1. Re: Promote your story by explaining your most unique city, landmark or landscape

      Any landscape within the Amaranthian Empire would be considered my pride and joy. This is due to the Amaranthian's application of "Digitecture", which is quite literally digital architecture. With their (...)

    2. Re: First Novel Dropped + First 1000 Views!

      Ahhhhhhh, thank you all so much!!! 🥰🥰🥰 Also I love your covers, sooo clean. I second this, your cover style is beautiful in its simplicity. As a sci-fi fan, the cover of Where The Wind Begins (...)

    3. Re: Promote your story by telling us what question/statement sparked the idea?

      The Shattered Heavens: What would happen if Sci Fi technology met fantasy magic for the first time? Where The Wind Begins: What if the protagonist is a robot given sentience by the Omni?

    4. First Novel Dropped + First 1000 Views!

      So, after a long two months of posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I have finally published the last chapter of The Shattered Heavens! AND, I can also celebrate my first thousand views EVER (...)

    5. Re: Advertise your story by telling us about it's magic system

      Mana is a natural phenomenon local to only one star system in the entire Milky Way. It's a type of energy that radiates out from a gas giant known as Occulus, which then permeates and lingers in the ring (...)

    6. Re: Promote your story with your MC's weapon of choice "Amarkai" is a term present in the Amaranthian lexicon that doesn't have a direct human equivalent. The closest translation would be "Family Blade" or (...)

    7. Re: 🤖 Sunday Snippets 31/07 | WEEK 53 ❤ Android Love! 🤖

      Octavia gasped as a piece of the boulder behind her melted, bubbling away into thick steam to reveal the activated needle behind the acid damage. She immediately ducked just in time for the needle to erupt (...)

    8. Re: Promote your story with a relevant quote

      "That’s the problem with you wildcards. Free will is a double-edged blade. Once you get a taste of it, it’s hard to know when to stop fighting for change."

    9. Re: Promote your story by sharing how you got the name of a certain character.

      I've always been a fan of "Octavia", and I needed to stick with the Roman name theme for lore purposes. Tiberius just struck me as an imposing last name that would work for the royal lineage!

    10. Re: Promote your story by taking us through the writing process

      I wrote The Shattered Heavens by challenging myself to write 3000 words every day for a month. Then I erased all of it and re-wrote it at double the size 🤣

    11. Re: Promote Your Story with Two Truths and a Lie

      There's a detailed sex scene written but not published. Less than half the main cast survive. Octavia (the MC) knows what she's doing.

    12. Re: Promote your story by telling us about your favourite scene (it can be already written or one you have planned)

      So, my favourite chapter of The Shattered Heavens is by-far Chapter 22 "Red Skies". It's the climactic transition from Science Fiction to Fantasy, where the heroes race to the planet's surface while (...)

    13. Re: Promote Your Story - First Sentences

      It felt as though everything since the beginning of time itself had led up to that moment, like waking from a dream that could be confused for reality.

    14. Re: Promote your story by telling us a bit about the setting.

      The Shattered Heavens is set in the Milky Way. In our local space there are three other spacefaring factions who've set up permanently as our neighbours; the Amaranthian Empire, the Ryjax Commune, and (...)

    15. Re: Promote Your Story by Gushing about Romance

      The Shattered Heavens features a central love story between the main character Octavia Tiberius and a Federation combat pilot named Mackenzie O'laughlin. What I love the most about this relationship (...)

    16. Re: July Thread - Promote your Story

      Hello everyone! The Shattered Heavens is a LGBTQ+ middle-scifi epic clocking in at 160k words, featuring never-before-seen art by the Ukrainian artist Alfury. I post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! (...)

    17. Re: 🦆🐰Sunday Snippets 03/07 | WEEK 49 - The Royal Road Magazine!🦦🐧

      After fighting through infested streets, the Rumblin' Redneck squad and their rescued Federal Intelligence Agency attache seek refuge in a darkened pharmacy. “What do you see?” B’roka asked, his head (...)

    18. Re: What's the story of your name?

      Cool. I always wanted to play DnD when I was younger, but none of my friends were really interested in it. We just kinda ended up playing DoTa. About your name, what's the 13 part about? Are you actually (...)

    19. Re: Concept art for Scifi races and equipment!

      That's fair 🤣 but hey, they're just one race in the universe! They just happened to be the first ones to get their concept art before the artist was... let's say interrupted by geopolitical events 😅

    20. Re: Concept art for Scifi races and equipment!

      Thank you!!! If you're interested, The Shattered Heavens updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! ❤️❤️❤️