1. Re: Celebrate 200k words and 2nd Book cover!!

      Thanks a lot fellas!  That means a lot, even when it's AI doing the work, choosing from a 100 options it's easy to second guess, haha  Still early days, so I will stay chugging away! Thanks for setting (...)

    2. Celebrate 200k words and 2nd Book cover!!

      Hi again fellows!   Another milestone this weekend before the writathon,  200k words and counting!   I've been working hard to build up a back log after everything I learned writing book 1, but I've (...)

    3. Re: System Integrations (not System Apocalypse)

      Maybe it's too far off, but in the story I am writing the System is a tool humanity have invented themselves in order to survive on a planet where all the other races already had Systems of their own. (...)

    4. Re: Hey, you.. Yes, you. Human! (Looking for Recommendations.)

      I think my story should be a pretty good fit?  It takes place on a young LitRPG planet that's being controlled by an alien species, where Humans happen to crashland.  The creation of the world is (...)

    5. Re: promote your story by describing it badly.

      It's the slowest story in the world. Only the Wandering Inn is slower. Come get slow!

    6. Re: Hello there!

      Welcome!  I'm sure you'll do much better here,  I know I did compared to Wattpad at least. Especially since you use the forums! 

    7. Re: Stories wherein there is zero "Party Betrayal" and the party actually sticks with the "hero" or the "usele(...)

      Yeah Rise of the Business fits this critera. The challenges are out in the world, not from people just being dicks within the organization, at most conflicting interests will clash but that's just par (...)

    8. Re: Looking for stuff to read.

      If you'd like to read a story about the adventure of establishing a in a fantasy world then you should give my 'Rise of the Business ' a look-see, it's a story that I try to keep pretty high pace but (...)

    9. Re: Magical Girl Stories?

      Sorry if I'm wasting your time, I haven't read this one, but I guess you've already checked out the author mentioned in the synopsis of yours? RavensDagger has girlpower for days.  The story in my signature (...)

    10. Re: Promote your book with your first sentence - they say the first sentence is the most important: PROVE IT.

      An inn sat on a small, wooded hill right outside a town by the name of Salcret. It had been getting harder not to feel lonely around the Hare’s Retreat lately. Harold had inherited the inn just six (...)

    11. Re: My Hiatus is Over!

      Damn, it must be tough with such a busy schedule, huge kudos!  Really drives home how I should take advantage of being alone and keep pushing, haha.  Good luck getting going again, I'm pretty sure (...)

    12. Re: Book 1 Completed!

      Cheers mate!  I celebrate every chapter, hahah  But yes, I took my family out and treated them to my favorite greek place.  It's important to remember the milestones! 

    13. Re: Book 1 Completed!

      Cheers, appreciate that a lot!  It's crazy when you've wanted to for so long, then suddenly it's there on my desktop.  Just want to point to it and be like a monkey parent "I did that!" 

    14. Re: Book 1 Completed!

      Well not in the Kindle sense, not yet anyway.  I did use the Royalroad - Convert to Epub function, and then patted myself on the back whispering Good enough, but I am just starting a real patreon now, (...)

    15. Book 1 Completed!

      Biggest of news, a book launch!   Sort of, webserial style!  Rise of the Business ' edits are finally completed after 2 weeks of improving the initially published version, and before we move on (...)

    16. Book 1 Complete!!! Is *This* how you edit? - Book 2 chapter 1 tomorrow: Rise of the Business [Class]

      Hi everyone, Zalut again!      I’ve been writing here three months now, and book 1 is finally complete, meant to be left alone forever in true web serial fashion.     I’ve been learning so much, and (...)

    17. Re: Monster Tamer/Summoner MC, with an optional Demonic and/or Eldritch twist

      Just finished up book 1 of my story, and the MC is a who has a mosswolf companion, with plenty of other friends as well. And the 2nd MC is a warlock variation that will summon a Daemon familiar in (...)

    18. Author's Hidden Talents?

      Hey ya'll!  As a growing community, with a wide range of demographics, but also skewing towards younger; I was thinking that a Royalroad event being streamed might get a pretty decent audience.  (...)

    19. Re: Recommendations: Kingdom-building novels

      Do you want it to start out there, with someone becoming a king and having to cope?  Or more sort of building from the ground up?  My story is about a budding that is still starting out and getting (...)

    20. Re: Promote your story with your favorite comment on it

      What a great thread!  My favorite has been one that had plenty of criticism, but it felt superproductive and like the person had still enjoyed my writing, so it was nothing but a boon.  I'll include (...)