1. Re: Writing chapters

      On a good day, a chapter a day with 2.5k words, and I'd kill a dragon to double that speed.

    2. Re: Rising stars, baby!

      Thank you, everyone! Another thing I learned is that we're really pushing away the things we want so badly. The moment we let it go, it happens naturally. Cheesy it sounds, I actually experienced this (...)

    3. Rising stars, baby!

      Just when I stop caring about it, I made it to the list!  :DrakanSmug; Honestly, I got carried away too much lately. One day I got 20 followers, and the next three days only three followers came. It (...)

    4. Re: What are some of the difficulties an author on RoyalRoad faces?

      I'd also say it's getting views for your story at the start. Unless you have readers from your old works, have some author friends, or your story is really good and appeals to a large audience.

    5. Re: Quack! Looking for Beta readers :3

      Some intense ducking going on in this thread. Try r/betareaders if you can't find any from RR. I'm also in need of some, but I don't have time to do swaps for now.

    6. Re: The [Royal Road Flashfic] Contest

      Turning a blind eye to the mechanical parts of the androids scattered around the desert, Ezekiel trudged toward the only automaton that looked somewhat intact, leaving behind a trail of shallow footsteps. (...)

    7. Re: How do you feel about your fiction having a low amount of views?

      As a new author, I was pretty worried, especially when I was getting followers despite the low views. But for the last few days, I'm getting quite a bit views whereas the followers stopped. Now I'm even (...)

    8. Re: Why do you write what you write?

      Looking at your own work and saying, 'Oh man, I'd totally binge this' is a good feeling. Plus, you can have a hard-core fan from the start.

    9. Re: 🎵1 year, 150,000 words in rhyme, a good time 🎵

      Wow! I also thought you were an old timer. I'm guessing that much of an effort can't be accomplished without passion. Congrats!

    10. Re: Hi y'all, Ozzy is in the house!

      Thank you everyone for your kind words. It's a great community, indeed.

    11. Re: Promote your story with the first three paragraphs the reader sees

      Ethan blinked his eyes open and paused in surprise to find his body too rigid. Only after hearing the voice of Ani, he was settled and tried to remember what was going on. ‘’Two hours to arrive exoplanet (...)

    12. Hi y'all, Ozzy is in the house!

      I know, right? What is this, the 90s? As one of those long-time lurkers, I was the one who read your stories without even an account, and now I'm asking for votes and reviews at every chapter of my (...)