1. Re: Really need advice on how to combat procrastination

      I will recommend Huberman's podcasts as well. This one explains my problem spot on and that's likely the case with most of us.  Basically, when we're writing with passion, we enjoy the process and love (...)

    2. Re: what is the least metric to know your novel is doing good

      No ads for me. Just a really rough start.  By the way, here is another metric for you, proxybaba; followers/avg views. Yours is 75% which is pretty neat.

    3. Re: what is the least metric to know your novel is doing good (Yeah... I'm doing rewrites at the moment.)

    4. Re: Cultiation story question

      They are imbuing their qi to the sword and travel by manipulating that. As for the summons, the Dao of summoning contains the Dao of karma and space. They spot the summon through the threads of fate and (...)

    5. Re: Is there anyone really successful, posting several times a week but also with a full time job?

      It very much depends on what you mean by 'really successful' :) I work 40+ hours a week. Own my own businesses so I'm never really off, a lot of work on the computer from home. DnD once a week, just (...)

    6. Re: How to see where your story is on any lists?

      With your story's stats and the period of time you got them, I'd guess you're getting close to the mystery subcategory of rising stars. That doesn't really change much, though. If you want to get on the (...)

    7. Re: How does RR sort Reviews when you select 'Top'?

      Growth percentage in a certain time frame.  (Yeah, no idea, but that kinda makes sense)

    8. Re: The [Royal Road Community Magazine] Contest #3

      Hmm, ad monies, you say? Half of it could be used for other stories, you say? :DrakanThinking: :DrakanMoney: :DrakanThinking:

    9. Re: Guide to writing LitRPGs

      I think I got it. I go on a , kidnap Pirateaba, and make them double their chapter length every other week.  

    10. Re: Why does Royal Road HATE Multiple Pov's?

      Self-insert. They don't hate the other POVs, they hate the interruption of their favorite ones.

    11. Re: Yet Another Author With Dreams of Writing a Ridiculously Long LitRPG Epic

      Welcome to the club! I was aiming for 1m words at the start and even now I can hardly believe that I'm almost done with a fifth of that. You're more than good in the cover and blurb departments. Maybe (...)

    12. Re: So... You've learned to teleport...

      Keeping my morals. What a challenge that would be.  :DrakanLaugh:

    13. Re: Can stories become big without hitting rising stars?

      You'll be anally mastered by a CPA in a bow tie. But are we going to listen to my story voiced by Travis Baldree during the session? Lol, jokes aside, I rather go for self-pub, but the boost a big (...)

    14. Re: Can stories become big without hitting rising stars?

      I'm still curious about the definition of Making it Big, or Making Money. For me, it's making more than a thousand bucks through patreon. That'd mean you have a large audience before going to zon, and (...)

    15. Re: Can you grow readers posting once a week? Or does it have to be every day?

      I've recently reduced my uploads from 3 chaps/week to once a week to do some rewrites and build a backlog, and my views dropped quite a bit. It wasn't anything surprising though. Reading 2-3k long chaps (...)

    16. Re: Utopia or dystopia

      A dystopia seems more likely, but who knows what the future will bring? Things could change in a heartbeat, and a different outcome that no one foresaw might occur. Just like it happened many times in (...)

    17. Re: 100k words in 8 days

      Behold, the birth of Duck Sanderson! :DrakanPotato: Seriously, 20k in a day? That's just... legendary! 

    18. Re: Oh just stop with the prologues already

      Not going to lie, I only started hearing complaints of this on RR. Initially thought it was an isekai/litrpg thing, but I guess most people feel the same way for traditional fantasy too? Honestly, I (...)

    19. Re: Thoughts about chapters of nothing but skill progression

      I think chopping the chapter in two and adding more character interactions/development was a good call.  If not, I'd say keep it simple while explaining system mechanics, and if it has to be long and (...)

    20. Re: Why LitRPG?

      Bluelighthing42 put it well. I also write LitRPG. The world has its own rules and there is an AI that converts those with a simple system-like interface. Why? Cuz it's fun. Nothing would change in the (...)