The Zombie Knight Saga

Read this offsite originally. Totally worth picking up.

It's a great story.  Undead, super powers, what more can you ask for?  It's pretty great.  It's been a while since I have read this, but it really is a good read.  Probably one of the longest running and high quality webnovels out there.  It has regularly been on or something.  I hope this reachs high up the ranks here.  It totally deserves it.

The Wandering Inn

Best of Royal Road. Uncontested

The author makes you care and feel wonder about their world.  I, in fact, dropped the story at one point because some characters died and it hit me too hard.  I'm glad I picked it back up.  There are other novels on this site that I have reviewed as being 'one of the best', but Wandering Inn is the best.  I love it, the characters, the world, and the story about them is wonderful.  I hope the author does in fact not die to a freak accident like they have mentioned worrying about, so they can continue to write like they have expressed interest in.  I hope they continue till the end.


I have been burned before by authors.  The Gam3 made me think it was great, but the author copped out on continuing the story in order to cash out.  This author has written too much already to really dissapoint me.  They are in Chinese webserial length here along with fantasy classic quality.  I hope it gets picked up in other mediums some day.  Maybe a manga or something to start out with.  Could be a tv show one day.


I have read that other people dislike the characters for causing trouble and being stupid.  My counterpoint to that is that they don't really seem contrived and more like real people living in a world and making choices.  Disliking people for who they are is not something you should commit to, especially as the story evolves.


Fantastic story.  Highest recommendation possible on this site.  Another author would have to write 10k pages of higher quality stuff for me to change my mind.  Best part is that the writing gets better the more the story goes on.  Great work.

The Outer Sphere

Be Forwarned of the time skip

This is a fun story that I am enjoying immensely.  I was recommended it with the warning of a story change at chapter 100.  It's what is complained about a lot in the reviews.  It is just a time skip.  A rather large time skip.  I beleive the story was good before the change and better after it.  Before the skip it was getting a bit stale with a plateau of power and lack of story progression.  The change fixes this and makes it more interesting.  Highly recommended.

There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns.

Want a whimsical adventure?  A dungeon to enthrall you?  Look no further for it is here.  Delta the dungeon that apologizes when it murders someone.  A dungeon that looks to barter with honey and mushrooms.  I feel that this story is for those that want to get lost in a feel good fantasy without losing the violence that we crave and the growth we seek.  I look forward to continue reading of this author's orange delight.

The Scourged Earth

A Top Fiction for this Website

Never have I read an apocalype story that actually feels so apocalyptic.  The monsters so monstrous.  It is actually quite the shock as I am used to MCs slaughtering monsters for xp, not stumbing from one encounter to another by the skin of their teeth.  It satisfies that power growth itch while still maintaining the horror the author has so carefully sculpted.  This story has a system put in place to help defeat the monsters, not introduce them.  One of the more realistic stories for introducing LitRPG mechanics.  I hope more people find and read this.

Shovels In Spades

The author does a good job telling an entertaining story.  Is it realistic? Absolutely not, but it is fun to read.  Ignore the unreality of it and just get absorbed into the story of a boy with one Shovel to rule them all and cheat like base building.

Small Medium

This is a very creative adventure story with much less grinding than you usually find in novels like these.  The author finds novel ways to make the character fight and interact with other people in her story.  I think it is a fantastic story.

Metaworld Chronicles

I think that this story has really raised the bar for what a transmigration story can be.  It weaves in philosphy and literature into a fantasy story that keeps you guessing.  The MC is strong, but she is not OP.  The characters are fleshed out and feel real.  The fact that the protagonist is a woman is nice as well because it adds another facet to a story line that is so familiar.  


This story is worth reading for anyone because it is written well.  Not because of the genre or the fantasy elements, but because the story, characters and setting carry it through.  I highly recommend this and look forward to reading more in the future.  It also tickled me that the author wrote something that I wrote all over a college I went to shortly before I got kicked out.  Probably no relation, but I enjoyed it.

Renewal Eternal

A story befitting of five stars

I like so much about this fiction and dislike so little.  The world building is grand and of a wide scale.  The mix of transported, VR, reincarnation, and wuxia genres is well done and natural.  Nothing in the novel seems forced.  The author focuses on the important without wasting time with everyday minutia, and the author is still able to give an uninterrupted story.


The only dislike I have is not really the author's fault, just happens to be a byproduct of the progress of the story.  The protagonist's personality isn't very well fleshed out, but this seems to be because he doesn't interact much with others.  Hopefully this will be remedied after he re-enters society.


Thanks for writing!

Arthur ReD

Excellent crossover fanfic

What do you get when you combine Oblvion, the Arrow, and the Matrix?  Evidently a really interesting story.  I was a little skeptical when I started reading because story elements are borrowed heavily from other sources.  However the author makes everything run into each other very smoothly.  


I always love a good revenge story and it has been far too long since I last thought about Oblivion.  I am enjoying revisiting old favorites and I am really enjoying the read.  The characters are well written and the world building, albeit it's borrowed nature, is really good as well.  It takes nothing to borrow something else, but it is impressive to mold something else into something new.  


I hope the author continues with the regular updates because I cannot get enough.