Death Loot & Vampires

Death Loot & Vampires (...)
by BenjaminKerei
34 pages

Becoming a knockoff Dracula in tight leather pants was never part of Vincent’s plans. Neither was being summoned to another world by a cult of vampire wannabes. But both happened.

Now Vincent’s left picking up the tattered pieces of his humanity as he tries to grow strong enough to keep his family safe. There’s a world filled with nightmares, and the looming threat of losing his soul standing between his goal and his reality, so it’s not like it will be too hard or anything.

Hell should tremble.

A good man is going to war.

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My class [Death Knight] is just barely legal...

My class [Death Knight] (...)
by Belgianfri
1.5k pages

Ever since meeting his uncle, Arthur has pushed himself daily to achieve an arbitrary goal. He trained like nobody else did, longer than anybody else could. He neglected his personal relationships to pursue something he didn't even understand, in hindsight. When the time came for his class awakening ritual, he was ready. He was ready to receive a powerful starting class and to break free from his boring lifestyle.

Well, you know what they say, "Be careful what you wish for, lest your wish be granted."

Arthur was assigned the death knight class, which is just barely, technically, maybe legal.

With it, he learns about what drove him to such simple minded ambition in the first place: his affinity. Now, he's faced with a dilemma: will he embrace it, or reject it?

'My class [Death Knight] is just barely legal' is a laid back story with occasional tension, that describes Arthur, a young man, exploring the world, the system and his own mental health as he pursues his ambitions.

This story is the first serious fiction I ever wrote, so while criticism is definitely welcomed, keep it polite. I'm going to rewrite the first few chapters at some point, since they're not as good as my later ones, but I'm focusing on my current chapters first. I don't have time to do both yet, since I'm also in the middle of my exams.

What to expect from this story:

-Litrpg elements

-A chaotic good aligned protagonist (that starts off as a neutral good protagonist)

-(Hopefully) interesting characters. 

What not to expect from this story:

-Grimdark elements


-An enslaved protagonist. (I mention this due to the background of the mc's class)

Release schedule: 1 chapter every other day, 2pm European time (14:00)

Cover by the experienced artist Radovan Zivkovic

Join the discord here:

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by Erios909
1.5k pages

In space, isolation is a slow killer. Company quickens the pace.

Waking up adrift in an ancient battleground, Alex is left dazed and confused with no clue how she ended up trapped aboard a failing vessel. With only a mysterious voice in her head to guide her she must act in order to survive.

Every piece of the puzzle she collects only leads to more questions about her origins and the star she's trapped around might not be as deserted as she first thought.

All she knows for sure is that she could die at any minute, but Alex is not going to go down without a fight.

Discord Invite Link

Copyright © 2023 by Erios909

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The Fallen World : A Dungeon's Story

The Fallen World : A (...)
by playwars
1.1k pages

They thought sacrificing her would further their own goals. Instead, they changed an engineer into the single most powerful fabricator in existence, a dungeon core.


Alexandra Rousseau, an engineer from the European Federation Star Navy with a past darker than the void between the stars, is unexpectedly launched into hyperspace when an FTL jump goes horribly wrong.

She wakes in a world of magic and monsters, encountering a mysterious Order with plans millennia in the making. When the Order makes a catastrophic mistake, transforming Alexandra into a dungeon core, they inadvertently give her the power to bring back technology long since thought lost on this world. With it she’ll make the Order pay and avenge the friends they’ve taken from her.

But first, she must survive those who would steal her core for their own benefit while keeping her true identity a secret from the adventurers looking to delve into her dungeon. If they knew the truth, the Adventurer Guild would seek to end her, and the Order would stop at nothing to finish what they started…


Cover made by the awesome Eldrik Aethervial !

Schedule :

A new chapter will be posted every saturday, usually between 10-11 pm UTC (23h-midnight CET, 5-6 pm EST, at the 30 minute mark if possible), although they might be posted earlier exceptionally. Librarians (patreon 3 dollars tier) will have their advanced chapters updated at around that time as well.

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Forgotten Dungeon

Forgotten Dungeon
by maheusz
911 pages

Death comes quickly and without warning. Even for such little personage as him.

It's quite hard to start as a dungeon core. Quite harder when divine bureaucracy simply dumps you in the a** end of nowhere because of their incompetence and because of your agent status as a Fallen Angel.

Yet Uno (temporary name) is used to working with subpar materials and making the best of circumstances. It doesn't help that his personality was cut down to size, but he tries to overcome the system with ingenuity and a healthy dose of duct tape. Or the local equivalent of such.


An audiobook of the Forgotten Dungeon story has been made by Agro Squerrils and is available on YouTube, under this link:

He has my permission and full support for doing so, so don't be shy and check it out!


Hello people! It's a story about a dungeon. Or maybe the dungeon? Who knows. Dumped in a hostile world, working hard to overcome circumstances. There is an RPG system in place, but I'll try to make it not number-heavy. I would be more focused on skills - at least from the perspective of the sentient races. Dungeons will have their own little playground.

I'll try to make MC not overpowered - it always irks me how the stories tend to go from zero to hero in a few minutes. I hope y'all will enjoy the ride!


Also, a Discord server has been made recently:

Join and share your opinions, if interested! :)

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Tree of Aeons (An isekai story)

Tree of Aeons (An isekai (...)
by spaizzzer
2.5k pages

This is a reincarnation/isekai story, about Matt (later TreeTree), an overpowered tree in a fantasy world that serves as the battlefield for an ongoing conflict between demons and the heroes summoned to oppose them.

At first a bystander, over a long period of time, TreeTree will learn all sorts of skills, gain levels, and in doing so, build up a forest, train young subordinates, protect a village, and more. 


warning :

Time skips happen a lot. 

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