Aspects of Heaven and Earth

god i dont know.. im disappointed

wut? its so boring i couldnt handle past chapter 10..


it really goddamn slow and boring i god fed up skipping chapters.. if you want te entire 10 chapter can be compress up until chapter 2.. but its full of useless crap.. im done


my talkshit that will make you mad

im dropping this one.. this is a complete bullshit of a novel.. its feels ike reading a nonsense of elementary schooler.. wew.. just wew.. full of illogical nonsense.. not worth a time.


mc is a naive idiot who i cant even explain if there is sonething wrong with him just that.. otherwise it interesting.. but the mc fucking destroyed it all

Vacuous Void

well another popcorn story

just as i said, its just a bunch bullshits with no clear plot whatsoever, it reminds me of invisible dragon though, or maybe invisible dragon is better than this one.


this thing needs a complete rewrite 

The Beginning, The End, And Everything In Between

this fiction..


what should i say?

well its not on my taste, i dont even know what to enjoy about this story, so far its nothing but power up, torture, kill , slaughter.. really, there is no plot whatsoever...

although, i have nothing against gore and the like but this one is just nothing but gore, i had read few gory story before like summoned slaughterer and few others but i actually enjoyed them unlike this one... 

actually, everything else about it is decent, just that it lack solid plot and characters

The Duesphage

i was betrayed by my expectation

at first its good but became overly stupid as fuck, the mc is overly stupid as  insect, although i know that mc is newborn but he at least have a mind,, and was granted a liitle bit of gods knowledge. but no.. he still act like mutt. just continue to do illogical shit.. and story is, full of plotholes so  the entire novel is a joke,, 

Journey through the Worlds

i really love this one. i cant wait for the next update

Journey of an Exceed

well, just another irresponsible author

the author is clearly irresponsible, sigh.  what a disappointment, just becoz he said "hes bored" , he decided to ruined his own story and trolled it. just another run a mill author. 

The Deific Wordsmith

its great.. just a little lacking.. i cant tell whats lacking though.. just that my motivation disappeared somewhere.. maybe ill read it later

The Lucky Clover

its good but plain boring for me so i dropped at at chapter 20...  the plot is good , comcept is good too.. but its clearly lacking  about characters.. they completely plain one dimensional npc.. very swallow ..  about the dialogue though .. it relied on characters so it needs improvement.. overall  ill give it 3.5

Ode to Freud

well .. what can i say.. since its your wish fulfillment . i cant really do anything.. everyone have their own ideals and wish... but this wish of yours.. the words that cameto  mind is " debauchery " .. 



i quit.. its so boring.. its really moshoku tensei.. with extremely long childhood period..