Cursed Era

this is what story building is

I'll just  go with what I've read so far and don't mind me too much 'coz i'm not that of a critic.

anyways, here goes the review.

The story for the most part is slow paced, there'll be time skips but reasonable time skips if you may call it, not ones where the once young MC will be having kids in the next time skip kind of thing which is good giving more emphasis on what's really happening in the story.

Some may despise this long chapters beacause of too much details going around on each chapter but hey this is a novel, you need to use your imagination for the most part and the author's job is to make the readers view what the characters are seeing and experiencing as the story goes on.

The grammar well, I'm not really that good with gramar check but no mistakes so far I guess.

Character building is good, you get glimpses of the MC's past and what I really like about this is there isn't a freaking scenario where a 3 yr. old child conjure a omega fireball then kill all the enemies which tells you that it is all within realistic(oh yeah this is a fantasy lol) margin of MC's growth. The other characters in my opinion are well thought of giving more life to the story so good job on this.

Speaking of style, well I'm not really diveresed in literature but in the least, you won't be confused as much as you expect from all the details in the story.

Oh and the first chapter is really hilarious 'coz I've read the first chapter in a poem-like rhythm so that's why but you guys should give this a go if you want decent writing and story.

keep up the good work Author.


Lone: The Wanderer [Old Version]

this review might change over the course of the whole story as I see fit and you also have the option to downvote this review as I know there'll be fanboys and girls out there haha.

The foundation of the story is generic or common in other terms. Reincarnation, Overpowered MC and the like which is not bad as this type of stories can always get better over time or worsen as it progresses but we'll see how Mr. Author does that as this novel has potential.

And this is where I whine like a baby. Move on if you want haha. Please make the MC stop friggin' spouting his title and powers as it gets lower impact like you intened it to be. It literally make me cringe. Why would you want the MC to be always saying things like that? I get it that you intened some characters like the goddess to know its place but just blurting it like "Hey I'm the lord of cosmos and you'll do as I see fit". Come on. What I'm afraid of happening is that for every powerful person than the average in the world that the MC will meet he'll always say he's the lord of cosmos. The releasing of aura and the execution of the hero is obvious as it is.sorry for that long whining.

In short, action speaks louder than words. Don't make the MC say how powerful or what he is capable of. Just do it.

Grammar is good for me meaning not that improper to alter the meaning of the story so it is an okay.

Style is good. The portrayal of the characters aren't confusing for me.

Character build up I'd say i'm biased on this as I always love OP MCs and their OP powers not their title declaration okay?and if ever you'll include harem, don't. It takes an awful skill to intricate the harem element without partially destroying the true plot of the story.

Your story dear Author has a lot of potential. I just pointed out things that are too obvious anyways and there's no rush in improving as long as you improve haha.

EDIT: As all readers here know, we need to see how the author manipulates the stor to be ineteresting enough as the MC is so OP AF.

The Book of Mors: Summoned

The story overall is absolutely great and will reel you in the own world of the MC as the story goes and I hate harem themed stories that 10 chapters is burned on the side characters and the main story is just there waiting to be written.(Sorry for the rant)

Style is better than this author's last work I must say. not the greatest but better.

Grammar is not perfect but not that halfheartedly written to misunderstood the story.

Character. This is what I love the most in this book. There is a friggin' introductory chapters for at least every character involved enough to change the main course of the story. I love it that's it. Note: I'm comparing it with the previous work on the character intros.

Keep it up author.

The Destroying Protector

A stort with similar fantasy elements but with an unexpected twist to it.

Story is overall great to begin with I think. It's something new to me and not the cliche vengeance type core of the story. I like the theme of exploring things.

Characters as of now, is doing the story good and I hope no harem shall be built on this story or if the author plans to build one, create it with sufficient logic of the story.

Style is good but could be a lot better.

Grammar grade of this story has a few mishaps but not the distracting type ones where it'll take the readers' whole attention.

I'm loving this as it is anyways. Keep it up.

Kenosis of the Light Bearer

At Last another decent novel to read

Another novel with reincarnation as its core but with a refreshing and unique twist to it. The twist being that as of now, it won't be a harem.( At least two.more than that and it's chaotic)

I'm really glad to have found this gem on the weekly popular tab and onto the remarks...

Style for me, is good, could be better but what you want is for the readers to not be confused as you tell the story which you did greatly.

Story is great. Another reincarnation, but with a unique twist which is refreshing to read.

Grammar is not an eyesore to say the least.

Character development and introduction as of now, after reading the current chapters is nicely done.

Overall, it's a great read, worth your time definitely to others out there.  

There's always room for improvement in the storyline and I'm just a simple man. I see a refreshing story I'll definitely follow it.

Philippine Lore

Kinda weird reading some words in my dialect

I'll update this as the chapter goes on. Will do binge reading once it gets past 20.


Still though, it sounds silly to a Filipino like me to read Filipino words in an English novel. Maybe you can make it into deep english words instead. I laughed while reading the filipino phrases it sounded very much like what they say in the anime chuunibyou.

The Tale Of A Slayer

Gonna write some more later on until that moment..

Imma gonna go pile up on chapters until the moment where the MC completes his objective part.

I'm the descendant of the Demon Lord!

Going straight to the point I guess, the story is overall good with the current development and pace which bring the viewers to read more.


Story is well, the cliche of the church vs demons is there, but the current situation of the MC is what got me to read more chapters. Pacing is great for me and I won't bring the please don't make him OP for it won't help the story at all. Just develop things in the story with great care in mind and you'll be fine I guess. And the GORE is good I like that.


Grammar is great. I don't have top-tier grammar skills but reading your story doesn't trigger my brain's auto correct which is great.


Character..hmmm.. well, the current MC's situation is not new at all for me except that he's the demon prince and that changes things I guess. He's the goddamn maou-next-in-line-to-the-non-existent-throne. And  more characters to come I guess. The current build up and introduction of the characters is great so just keep at it.


Style is..well..( I always google what style is for stories and literature are so that I won't create a mistake on grading things here).. The way you tell the different povs and events that are taking place is good and it could be better. I just felt that you could do it better but the current style is not confusing for me which is great.


A great read and would recommend to be followed keep up the good work.

Reborn as a nine-tailed fox

Can't help but notice some things....a lot of them actually


I'll edit this review as your story develops. :)

 The story has great potential if Mr. author just considers elaborating on the things happening in the story. I just finished the current 12 chapters and it felt really rushed to me. It's just like you summarized  a novel and not care really for the characters' emotions and such. It's like a diary of a lazy stalker. Then again please don't be offended like you're gonna stop writing because of this. This may just be me. Your story has potential but no improvements being seen at all and this is the 19th chapter.

EDIT: The story has improved in the latest 2 chapters and I'd seen that he has put more details than the previous ones. The chapters are currently short but seeing that the author is improving, I'll follow this one.

ANOTHER EDIT: IT STILL FEELS RUSHED MY GOD DAMN IT. Details, Mr. author, details. Your story has potential, Improve on it. 

FINAL EDIT: You're gonna need an editor if you really want to improve, because the rushed plot and the lack of the characters's expression and details in the story just grinds my gears. It's a freaking novel. Words are your only way to communicate to the readers what you want to convey in the story. And right yeah the 19th chapter where the MC's mother mentioned that he is cold but like a child..I mean I couldn't even know that he is childlike with the way you write. It's already 19 chapters man. Maybe try to read some novels like andur's for a reference. Writing another novel with this kind of style won't do it. 


And to the fanboy/girl downvoters on this review, instead of downvoting, try to write a review to help your senpai author here sheesh.


How to Survive a Summoning 101

Your story, my dear good sir has a good pacing which for me, is a key factor to even read the whole story.


Style is great, not confusing for me on what  the current chapter is pertaining to its reader.


Grammar is not sore on my eyes in the least.


The character building of the MC is great, not getting OP too much and too soon is really a great treat for me. It's like I always have something to look forward to in your story. 


Just something though about the ones being close to the MC always in the face of danger...it's just too unsettling for me like..will every girl of the MC suffer worse than the previous one? I can't rest easy after reading a chapter if you know what I mean and it's GOOD is what I'm saying. It makes me go anticipate that something fair will happen for the MC. Well, 'tis just my thoughts though.


Four stars for me. definitely worth to read.