteenth birthday just like every other human on Earth. However, his miserable starting point caused him to go on a journey that would bring him many dangers. Read along to follow the young man’s path to explore the world, fight ferocious beasts and advance using the Singularity’s System.

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The Last Space King

The Last Space King
by FrozenSynapses
134 pages

Rey Nafasi, the last Space King in existence, seeks to gain the power to revenge his race and stop the great being called "The Ancient" from rising back into power. Join him as he tries to gain strength with his friends in the broken and cruel world.

- - - - - -

Bloodline: Crappy Human bloodline (50%) Space King bloodline (50%)

'Did you really have to transmit that my human bloodline made me weaker??'

'Yep! I can't help myself. I see something weak, and I just have to point it out.'

The cover art isn't mine. All credits go to the artist.

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by MageOfSacks
200 pages

My name is Vak Tychus. Aside from the, regrettably striking name, there were very few things I'd judge, that made me - me. The name had to do with chance or fate. My last name was Latin, derived from the Latinized name Eutychus which was the combination of two Greek words corresponding to "good" and "luck, chance, and fortune." 

Now that you know why I'm so unhealthily and exceedingly prone to gambling I can begin to teach you why exactly I love it so much. 

There's a handful of things you'd have to know to really appreciate how to gamble. You'd be surprised at how much you can learn in two decades supposing you stuck with it your entire life. Although, there are some stark differences between betting a handful of cash and your life against monstrous creatures intent on your blood. Well, you learn a thing or two, if you can believe it.

Here, in fact, we can start with the first one: Taking a risk.

Try it now and start reading.

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The Black Knight of the Demon King

The Black Knight of the (...)
by Revan The Edgelord
239 pages

I was once like everyone else. I had a family, went to school, played sports, and had a decent amount of friends, but then one day that all changed. What was the thing that had happened to me you might ask? Well, in short, I was abducted, but if we're being technical, what actually happened was me being summoned to this world called Atalan. However, I wasn't summoned as a hero or this great sage or a wizard or any of that stuff. No, I, Donovan Rutherford, had been transported to this world to be the one and only Black Knight of the Demon King and to defeat the Hero and his companions.

(The Cover Photo is from DnD, aka Dungeons and Dragons, which isn't something I own. Well, I own one of the boardgames, but you all know what I mean. Anyways, like my other story I consider it more of a 2D world, but that's just me.)

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The Gluttonous Cultivator

The Gluttonous Cultivator
by Tale Master
22 pages

A man dies and is reborn, though not before meeting a goddess and gaining some cheats. He expected his life to be easy after that but the world he was born in as not a fantasy world but the world of cultivation.

"Yeah, not going to get into that bullshit about reaching the peak when I can just eat to my hearts content. I'll just become a Young Glutonnous Master." Lin Long Yan muttered as he chomp down on the 1000 year old Ice Pear while everyone looked at the corpse of the dragon he was sitting upon. "You guys should really focus on enriching the cooking culture. Here let me show you how to cook this ancient wood dragon."

Would Lin Long Yan fulfill his dream of being a gourmet or would the world conspire to make him reach the heavens? Yeah right, destiny is not going to be kind to cheaters.

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Breaking Horizons: Book 1: Snared Origins

Breaking Horizons: Book (...)
by JeanDRacc
341 pages



Many want to learn things from a story, while others only want fast-paced wonders. We are human and we like to dream, we are alive and we want to feel. Don’t wander outside before knowing the inside. Even if this is slow, it gives you the reader, things to behold.

This is a story but also knowledge. It isn’t fast or entertaining but makes you wonder. Everything starts from something unknown, we all want to know the untold. However, can you persevere if something starts being boring? Shouldn’t entertainment start from something unexciting?

Open a door to what you might know or not. Learn to dream in my unhealthy abode. Start from the garbage since that’s the place where I belong.


Welcome to Raccoon’s abode.

Breaking Horizons: Breaching the Fourth Dimension. A slow story that will take you on a ride towards the unknown.




PS: Will make things clear here. The actual main character is a human, the raccoon is a pet for the novel. So it isn't a raccoon Isekai or reincarnation as a raccoon. I still haven't added it to the story, as I am currently doing the intro. A long intro! So the start might feel off when you read it. 

The story will include many genres but starts with psychological stuff and low fantasy. The whole story is an enormous puzzle, but it starts with a tiresome beginning for many. There is a reason for that... 

If you want to know more about this story check my discord: https://discord.gg/rZs6mem

You can ask what you want to know there. 

