1. Re: Help naming a main character.

      Here's a few ideas: Salazar Starborn Walker Stride  Adonnis Vance Geck Bellator Largo Largamente Nox Caelum (Latin for Night Sky) Leopold Umbra I dunno...just spitballing... Love them! Though, (...)

    2. Re: Help naming a main character.

      Have you checked out one of the random name generators online?  I use them from time to time for incidental names.  I like this one in particular Thanks, it's (...)

    3. Help naming a main character.

      Sorry if this does not belong here, but I'm in a pickle here! I suck at naming characters, I usually just use some random generator or something. However, this one character specifically would play a big (...)

    4. Re: Unexpected success?

      Thanks, :DrakanMelt: guys!

    5. Re: Just landed on Rising Stars!

      Congats!! Keep up the great work. :DrakanPotato:

    6. Re: 1500 followers!

      Congrats. 1500 followers is huge, well done!

    7. Re: Unexpected success?

      Congratulations. That's an incredible start and its all because you took a chance. A wonderful lesson for us all. Well done. Indeed!  In our discomfort lies unearthed lessons and through understanding (...)

    8. Re: Unexpected success?

      Good job, man! I definitely couldn't tell your English was non-native; that's super impressive! I wish I could read your writing in your native tongue if this is what you can do in your secondary one. (...)

    9. Unexpected success?

      A month ago I decided to write this story of a guy getting reincarnated into an eagle. I wrote more than 16 chapters the first week, mainly because I was that excited about it! However, I started to feel (...)

    10. Re: 200k words in 31 days

      Here I thought I was some hot stuff for writing 120k in 25 days, sigh this was humbling! Though I'll catch up next month, I just finished the first arc of my story and I'd be starting the next one. Congrats!QuackQuack! (...)

    11. Re: Demona Inc. welcomes you!

      Welcome Democa Inc, to you and the others. Hope your story finds its audience! :DrakanPopcorn:

    12. Re: Someone posted my novel on Kindle

      Thanks, everyone, they've removed it!  :DrakanFix:

    13. Re: Someone posted my novel on Kindle

      IT'S LAWSUIT TIME! Thanks for providing the contact of this honest-looking :FancyDrakan: lawyer.

    14. Re: Someone posted my novel on Kindle

      Is your story available here as well? If it is, then you can contact Amazon and claim that the story is yours IF the time you uploaded your story here is earlier than the time the other dude's story is (...)

    15. Re: Someone posted my novel on Kindle

      Yes, contact Amazon to remove it as that is against their policies. What you are looking for is to file a DMCA There is the link because I know Amazon (...)

    16. Someone posted my novel on Kindle

      I'm flattered but is there something I should do?

    17. Re: My first novel reached 10k views and 100 followers today!

      Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words.  :peoeyesparkle:

    18. Re: hey peeps, im a new reader :D

      Heyhey glad you're here, I'm sure you'll enjoy reading the amazing stories here!

    19. Re: My first novel reached 10k views and 100 followers today!

      That's amazing. You're going to hit the number spot in no time with the rate you're going. Congrats.  Your words are much appreciated northern badger, thanks! :DrakanMelt:

    20. My first novel reached 10k views and 100 followers today!

      I posted my first chapter exactly 10 days ago. Now, I have already got 10k views and 100 followers and it's also on the rising stars! I feel like this is worth celebrating :peoapproval: