In the Service of Lady Scarlet (A psychological horror take on gamelit)

In the Service of Lady (...)
by Lack of Poochline
203 pages

My dear friend, I have sent you a transcript of a most curious find I bought from a street peddler.

In this package you may find a weird, dateless diary where the most lively and mad servant of "Lady Scarlet" details his day to day working in her impossible palace: organizing balls that have a gender, using valuable wine to water the garden, and in general being at her beck and call. But soon after he started writing, he began to notice foreign messages were being written in it by a vandal: "Pierce the heart with the sword of gold! Set it ablaze and sear the wound with the blade! Kill the dragon, Francisco! Kill the dragon before it gets you again, before it consumes you."

Armed only with his holy sword and the magic he learned before becoming a butler, he sets out to find who this individual is, what he wants, and which dragon they refer to, as such beasts were seemingly not allowed into the realm of Lady Scarlet. 

 I hope you enjoy this find, and even if you don't, appreciate my work transcribing the pages, molded, stained with, or written in, blood. 

(This story is a Writathon project.) 

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A Countess' Magic [A Transmigrated into a Villainess LitRPG with Xianxia, Kingdom Building and politics]

A Countess' Magic [A (...)
by not_a_bot;
542 pages

A girl escaping from a marriage. An ancient family. A power long forgotten.

Althea wished she could transmigrate into a different world. Even a book would do. And one day she did. But there was a teensy tiny problem.

The character she transmigrated into was the cannon fodder fiance of the male lead. The misunderstood girl that ends up sacrificing herself in the final battle after spending her last days in jail, accused of murder.

So she does the thing her books taught her. Tear the engagement and let the lovebirds deal with each other. That is about when things began to change.

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by nrsearcy
672 pages

It has been ninety years since the Initialization, when Earth was inundated by a galaxy-sized cloud of nanites called Mist.  With it came a system by which people could upgrade and improve themselves to superhman levels, but it came with a cost.  Billions dead.  A world overrun by monsters.  Cities abandoned and destroyed.  And over it all, powerful alien overlords await for the opportunity to swoop in and exploit Earth and its people for all their worth.  

Follow Mirabelle in this post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk setting as her uncle trains her to survive in this brutal, unforgiving universe.  

New chapters every Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday (should be around 3000-4000 words) at 9AM CST.  I hope to increase that to four chapters a week at some point, but that may be a couple of months down the road.  

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Cyber Dreams [LitRPG & Progression Cyberpunk]

Cyber Dreams [LitRPG (...)
by PlumParrot
580 pages

In the near future, the corporations that rule society treat their citizens like products and tools. People live to work and work to live, but not everyone—some people prosper on the fringe, some thrive as thorns in the paws of the corporate lions . . .

Juliet just wants to get a ride home from her double shift at the scrapyard when something bizarre and horrifying happens, something that throws her into the crosshairs of Western Bio Dynamics, a mega-corporation out of Phoenix that would just as soon dissect a person as interview them.

She didn’t ask for the stolen, illegal tech that falls into her hands, but she accepted it. Now she needs to find a way to skip town, find a way to hide from WBD until she figures out a plan. She has to learn to live in the shadows, to work outside the corporate system, and to deal with the sundry characters, honorable and nefarious, inhabiting that world.

Join Juliet as she works to improve herself physically, mentally, and in reputation. She has a lot of learning to do and will face many challenges along the way, from synthetic bounty hunters to double-crossing operators, to struggles with her own long-held beliefs about right and wrong.

Can one scrapyard welder stand up to the big corporations? Can she find a way to not only survive but also make a name for herself? Keep reading to find out . . .

New chapters every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (3,000 to 5,000 words each.)

Patreon: My works in progress have 15+  advance chapters available on Patreon.

Cover designed by MiblArt

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Psycho Duel Revelations: [A Deckbuilding LitRPG Apocalypse]

Psycho Duel Revelations: (...)
by Matador (Terrell Garrett)
365 pages

Walt Harmon, a disgraced card game pro and burnt out math prodigy, is just a year out of rehab. He's working as a delivery driver when portals open up around the world during a solar eclipse, ushering in the apocalypse. 

And the apocalypse comes in the form of Psycho Slingers, card game duelists from another Earth who will be using our reality as the battlegrounds for the Slaystone World Championships, a deadly card game where spells, magic, and monsters become real.

When Will gets hold of a Starter Deck, can he learn the game well enough to defend himself against the Psycho Slingers and save the people he loves? 

Psycho Duel Revelations is Yu-Gi-Oh! meets The Stand in this exciting new story from the author of Monster Menu. It's a Deckbuilding Apocalypse for fans of card games and LitRPG apocalypse fiction.

Release schedule is three days a week, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 

This is a work in progress. Major editing will be performed as the volumes come together. There will be typos and parts that might make no sense. Please feel free to point any of these parts out! I keep a spreadsheet of all the cards and I'm trying to keep all the numbers consistent and in check, but I anticipate mistakes that will need correction. Chapters will be edited.  

