The Screaming Plague of Ash (Medical Fantasy Novel, Part I completed!)

Let's start with what makes the difference between a good story and a bad one at first glance: character and world development and realism. And on those facts alone, this is a great story.

The chapters are well written, giving the reader all the details to orient themselves and become familiar with the world and its customs without overloading the descriptions. The work thus creates an immersion in the world with a striking realism.

From this point on, the characters are easily introduced and their descriptions, such as their roles and ambitions, are so realistic that they seem real.


On the plot side, the script is well crafted and keeps us on the edge of our seats with multiple twists and turns (and this is only the beginning) in a medical investigation style about a strange plague whose final screaming stage is probably much worse than death.


The story is mainly told from the point of view of Appo, a travelling healer initially called to the town of Ash for a small curse. There he discovers a town that is supposedly almost cured, and a culprit who has been found. Because of the horrors the disease has left in its wake, Appo will stay to investigate and advise on the safety of the inhabitants.

But as events unfold, the size of the disaster to come is revealed and what should be a day of celebration and prayer to the desert gods could very quickly become the beginning of a horrific and unprecedented catastrophe.

A Journey of Black and Red

Welcome, o you tired of romantic vampire stories with absurd scenarios, because here is the end of underdeveloped characters and incoherent decisions of our dear bloodthirsty monsters. 

Journey of Black and Red is a story of vampires –the real monsters of secrets, instinct and curse– in a world that ignores their existence. 

What makes this story different is the inhuman attitude of the vampires, not limited by mortal emotions. For here, it is a question of monsters as they should be, not romanticized by the cinema to please the public. 

But vampires are also beings of reason and jest. So the author embellishes this dark realism board with touches of humor and friendship, enhanced by the extraordinary actions and adventures of a young woman carving out her place in this new world.
All this in a striking atmosphere mixing absurd humor, the magic of a hidden world and the dark instincts of the vampiric predator

This is the story of Ariane, an 19-year-old woman in the 1800s who wakes up disoriented in an unknown place. But as she glimpses a new world, she must face her dehumanization and all the new problems that come with it.
And she is terribly thirsty...