John Haff

John Haff

Welcome to the Family

In Haru we have a sympathetically drawn and likeable character within a nicely paced and well structured story. The authors strengths appear to be in the mystery elements of the story, particulary surrounding Haru's memory loss. Dialogue is good, which was reminiscent of classic Japanese anime like Dragonball. My only complaint is the use of descriptive words where they don't need to be. Sometimes simple is best.

I would like to encourage the author in writing his story and am sure the members of RR will want to do the same. Keep it up.

Gideon Drake and the Fire Within (Harry Potter Sequel/Spinoff)

Before we get into the nitty gritty, I can confirm that 6 chapters in, I have not noticed any requirement to have knowledge of the source material. It appears to be a standalone story, and a good one at that!


Nicely structured storytelling that appears to develop characters with dialogue and short bursts of descriptive flair, no words for the sake of words and next to no filler material. Very impressed with this. Not a Potter fan by any stretch of the imagination, but still found myself immersed when reading the books to my Daughter and it felt the same reading this.


As mentioned above, this is great for neutrals and fans of the book that don't mind the source material used to inspire an entirely new story. Magic / magical use is described very well with no uncessary fluff; it isn't trying too hard to impress you. Dialogue between characters is good, even parts of it that are not necessarily related to the story (chit-chat about Chudley Cannons) are used well as bridges to important story points.


It could be said that JK Rowling has laid a foundation for some of the character types, but that's fanfic. It seems to me that this author has added very well to the existing lore with new characters, a decent story to develop them for the reader.


A worthy addition to the Potter kingdom, but a worthy read if you ignore its source material. Well done.

Gossamer Clockwork

The main characters seem very well drawn and at a very early stage, their function should be clear to the average reader. Scope for the characters breaking away from their current boundaries can already be seen in the storytelling which will allow for good character arcs, particularly in Maks who is introduced as a fairly clumsy but eager apprentice, likely to become very much more. Overall, the foundations for good storytelling have been layed quite nicely and I hope the author continues along the lines of character development.