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M.G Driver

Big Rick Energy: Number Go Up [RPGLiteraturd]

Numbers go up.

First line opener is a banger.

Based characters.

Based side characters.

Based god.

Based Sir Gregorio Gregarious Gregorix MXVIII.

If you're a middle class american, this is the book for you.


Only downside is that he did not choose ashborn primordial as class.

I Reincarnated in Another World as a Vampire[Revenge; High Fantasy; Magic; New;]

I understand this is the author's first serious fiction, and so far it looks to deliver what it exactly says on the tin, no more no less.

We got some interesting concepts here that could shake up the genre and help the novel come into its own, but its too early to see if any of these concepts actually play out.

To be fair, I've only read up to chapter 17 for this review - I've been told the writing gets a lot better past chapter 20.


So far, the description of scenery, characters and environments seem to be pretty well polished so far. Action sequences however suffer a little bit in terms of how static or 'staccato' the action seems to fill. There's an slight lack of fluidity in how the writing goes - too much pausing, monologue during action sequences and so on. The battles should be fast and rapid without almost no emotions.

Think of battles as a culmination of emotions rather than a brewing of emotions. You can pause during sections of sequences, but pausing after every action to talk or monologue is a bit of a problem. It's not terrible yet, but can do with a bit of rework. I've seen the latest chapters and I can safely say the problem has been about 85% fixed - but it still exists in the start.

Dialogue so far has been pretty solid - I never lost track of who was talking (except chapter 3 - that one was a bit hard to follow) Giving a five stars because I know the author can and will fix it.

Okay, this one is a bit hard : so far we have a reincarnation sequence to adulthood that lasts for about close to 12 chapters - there's a few timeskips that helps to shorten the phase. It's a bit like the Mushoku Tensei or TBATE starting sequence, so if you like that, that's great.

One major issue is that it is really too slow - I feel that most of the events that occured during this phase could be condensed into one chapter. The author wants to tell everything that is in his head, and I myself have fallen into the same trap too for my first fiction. Here's the trick - don't explain the magic system too much in one single shot, it's more exciting if details were trickled in.

Another issue is scaling of power - we got a few hints the parents were OP, but there's a clear leap in power. I think a simple fix would easily solve this issue, so not really deducting marks for this.

However, overall there is a clear effort behind the scenes as to the magic system, the world, how magic works in battle and in combination and how society works in general. I really like the little details the author puts.

5/5, not a native.

Kai is a bit too childish for my personal liking - I read it expecting a rational character who could pull off an OP vampire romp. Sure, he might suffer a few setbacks in general, but he's really acting like a real kid. Is it the new biology of his childish body affecting him? Who knows. But I would have loved to see more of a 'old soul' in a new body effect like TBATE.

The other side characters are quite fleshed out, though only in one dimension so far. I can clearly see effort put into detailing that the parents are keeping more secrets than they have told the MC, so that's a good second dimension. But otherwise, their personality really falls into a sitcom problem. It does give a bit of brevity, but again, the title, cover of this novel already hints at issue, so it seems to counteract that.

Overall, I see a novel with great promise. I think with a good rewrite, this could definitely be a great banger. I've seen more popular novels on webnovels with an even worse storyline and characters, so you're already ahead of the curve.

Keep up the good work, Author.

Apocalypse: Reborn As A Monster [Litrpg Evolution Kingdom Building]

We've seen plenty of monster reincarnation stories, but this one I think breaks the grain.

What we have here is a human from the same world as the monsters reincarnating, so it's not theoretically an isekai. This also means that the MC has the knowledge and means to basically speedrun his evolution as he is already familiar with the inner working of the world.

This gives us an super fast paced monster progression and evolution fantasy that will scratch that itch. I know it certainly scratched mine. If it keeps following this trajectory, it'll be one of the mainstays of the subgenre for a long time.


Chapters are short, smooth direct and to the point. No beating about the bush - rational decisions and clear cut action is the focus of the story. Dialogue tags are very very clear, making it easy to see who's talking. Battles are exciting and fast paced - no wasted words.

Formatting is perfect on mobile and desktop.


Like mentioned above, the MC is from the same world, which affords us none of the baggage other isekais usually suffer from (like adjustment periods or what not). It's straight into the action and the fight to progress to a higher level. This makes the novel WAY more fun than other modern isekais and reincarnation, so it's a really really good romp. I'm so excited to see what's next.


5/5 i'm not native.


The MC is a competent character with prior knowledge and extremely rational, which makes the actions taken extremely satisfying. There's a bit of "oh he already knows what to do." but that's I love about the novel. For this sort of genre its easier to get behind a character that knows exactly what to do and when.

The side characters are not fleshed out fully yet (well, they aren't human anyway) so I don't expect much characterization from his koblod friends. We see intermittent interactions with humans up to the recent chapter 13 where this is reviewed, so I'm looking forward to more political shenangians and an obvious kingdom building arc.

Overall, a great romp to read through and through. Just read it if you read the review this far.

Tales of the Grand Mage King

Brilliant High Fantasy Coming-of-Age

This is super reminiscent of TBATE, but it's not an isekai but an inworld OP MC. So far the emotional aspect and tragedy of the story really digs its talon into the readers, especially at the first part to set the tone of how the MC feels.

