1. Genderbent Rick and Morty with tons of Sex (Not really) [18+]

      The topic title is basically Red Mantis and Avenger Doll's premise in a very simple nutshell: Link Here _________________________________ Tags: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Anti-Hero Lead, (...)

    2. RE: Maou Shoujo Makoto Chaos [18+]

      Updated a lot of things about this self-promotion, since I realized that I made several mistakes that would mislead readers, and also hurt my chances for being noticed. I hope it's alright to bump for (...)

    3. Maou Shoujo Makoto Chaos [18+]

      "It seems I was reincarnated as something that isn't human into a different world... something that drains my SAN points when I look into the mirror... and as the child of the demon lord no less. A demon (...)

    4. Sain [18+]

      A city without a past or a future, a world with an iron sky, where soulless beings called humans live under the reign of ruthless megacorporations. A bounty huntress receives a contract from one such conglomerate (...)

    5. RE: Touhou - Journey to the East [Fan-Fiction]

      The story is now up to date, and there's a choice to be made before the next part gets written. Which brings me to a different but related point: I see a good number of readers and some followers, but (...)

    6. RE: Edit Fiction disabled?

      I did that when I made that post, but it didn't work then. The button "Edit Fiction" was unclickable. Well, I'm in China, and random stuff like that happens here... I'm posting this through a VPN, and (...)

    7. Edit Fiction disabled?

      Did I miss a memo somewhere, am I the only one with that bug, or is "Edit Fiction" disabled? I can't edit any of my stories' descriptions. I need to change something outdated about my Touhou story, since (...)

    8. RE: Fan Fiction Link?

      Forgot to put this here after it was approved: Touhou - Journey to the East

    9. Touhou - Journey to the East [Fan-Fiction]

      If you knew there was a world different from ours, what would you do? Try to go there. This was the choice on the application form of the so-called “Sealing Club” at my university. I did not know (...)

    10. RE: Fan Fiction Link?

      I vigorously slapped the poor girl till she climaxed within 28 seconds... why... And there are a lot of those fan-games and memes involving characters based on just one or two canon lines that seem (...)

    11. RE: Fan Fiction Link?

      Thanks for the suggestion, I did that now. I hope it'll get approved, soon. It's a story I've been writing for a while, and I'm posting it here now, with some edited parts and rewrites to better reflect (...)

    12. Fan Fiction Link?

      I posted a fan fiction web novel that I've been writing for a long time, so obviously it would have the tag "fan fiction". Waiting for approval, I see this message: regarding the categories Original (...)

    13. Empire at War [15+]

      "From the ashes of strife heroes will rise to glory and immortality."         The Eternal Empire of Zenter is torn in a civil war in the wake of the Mad Emperor Eugeios Ohm Zenter’s bid to engrave his (...)