Or join a bigger and cooler server where many authors hang out:

https://discord.gg/2hbvq8B (Its dungeon engineer and many cool stories' server)

 This is my own story, so its for me only. I will not have a schedule. I left it on hiatus for a while, can't write two stories, too busy. 

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Sleeping Through the Apocalypse

Sleeping Through the (...)
by Skaeger
93 pages

Our 'valiant hero' Mark just finished a 72-hour VRMMO marathon and passed out as soon as he reached his goal. His rest is disturbed by patch notes, but he sleeps as the world he knows ends, and a terrifying game begins. Join Mark as he discovers the wonders and horrors of the new world that awaits him. 

This is 'realistic' and chaotic. There is cursing and gore. I do my best to imagine how a person would actually handle the apocalypse, and the answer is "not well."

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I am Hulk!

I am Hulk!
by ReidRain
70 pages

It's Green, Mean and Angry! Coming at you like a natural disaster, it is the judgment of God. The eye of rage, anger personified. Ladies, gentlemen, and all you out there and in-between, I give to you the Hulk! A normal guy dies and finds himself taken to Valhalla, in a setting he once knew as fiction. His story begins with a saga, a new legacy and legend. This is that story.

SI Reincarnation Transmigration. 

Inspired by valhalla saga, but will draw heavily on elements from Marvel and DC comics. 

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The Red Crane of Guilin

The Red Crane of Guilin
by jl0281
136 pages

(An LGBT M/M wuxia epic)

Seven hundred years into the post-apocalyptic era, the sacred land of Guilin remains innocent and pure. Guarding Guilin is the legendary House of Guan, whose warriors endure lethal physical modifications in exchange for inhuman power. As long as House Guan stands, Guilin cannot be touched.

But greed sends a clever soldier to infiltrate the sacred land. Disguising himself as a wandering artist, he beguiles the beautiful young lord of House Guan, falls in love with him, and betrays him. Fifteen years later, their hearts still bleed—and there is no time, among the new threats and imminent war, to stem the flow.

A tale of family, dynasty, duty, ambition, and inevitable, undying love.  

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Craftsman System In My Hero Academia (COMPLETED!)

Craftsman System In My (...)
by maggitt147
654 pages

An avid fan of My Hero Academia was killed by a bored goddess and was being forced to reincarnate into his favorite anime. But he wasn't going in there without any help whatsoever! He is given the Craftsman System to aid him in his journey in this new but familiar land. Come and read along as Antoine builds his way to the top while also being the biggest asshole he can!

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Skulls of Atlantis: A Gamelit Pirate Adventure - 4 Chapter Sample

Skulls of Atlantis: A (...)
by edmcrae
21 pages

This is now a Five Chapter Sample. The full novel is available on Kindle Unlimited.

“Peer into the gizzards of your prize and see if you have the guts to take it.”

Captan Grace Deadeye Cortez lives in a virtual game world called “Skulls”. She just doesn’t know it. Skulls is an 18th Century alternate Earth where magic and monsters exist alongside muskets and marauding pirates. 

Now Atlantis has risen from the depths and Deadeye aims to plunder the city and capture its fabled Star of Atlantis, an artifact that will enable her ship to travel vast distances in the blink of an eye.

With Inkman, Jonesy, Sandwich, Mad Maggie and a host of motley corsairs from a score of different nations, Deadeye will shoot and swash her way through anyone and any thing that crosses her bow. But our plucky pirate captain is in for the shock of her buccaneering life. 

There’s a reason Atlantis has returned from the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. An ancient god is awakening, straining against the arcane chains that were forged to bind Him. Should He break free, the whole world will feel the tidal waves of His wrath. 

Captain Deadeye and her crew will need to look lively and level up if they are to defeat this antediluvian evil. Especially if they want to get mind-bogglingly rich in the process.

Skulls of Atlantis is a Gamelit pirate adventure where characters level up and improve their abilities. Deadeye can also upgrade her ship, The Albatross. The game mechanics are shown as notifications called “the otherwords”. They are designed to work with the story, not interrupt your reading experience.


  • Female MC
  • Light game mechanics
  • Sea Battles
  • Moderate pirate language
  • Moderate violence
  • Sexual references
  • Lovecraftian monsters

Does not feature…

  • LitRPG power fantasy
  • Explicit sex
  • Coarse language
  • Harem
  • Gore and ultra-violence
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The Harukian Chronicler

The Harukian Chronicler
by ZeriqHaruk
307 pages

This is the story of a man; killed by crazy, only to wait for bureaucracy while he goes crazy, only to be told that due to circumstances he will be reborn.

So he chooses a world, race, stats, etc; and begins to enjoy life at his own pace while not having a destiny. Wonder if he can get some sleep while he's at it.

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