It's all super realistic and less of a 'fun' turn off your brain kind of romp, but with this the story has the potential to truly scale into infinity. I'm also slightly reminded of the Legendary Magus, where there was an extremely emotional start as well. This start has me extremely invested in Arthur - the author has done a good job of portraying the sheer scale of the emotional damage done in a realistic manner


Writing style is extremely clean - dialogue tags are very clearly stated in their own unique lines, making it easy to tell who saying what.

Action sequences are clear cut and precise, not too much flowery descriptions and direct to the point.

The flowery descriptions do kick in for environmental and scenic views, but that just paints a better picture in my head and I'm all for it.

Paragraph formatting is brilliant - format looks awesome both on desktop and mobile for easy reading.


We follow the beginning of Arthur, who just went through a harrowing experience. It's still early in the story, but we already get glimpse of the eventual greatness that he can achieve. Many other magic stories usually limit the MC to a specific type of magic along with a subclass, but as far as I can tell this MC can pretty much truly live up to the name of the Grand Magus. I'm excited to see all the types of magic he can pull off.

5/5 i'm not native.


There are generally three characters that are fleshed out: the MC, the 'guide' and an immortal shapeshifting owl. So far it's been a brilliant path - all the characters are rational and act as they would have in real life, I never found myself being thrown off by any of the decisions they made.

Arthur's anger at monsters is also well understood, seeing as he is young and just suffered at the hands of them, which makes for a nice perspective into the world and mindset of the MC. The tragedy and emotions on display really shapes Arthur into a living breathing character in the reader's mind. I'm confident the character developments will only get better from here on.

Overall, brilliant coming-of-age story in the making here, well worth the follow. If you read this review to the end, you might as well read it right now, you won't regret it.

Desvalian Nights

I love the intricate details in the book. The world feels breathable in, in the sesne that I can truly believe that humans can live it in. Most fictions have the issue of not being able to remove disbelief, but this novel solves it in a jiffy.

However, there might be a bit too much exposition. Some of the fun in the story should be hidden away as a backstory. I understand it's the authors first book, and I myself fall into the same trap as well.


The sentences flow pretty well, smooth reading all throughout. action sequences are clear (save for the alleyway magic circuit body in ice scene, that was a bit off) and dialogue is always apparent as to who is talking. I never lost track of which character was saying what.

One small thing to note is that some of the paragraphs are pretty hard to read on mobile. The formatting seems to be fine, but the paragraphs really feel like walls of text on mobile only. On the desktop its fine.


So far it's been an intricate investigative process, really clean and thorough. I love the mystery so far, but as mentioned above the novel sometimes fall into the trap of overexplaining certain aspects of the world, an issue I myself face when writing my first novel.

In some cases, it's better for the reader to 'guess' the insituition's purpose or the rules of the world. Sure, they'll get it wrong (half of them will) but its part of the fun. I think if the small snippets of info were stripped out you have a brilliant masterpiece here. Polish the hook in the first three chapters and then trickle in the worldbuilding later.


5/5 i'm not native.


Okay, best part of a novel - an MC that actually suffers repercussions for what he done? Super brilliant. Some might feel that wow the MC is dumb, but this isn't a self-insert novel after all. I love the character flaws in the MC, it's great so far.

Each character looks lively, even the side characters. I like how each character can believable stand up for themselves (the manager telling MC to scram from the records was a very nice touch). This fleshes the world even more, great stuff all around.


Overall, I think this story is great - can definintely do much better. Perhaps a rewrite is in order, but otherwise the basis of the world, universe and characters are already there, all ripe for the reading.

Great job, author.

Catgirl Dungeon Mafia Wars

Brilliant from start to end. Guns, cats, big cats, dungeon cat cafe shenanigans, you got everything. Chapters are fast and snappy, and it's a straight power romp to the top. No doubt about the progression at all.

System's fun, skills are funny, the stats are funny too (HP 1, nice). Because that's how mafia works. Literally.

Just read it already, what are you waiting for?

Toad Town (Dungeon Core Parody)

Best Parody of the Core Genre I've seen

We've had a few novels on RR about monsters/animals being converted into a core, but they always end up a bit human.

Well don't worry, the 'whomens' in this have moist corneas with beautiful heads shaped like a toad. All part of the plan.

Also, they regularly get eaten by a overpowered goose.

Look, what I'm saying is: Read it. You'll laugh, guaranteed. Or at least find the experience enjoyable and lighthearted (unless you're a toad)


Legendary. Dialogue is a blast, crazy fun to read. Everything about this is a masterpiece to read - I find myself reading every new chapter just as it comes out. The description of the core system and the way tags, actions and sequences are written just raises the quality of the book even higher.


I wouldn't say the story is gripping, tension filled etc. It's a parody, so of course even the most gruesome of tributes or four minions dying just from standing still is part and parcel of the experience. Great for a no stakes read, just to relax and watch a toad muck around. It really sells the non-human aspect as well - more on that in Characters.



BOI and TOAD is the literal lifeblood of the story (maybe the Goose too) but their dialogue is so witty and fun that the banter really drives the overall goofy feeling of the entire book. Ultra-specific references, misguided understanding of commands or instructions are all fuel for the comedy aspect, getting laughs and snorts out of me.

More people deserve to read this novel for sure, and the author is already well established, having written a couple of other fictions before. Be prepared for non-stop shenanigans and just a overall fun ride on 'whomens' who crawl and lick their own eyes. That's how a 'whomen' settlement is supposed to be.

Oh and the occasional minion death. At this rate the title might be 99 ways to die as a Minion.

Siren's Elegy [Mutation Progress: 50%]

I've been schooled as to how to properly do worldbuilding. The world here is simply amazing and far beyond what I can achieve myself.

The history of the world and wars are well planned out, and each character feels more than just a named NPC standing at the side. The friendship between the MC's friends really drive that home, and it's great to see that.


Action sequences were great, dialogue was clearly defined and environmental description was good as well.

The only thing that really stood out to me was the paragraphing. There are some monster paragraphs in there that go upwards of ten sentences or more. Some paragraphs had more than two hundred words in them.

In a traditionally published book, it wouldn't be a problem, but it was hard to read on mobile. A two hundred word paragraph would be like a wall of text in my face. However, it is a personal gripe, and the writing more than makes up for this simple personal issue.


The tropes are all met - MC gets a power that makes him stronger than his peers, and there's the whole academy training setting with the exams as well. The way small romance is done between the characters is great as well and adds more to the story.

All of this is setting up for an Evangelion level of grimdark, so really looking forward to it.




Indra acts reasonable - none of his actions are unbelievable in such a setting. Usually stories with such good worldbuilding tend to have characters that are unable to act as well within the said limitations of story world, but the author here has masterfully pulled off the intergration of characters into the world, truly living and breathing in it.

Dialogue is fast, witty, sometimes dragged out (looking at the two hundred word dialogue about exams), but overall you really do feel the real banter between the characters driving home and immersing the reader in the experience.

Overall, very well done on the worldbuilding. Only gripe that remains is the paragraph formatting, but for a first draft this looks almost polished enough to be traditionally published. Good job, Author!


The next classic in the fantasy genre

I wouldn't say I've read a lot of fantasy books, but this really fills a itch that is rare to find. Some might say I'm blind, though there's only so much time in the world. I really had a 'wow' factor in my head when reading it.

One thing that might weigh down the novel is the shifts in POV, which might turn off people who are not into epic fantasy. Read the blurb carefully before proceeding.


Style is pretty solid across the board. Never had an issue understanding the scene, expressions, action sequences. It is always clear who is talking where and when, and that's impressive. Gives off a really polished feeling.


There's a total of three POVs that no doubt would intersect in the future, with varying standards of living for each character. This really helps to shape the world around, giving us a sense of 'ok this author has really put in the work and actually designed something great.'




The contrast between the first MC and the second MC shows distinct differences between those in the village and nobility, reinforcing the social classes, a very well done aspect. Each character's motivation and beliefs feel real and solid, instead of superfluous and random.

I have not read very far, and I would have love to, but personally for me the multiple POV shifts kind of killed my interest in reading any further.

However, I understand that this is intergral to the story (the author has already stated as such in the blurb) so take this with a pinch of salt. It is much better than the library books I've found on the fanatsy genre, and the mythology behind this is unique to me at least.

Overall, it had me rooting for a few characters and obviously dissing others, which is what every good book is supposed to do. Great work, Author.


Callie's Heroes

Character Development at its finest.

Writing a story is always a balance between various points. Should there be more focus on action? Battles? Politics? Everything you focus on means something else would be less focused on.

As for this? A masterclass on how to develop believable characters that live and breathe in your head. Granted, the amount of effort placed into this means less focus on other stuff, but I am all for it.


Perfect writing style, clean clear cut dialogue, expressions, scene descriptions, action sequences. I never felt lost or lacking in verbosity or direction - the author conveyed his story perfectly.


Here's where it gets a bit dicey - it is slow, very very slow. If you're looking for a fast paced fanatsy romp with pedal to the metal, this is not it. 

What this story focuses on is the details. If your a sucker for details, and the kind of person who checks the manufacturing information on the side of soft drink cans, this is it.

It tickles every itch i have when it comes to fleshing out the world. Every detail the author writes down might not be utilised immediately, but it adds to the overall belief bit by bit, until it comes to a point where its REAL to you. Thats the biggest victory an author can have - crafting a believable world.



Character: The main star of the show, characters are where this novel truly shines. A stunning cast of colourful characters, each with a unique tone, background and motivations that help to guide their unique actions.

Dialogue is clear, actions taken by the characters are very clearly explained, and supposed 'plot holes' are shown to have reason later down the road that in hindsight seems blindingly obvious. Goes to show you shouldn't assume the rest of the story till you read it.

There are tension stakes at hand, and the way each character respond to various scenarios make their voices in my head that much more unique.

Overall, the novel is a great read for intricate fantasy worldbuilders who want to dive into a realistic setting. You'll never find the complain of 'one dimensional characters' here, everything is brilliant