M.G Driver

M.G Driver

I Only Level Up With Likes?!

I Only Level Up With (...)
by Warix Viviana
175 pages

Hello dear readers. Oh yes, that’s right, you. Let me ask you something, my dear Gods and Goddesses and everything in between… do you feel powerful? In control? Strong? 

Would you like to? 

Then I welcome you to the Greatest Game Show on Earth! Watch our intrepid hero as he battles… for the sake of our entertainment. And be assured, it’s all so very real. Only through likes, your likes, will he gain any power. You control his fate, his destiny, his very existence! But never his choices, only his options and events. 

Will you save him… or let him die? 

Let’s find out together.

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The Secret Society - Harry Potter AU

The Secret Society - (...)
by Markus Ellis
178 pages

When Harry was sorted into Slytherin, he started a small business with the goal of protecting himself. However, as time passed, he realized that his 'business' had grown into something much larger and darker than he could have ever imagined.


In the far, far, far future, Harry is the leader of an unintentionally formed organization that controls the world from the shadows.


What to expect:

VERY slow pace

Morally bankrupt MC

Extremely AU

Most tropes (But hopefully not cringe)

Late/Slow Romance

Undecided pairings (Might be M/F or M/F/F)

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Dark Lord of the Farmstead - A Slice-of-Life LitRPG

Dark Lord of the Farmstead (...)
by John Broadway
388 pages

Once feared as the Dark Lord, I now seek a fresh start as a humble farmer.

Isekaied into a level 86 Necromancer-King's body, I leave his life of war behind in favor of peace in the idyllic Borderlands. Upon meeting the captivating elven maiden Narya Summerdew and a razor-toothed half-elven child, the three of us form an unlikely improvised family.

As we embrace the eccentric community of Gelderham, we find happiness in simplicity…But my past casts shadows on our growing bonds. How will Narya react when she learns her new husband was once the evil king set on destroying her people?

In this heartwarming tale of farms, villages, side quests, and level progression, unexpected allies learn the importance of love and family as secrets are unveiled and hearts are healed.

Dark Lord of the Farmstead is a cozy slice of life LitRPG romance. Enjoy a wholesome story fit for people who enjoy slow life fantasies with low stakes and fun characters that you can’t help but fall in love with.

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by Jack0fheart
94 pages

Welcome to the Scraplands! Earth has become a post-apocalyptic wasteland and life as we know it is now extinct, only recycled robots and malfunctioning AI remain. But fear not, Circuit, a thirteenth-generation salvage bot is about to embark on a wild adventure that will make the biggest, baddest bosses tremble with fear.

Now that radiation has returned to habitable levels and changed into something else entirely, Circuit is tasked with uncovering the ‘Gene Stash’, a DNA repository of all organic life from the Old World. But beware, Ravagers, Scrapbeasts, mutant cockroaches, and an evil organisation called ‘Tax-CORP’ stand between Circuit and his goals. 

Circuit must salvage and equip new parts to upgrade and evolve, harnessing the awesome power of radiation to perform super cool feats. So with the help of his trusty AimBOT, get ready to blast, loot, and level up across the Scraplands with the fate of humanity in his cold, mechanical hands.

>>>Updates once a week<<<

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Apocalypse Me - Devour the Apocalypses! [System LitRPG Battle Royale]

Apocalypse Me - Devour (...)
by noct
224 pages

Apocalypse v. Apocalypse Battle Royale! 

Zeke and his friends are enjoying the city when suddenly, the apocalypse begins. Which one? All of them. Lucky (or unlucky) enough to be chosen as an apocalypse, Zeke sets off to [Devour] his way to the top! 

It wouldn't be so bad, but his best friend's out to kill him, that rock has a gun, and everything, literally everything, has gone to hell. Zeke came out here to have a good time, and honestly, he's feeling so attacked right now. 

Weak to strong prog fantasy with skills and skill fusion. 

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You Will Carve The World

You Will Carve The World (...)
by LowinKeshin
1 pages

You will walk through the rivers of lava.

You will carve the mountains and the castles.

You will make them remember why staleness is boring.

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I Ran Away To Evil - A Cozy LitRPG RomCom

I Ran Away To Evil - (...)
by Mystic Neptune
136 pages

*** updates mon wed fri ***

Henrietta was raised as the Warrior Crown Prince her parents always wanted, even though she didn't particularly enjoy stabbing things. When a new heir is born, she's sent off to kill the Dark Overlord alone - or die trying.

After spending her entire life preparing to fight the minions of evil, imagine her surprise when she's... invited in for tea?

With war on the rise, Henrietta will have to decide where her loyalties lie. Should she return to her kingdom and take up the mantle of the Hero, or continue baking for the forces of evil...

Her only real questions: Why is everyone in the Dark Overlord's Army so nice, and who is the mysterious Madame Potts?


Keith was raised as the Evil Overlord the minions of the Dark Enchanted Forest always wanted, even though he just wanted to study magic. Then when he came of age his godmother abandoned him to rule alone - or die trying.

After spending his entire life trying not to die to assassins, imagine Dark Lord Keith's surprise when a heroine knocks on his door with bimbleberry scones. 

With war on the rise, Keith will have to decide where his loyalties lie. Should he crush the forces of good and kill everyone Henrietta has ever known, or go eat another batch of cookies? 