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Tanking Hits [I Level When I Get Hit in the Balls]

Tanking Hits [I Level (...)
by DragonOfRochester
157 pages

[Participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge!]

During his Destiny Reveal, Sam gets handed the designation of Tank — a death sentence for an Elf.

He has four years to reach level 300 — a feat almost never achieved by Elven Tanks. If he doesn't succeed, then he will die when he's summoned to complete his Destiny Test.

Fortunately, the Goddess who handed him that death sentence gave him a special chance to succeed. The only problem — it was a real kick in the nuts.

What to expect from this story: A unique non-crunchy LitRPG system, slapstick comedy, puns, middle-school level humor, supportive friendships and shocking deceptions.

High praise from a reader- “This is so dumb but so good”

This story is being written for 2022’s Writathon. (Because of the rules, the author currently has no chapters of this story up on Patreon)

Updates Sunday-Wednesday during Writathon.

Cover is AI Generated by MidJourney, fixed in NovelAI and further edited by Dragon of Rochester

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The System Envoy: A SciFi 4X LitRPG Series

The System Envoy: A SciFi (...)
by D.W. Belfield
448 pages

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]

A countdown to assimilation. A faction in need of a natural leader. A mission to unite a warring world in one way or another.

Aidan Steele is a military veteran who lives an unfulfilling post-service life as a cog in the military-industrial complex. When an old friend offers him the chance to return to duty, Aidan jumps at the opportunity to relive the best years of his life. He thought it would be just another tour of duty, but he couldn't have been more wrong.

The System created the perfect battlefield. A single supercontinent called Novopangea holds every nation on Earth. Advanced alien technology is rewarded for every victory, and even allies are incentivized to betray their former partners for a chance to remake the world in their image.

In a place filled with advanced alien technology, fantastical monsters, warring factions, and a countdown to destruction, success is anything but guaranteed. As a System Envoy, Aidan has been given a mission: Build a coalition, unite the planet before the countdown runs out, and prepare to defend the Earth from the other species in the galaxy who have been successfully assimilated.

This isn't the world's deadliest game. It's a System.

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Godclads [Monster MC/Eldritch/Cyberpunk/Progression]

Godclads [Monster MC/Eldritch/Cyberpunk/Progression] (...)
by OstensibleMammal
1k pages

In the gutters of New Vultun, the greatest megacity in the world, Avo finds himself resurrected from the clutches of death and tasked with a mission by a father he long thought dead. Now, he must rise to stop the usurpation of reality by the Eight Great Guilds that rule his world. Only by learning from his deaths and grafting newer and greater eldritch gods onto his being can he reach apotheosis and avert certain damnation.

Yet, as he ascends to claim the mantle of divinity, a question lingers... what kind of god will he become?

Now with discord access

Chapters will usually be around 2.5 to 3k words. Author no longer laying face-down. Will return to near-regular updates.

Disclaimer: Expect detailed descriptions of violence, cannibalism, and cursing.

Expect: Violence, monster mc, magitech, cyberpunk, implants, atrocities, oppression, non-human protagonist, reality-warping powers, and combined arms warfare.

Do not expect: Smut, romance, overt sentimentality.

If you develop a sudden outbreak of rash after reading Godclads, it's not the story. But go see a doctor. Just in case.

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A New Eden [Sci-fi, AI, Aliens, Space, Mystery, Thriller, Adventure]

A New Eden [Sci-fi, AI, (...)
by Menilik
271 pages

A sci-fi thriller space adventure involving AI, aliens, mysteries, mega-projects, and explorers terraforming planets - join me as I release chapters every Saturday. 

Synopsis: Trillion wasn’t expecting to have her mind uploaded into a spaceship today. But it happened and now there’s no turning back for her and three others.

The four of them now travel through space, looking for new worlds to terraform - looking to build A New Eden.

Their hasty departure meant they weren’t prepared for what they encountered out in space. They discovered mysteries they needed to solve. They entered battles they didn’t have a hope of winning. And, they needed to find creative solutions to problems they didn’t know were possible. 

A New Eden is fully written. It's currently with the editor for final touches. I'll release new chapters (at a minimum) every Saturday NZ time. 

What to expect:

- Expect a fast start, a mystery filled middle, and a meaningful end  

- Expect to meet Aliens that are truly alien 

- Expect to explore creative strategies for terraforming planets

- Expect a lot of mystery and unexpected discoveries out in space

- Expect enough science to make the world feel real

- Expect enough Clarke tech to make the world feel magical

- Expect characters to have strong and different POVs 

- Expect to watch characters deal with situations they never thought were possible

- Expect characters to make mistakes

If you like these books, you should love A New Eden. 

- Children of Time by Adrien Tchaikovsky

- We are Legion (Bobiverse) by Dennis E. Taylor

Is the book finished? 

Book 1 is fully written, so I’m dripping it out on Royal Road. I’m currently working on Book 2.

