The Wrong Hero

I've read uptil chapter 6 and have enjoyed it very much. The mc reacts to situations and events in a rational and real manner compared to many stories on this site. The system also is concise. If you're like me you try many stories on here looking for the things that tell you to not read any further, this story as of now doesn't have any for me.

I'm very interested in where the stroy goes from here, and hope the author continues to write this story and continues in the quality shown till now.


I'd like to start by saying I really enjoyed the story so far. There is a big risk in my opinion to have more than one protagonist in a story, and while we are getting more Samantha than Francine (atleast early on) both women are well defined and destinct. The game elements are interesting and well done. I really like a more open game and the skill system allows for that in a pleasent way. The promise of empire building in Francine's chapters are very interesting and a welcome adition. The one problem I have and the reaseon for the 4 stars in story is the use of flash back chapters and for me too much real life content.

Two good well defined protagonists, empire building, malleable and enjoyable game mechanincs, and a well written interesting story. I look forward to the upcoming chapters.