1. Re: Giving Shoutouts for Reviews!

      I'm game for this. I'll try to get your review out soon as I can.

    2. Re: Looking for swaps. Open to max 25k words for advanced and thorough review of ten fictions.

      I'm game for reviews as well. I'll drop yours a critique when I have the time.

    3. Re: Review swaps open

      I'm always up for more critiques. Put me up there if you want.

    4. Re: November Thread - Promote your Story

      A ghost-hacking ghoul resurrects in the depths of his megacity to discover himself embroiled in a conflict between great powers to usurp existence. Only by by implanting and upgrading the metaphysical (...)

    5. Godclads - Cyberpunk Progression Achieved via the Implantation of Eldritch Gods

      Hey, you there, Yes.  You. Might you be interested in a rogue bioweapon's rise to power in a magitech megacity fueled by miracles extracted from the corpses of eldritch gods in order to stop the (...)

    6. Re: Writathon!

      Sleep is for the weak. It is time for learn to write fast. Or not rest.

    7. Re: Free Reviews! [OPEN]

      Sure. I’d welcome critiques to my work. If you see anything you like or don’t like, feel free to let me know. Only work’s in the sig.

    8. Re: [OPEN] Free editorial review/comment of non-litRPG stories

      I'd be interested in knowing what you think of my latest chapter (2-8)

    9. Re: Looking for review swaps! Any genre :)

      I do like a little horror. I up for a review swap if you are. I'll take a look at your work.

    10. Re: October Thread - Promote your Story

      Introducing Godclads. Anyone interested in the concept of people implanting eldritch gods onto their artificial Souls and fighting over the new order of existence might find something interesting here. (...)

    11. Re: promote your story by describing it badly.

      Monster with humanitarian tendencies implants things inside himself to get better at implanting weirder things inside himself.

    12. Re: First Chapter Feedback/Reviews

      If you are still willing, I always welcome critique and feedback. My only work's in the sig, so it shouldn't be hard to find.

    13. Re: [OPEN] I'm Giving Shoutouts To Deserving stories!

      If you're still interested, I'd appreciate a shoutout. 

    14. Re: Advertise your story by telling us about it's magic system

      Foundationally pretty simple: People graft the metaphysical corpses of eldritch gods onto themselves and start channeling reality-warping domains while offloading how much it would tear reality by venting (...)

    15. Re: Seeking Review Swaps (Progression Fantasy preferred)

      I'd be interested swapping reviews. Currently reading your stuff.

    16. Re: Review Swap (6 chapters or more)

      I'd be up for a review swap. Currently running at 22k. 

    17. Re: Free First Chapter Comments (14/30 slots open)

      If you're up for commenting on my piece, Godclads, I'd appreciate it. I'm interested in how people think about it so far.

    18. Re: Get your reviews here.

      I'd be interesting to seeing what you think of my writing (Godclads) so far.  If you still have room, slot me in.

    19. Re: 3 chapter review swap!

      I'll be willing to do a review swap. Mine's: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/59663/godclads Your premise looks interesting. I'll drop you a review shortly.