The Cabbage Preacher

The Cabbage Preacher

    1. Re: Words that defeat you

      I've spelt "dissapointment" wrongly everytime I've wrote that word. Or was it "disappointment"? I don't know. I'm just disssapointed in myself whenever I write it.

    2. Re: 🦃 Weekend Snippets 25/11 | WEEK 69 🍂 Let's Eat! 🍴

      The mob chanted in disunison while marching towards the patisserie. “Purge the vagrants! Long live the Sensible United Citizens’ Kindness, Edification and Rejuvenation Society, long live our great country!” (...)

    3. Re: ☃️ Weekend Snippets 18/11 | WEEK 68 ❄️ Ooh, Baby! It's COLD Outside! 🥶

      Hey, I've not been here for a while. It's time for John Brown-posting once again. For Brown, who had been well-read, it was of upmost importance to be well-read. Old Brown had spent his first few weeks (...)

    4. Re: Promote your story with a meme

      Another day, another chance for John Brown-posting (this one is for the up-and-coming short volume of the John Brown Isekai): (...)

    5. Re: Monetization: Who were your first patrons?

      Something I have wondered - how many followers would you consider necessary before considering going down the patreon route?  I only had ~150 followers for the John Brown Isekai when I got my first (...)

    6. Re: promote your story by describing it badly.

      John Brown Isekai: There's an old man who's very angry about the fact that slavery exists.

    7. Re: Promote your book with your first sentence - they say the first sentence is the most important: PROVE IT.

      The Errant Otherworlder: Dear reader, every good thing has its end. John Brown Isekai (End of the Slave Empire): Today was a beautiful day like any other in Gemeinplatz. John Brown Isekai (Total (...)

    8. Finished (and released) the epilogue!

      The 28th chapter, and the epilogue of the first volume of The Errant Otherworlder, is now released (after having written it two months prior)! It hasn't managed to catch the popularity of my other work, (...)

    9. Re: Get your reviews here.

      I'd be very happy if you could review either of my stories, if your offer is still up.

    10. Re: 👑 Sunday Snippets 09/10 | WEEK 63 ✍️ Sorry About the Timing 🐱

      'Nother week, 'nother John Brown Isekai-post. "Alright..." sighed John Brown as he saw what should definitely not be real. He had to calm down for a second before continuing. "Did I accidentally consume (...)

    11. Re: Promote your story with a fantasy language

      Fe Itere Isekaychin: (Early Modern Erzenian) “Mihn Brasika!” “As meht deyz enschet miyet mihn zvielt?!” (By Brassica, what's he doing with my tent?) (Classical Khelmic) “Shelmiy Bocze, fewelkakteh (...)

    12. Re: ✨ Sunday Snippets 02/10 | WEEK 62 🇨🇿 Finally! The End of the 2022 MLB Season! ⚾

      Another week, another snippet of the John Brown Isekai 2: Electric Boogaloo (not the actual title, thankfully): "Those terrorists of Captain Brown are trying to take our goddamn rights!" shouted an angry (...)

    13. Re: Promote your story with your favorite comment on it

      My favorite would be a comment by Evieleyn found under the John Brown Isekai: "I’m facing a high-profile assassin here! Maybe I should just stop interrogating him lest he decides to exterminate me for (...)

    14. Re: Quick check up.

      I've been really wanting to write, but real life's been preventing me from doing so. Probably won't be able to post any new chapters for a few months after my reserves of The Errant Otherworlder run (...)

    15. Re: 🍺 Sunday Snippets 25/09 | WEEK 61 🥨 Let's Celebrate Oktoberfest! 🍻

      John Brown, even in his isekai'd form as shown in the John Brown Isekai, was and is never a man that appreciated liqour, so no beer-related events shall take place in this snippet. I haven't had much, (...)

    16. Re: Hello!

      Welcome fellow purveyor of the visual arts, may the Royal Road algorithm grant Its blessings upon thine work!

    17. Re: Howdy folks.

      Howdy to ye too, and a warm welcome to the Royal Road! May the algorithm bless thine work and grant it with the greatest of readerships!

    18. Re: Hello everybody

      Welcome, may the Royal Road treat you well!

    19. Re: Take 2

      Welcome to RR, may the RoyalRoad be easier to tread on your second try!

    20. Re: ✨ Sunday Snippets 18/09 | WEEK 60 🍹The End of Summer Approaches! ☀️

      I haven't been able to write much recently, so here's a regrettably short snippet from some upcoming chapter of the John Brown Isekai: Farmer Bob, travelling along the winding mountain paths of Azdavay, (...)