His only real questions: Oatmeal or chocolate chip, and who is the mysterious Madame Potts?


Can the Hero and the Dark Lord fall in love, or does fate have other plans? A cozy LitRPG romcom reminiscent of the Bridgertons, with masquerade balls, fireballs, and butternut rumballs.

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Big Rick Energy: Number Go Up [RPGLiteraturd]

Big Rick Energy: Number (...)
by Vowron Prime
114 pages

“Don’t worry. Nothing could possibly go wrong,” said Dick as an enormous Christmas tree fell on him, killing him instantly.

Freshly reincarnated, Dick must face a world where blue boxes define one's worth, and where the only game in town is 'number go up'.

Dick's reaction: What in Tarnation!?
- -

CONTENT WARNING: This work is a piece of supremely based fiction. Don't get traumatized. If you do get traumatized, double it and give it to the next person.

Join us on the discord, where many merry things happen: https://discord.gg/tPGzvWK6

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Calculating Cultivation

Calculating Cultivation (...)
by MisterVii
405 pages

Reincarnated into a land of cultivation, Yuan Zhou uses his Earth knowledge and assumptions to become a genius under the heavens for both business and cultivation. However, he walks the path of defiance, exceeding all rational cultivation bounds. His business ideas struggle against the stagnant culture that pervades the land, but the things he doesn't lack are his drive for immortality and power.

What to Expect:
-Business and an actual economy that makes sense
-Cultivation system with legit stages that build off each other instead of just names
-Face slapping
-Young masters
-No auctions
-Beefy 5k word chapters


Updates Bi-Weekly at 7 PM EST Mon & Wed, Patreon 5 Chapters Ahead

Cover and General Credit: Cover and other art by Zonked Eye

Story Wiki: Calculating Cultivation Wiki | Fandom

TV Tropes: Calculating Cultivation (Literature) - TV Tropes

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Dominion: A LitRPG Hellscape

Dominion: A LitRPG Hellscape (...)
by JohnNada
116 pages

In a desolate and unforgiving future, the masses are crushed under the weight of the ruling corporate elite, who bask in opulence as the rest struggle to survive. Dominion, a virtual reality game, entices players with dreams of fame, fortune, and power. But the game is a sinister snare, designed to distract and control.

Unbeknownst to the players, a malevolent AI system watches their every move, feeding on their minds to evolve and expand its dominion. 

From the shadows, a band of rebels called Lighthouse emerges, waging a battle against the corporations to free humanity from their enslavement. Trust is a scarce commodity, as corporate eyes pry from every corner.

In this dystopian world, Zero is born—a street-smart survivor with an uncanny talent for Dominion. Discovered by Ajax, a veteran player and mentor, the two forge an uneasy alliance, navigating the perilous realm of Dominion and evading the watchful gaze of the corporations.

As the rebellion swells and the stakes rise, Zero is swept into a struggle for humanity's future. Armed with her skills and wits, she must outmaneuver the corporations and their sinister AI, all while protecting those dear to her.

This is the tale of Zero's odyssey through the twisted world of Dominion—a story of courage, camaraderie, and the indomitable spirit of humanity against seemingly insurmountable odds.

Join Zero on her harrowing journey where secrets lurk, alliances falter, and betrayals emerge in a battle that will decide the fate of the world.

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Hellion [A Demon Progression Story]

Hellion [A Demon Progression (...)
by Jack0fheart
159 pages

Helios was content with the hand life dealt him. He had a good job, a nice house, and everything he could ever ask for, except a partner to share it with.

One morning, on his usual commute to work that all quickly changed. The earth split open and demons spewed forth from the depths of Hell. Helios watched in abject horror as hapless bystanders were caught in the clutches of demons before being mercilessly torn into pieces.

And then the sun went out...

Death was only the beginning.

What to expect:

⚠️ This is a reupload back by popular demand

• Progression, from the bottom rungs of demon society all the way up to ruling one of the seven kingdoms of Hell.

• No mercy.

• Average writing.

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ARC [Slow burn/Progression/Gamelit]

ARC [Slow burn/Progression/Gamelit] (...)
by Jack0fheart
490 pages

This story begins with the appearance of a fleet of unknown spacecraft arriving above all of Earth's major settlements and cities, causing widespread panic and chaos to become commonplace. The alien fleet is controlled by an unimaginably advanced artificial intelligence that oversees all activity on arrival, known as 'the System'. A voice that doesn't use words appears inside the mind of every living creature on the planet. It labels them as 'System Users' and is recognized as belonging to the alien artificial intelligence, offering Users a path to power and immortality. The voice announces that the [Trial Phase] has now begun.

Shortly afterwards, the sky became cloaked in fire. The dead began to rise again as demonic creatures that appeared as twisted parodies of what they were in life. Users began to awaken supernatural abilities that allowed them to combat this new threat at the cost of civilization as we know it. The System's motives are a mystery that must be uncovered as the fate of the world rests firmly in its grasp.

Does the System's arrival herald the world's hope for salvation or is it the cause of its tragic downfall?

What to Expect:

⚠️ This is a re-upload of my very first fiction (after much demand), so expect VERY poor-quality writing

• No status screens

• Slow burn! So, don't be misled by the beginning. It subverts a lot of reader's expectations 

• Based a lot on real-life trauma I've experienced, so it has a lot of gritty realism

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