Watch the replay of my ask me anything LIVE STREAM: https://youtu.be/r6jgPLdEFBE?t=108

Want to download a PDF of the first 28 chapters? menilikdyer.com/chapters1-28
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My Life After Being Killed By My Golden Retriever (An unhinged parody of the LitRPG genre)

My Life After Being Killed (...)
by Lack of Poochline
376 pages

Golden Retrievers hit like a truck, and Walter—your local full-time asshole and degenerate—found out in an accident that turned his life around a hundred eighty degrees. And then another. And another. Downstairs.

This led to both of them, owner and pet, hitting the door head-on and passing away. But that was just the beginning.

Now trapped in a game-like fantasy world controlled by an Argentinian demiurge, they will forge an alliance with the shady ruler of the land—who bedded at least one elf and defeated the Demon Lord—with the only purpose of finding a way back home. With the aid of his brow, knowledge of Argentinian culture, a nearly total lack of empathy, the ruler’s zany daughters and an overpowered and fluffy entity of chaos he simply regards as “Mariana, my stupid dog”, Walter will need to fulfill the dangerous task entrusted to him. That is, finding a way to kill the very moon and recover the item it drops.

From covering himself in undead belts to wielding Mariana as the tail-wagging sword she was always meant to be, Walter will need to use every last one of his braincells to find ways to survive deadly deserts plagued with Borgian horrors, explore an infinite library managed by lungfish, garner the favor of a bunch of dog-people that wouldn’t mind the world ending, and overcome other Argentinians that like the fantasy land a tad too much. He knows only then he will be able to go back to Earth and fulfill his deepest desire: Jacking off to Konosuba! Doujins once more.

Warning: this fiction contains situations that may not be suited for everybody. On top of that, it contains  some elements that may not be everyone's cup of tea, like for example: characters speaking Spanish, violence against animals, violence by animals, jokes about delicate subjects, obscure jokes about paleontology and, last but not least, footnotes. 

Updates twice a week: one on Tuesdays, one during the weekend. Update schedule subject to the whims of real life in the third world. May sometimes drop in extra chapters due to special events.

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Fiends For Hire [Anti-Hero Action/Slice of Life]

Fiends For Hire [Anti-Hero (...)
by Drim
1.8k pages

The Slayer and The Vixen. The world's greatest monster hunter and bounty hunter, respectively. Through their combined efforts, the world has been able to enjoy an era of peace for nearly a decade since the end of The Drazah War. But when their identities and the source of their power is revealed, all of their admiration turns to terror and they're deplored as the worst Fiends alive. Wanting nothing more than to service the world they feel responsible for, the pair must find new ways to help those who fear them. These Fiends are For Hire.

Fiends For Hire is a Modern Fantasy that is a blend of Action and Slice-of-Life with Anti-Hero leads.

New Volume 3 Chapter(s) every week. Volumes 1 and 2 complete!

Art by Fulminaire

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The Systemic Lands (Dark Progressive LITRPG)

The Systemic Lands (Dark (...)
by MisterVii
2.5k pages

Michael must survive a fake world, he and other people from Earth have been teleported to.

Struggling to survive with his weight and fear. Michael must try and figure out the mysteries of this new world he is stuck in. 

The other people transported to the empty stone city, the monsters outside, and the mysterious System Store are all threats or opportunities in equal measure.

The Systemic Lands is a Dark Progressive LITRPG. Taking a grittier approach to the survival progression story, when the main character isn't a super athlete ready to go at a moment's notice.

The unique setting moves away from any of the standard tropes of a LITRPG setting and takes on the air of a true mystery. While a slower start as Michael gets his bearings, there is clear progression, stats, and power levels. Avoiding the info dumps of boxes, The Systemic Lands excels at people using knowledge of game mechanics to try and figure out how things work.

Each volume focuses on a theme while moving ahead with the main story, for example the first volume focuses on coming to terms with the world. The second volume focuses on inter-team dynamics. The third volume focuses on the conflict with the Ritualist. The fourth volume focuses on city building. The fifth volume focuses on exploration. In addition, politics, lose-lose situations, and brutal conflict are present in this story at varying intensities depending on the point in the story while not being the central focus. Setbacks happen and should be expected. The Almighty System does not hand hold people like in other LITRPGs.

This story is dark. I have been informed that just calling it dark in the title and using the warnings on RR are not enough. If you are in any way squeamish, easily offended, have a weak constitution, easily upset over violence, offended over opinions you don't agree with, or want a paragon type main character, this story is probably not for you. A lot of unhappy reviews and ratings come from this, so consider yourself warned a third time.


Updates Daily+ at 7 PM EST, Patreon 65+ Chapters Ahead.

Free Reference Information on Patreon: SPOILERS Chapter and Information Links SPOILERS

Discord: Discord (Let me know if this stops working!)

Cover and General Credit: Cover and other art by Zonked Eye

Copy-Editing Credit: Sam Tolan (V1)

Line-Editing Credit: Commander Kane (V1)

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