1. Re: Slow Burn Harem

      Thank you for your input. I'll remove the sexual content tag for now.

    2. Re: Is anyone here a fan of Final Fantasy X

      I have not played Vagrant story. However, I subscribe to the theory that Final Fantasy X is a distant prequel to Final Fantasy VII. There are a lot of similarities in the setting, even a character (...)

    3. Re: Promote Your Story by with a Blurb of Your Latest Chapter!!!

      Duke Vanion meets to discuss a truce with Queen Arraxia of Seathorius while his son observes. Plans are set to transfer the Axe of Fortenex somewhere safe, so it cannot be misused. Karasush is in a position (...)

    4. Slow Burn Harem

      Are you a fan of harems but sick of seeing them all fall into the arms of the hero without explanation? If so, my story, the Dreaming Goddess, may interest you. The story is a perspective flip (...)

    5. Is anyone here a fan of Final Fantasy X

      So I have been looking for a place to talk about Final Fantasy X for a long time. I played the game when I was a kid but never got a chance to finish it. Later I came back and was able to and got completely (...)

    6. Re: 10-15K Review Swaps [0/5] -- Let's help one another

      I'm up for it. My story is the Dreaming Goddess and you can find it in the description.

    7. Over 200 average views on the Dreaming Goddess

      So I was looking at my statistics while editing my stories. And I realized that I had over 200 average views on each chapter of The Dreaming Goddess. Six months ago, I would have been blessed by God to (...)

    8. 60.000 views on the Dreaming Goddess!

      Great news, everyone! I've finally hit 60000 views on my story, the Dreaming Goddess. I've also gotten more feedback in the past month than in the past several months. I am humbled at the reception (...)

    9. Re: Do >you< like fair, or realistically unfair [systems] better.

      My approach to skill and power in my story is very simple; Man is mortal. Whenever my main characters enter battle, they will likely receive an injury. My characters usually sustain at least (...)

    10. Re: Drop your fiction's synopsis

      I've got mine here; He'd known he shouldn't have taken that boat, but ambition has a way of kicking you in the teeth. William Gabriel has lived his life in the shadow of his Mother and Father. He (...)

    11. 55000 views!

      Great news, everyone! My story, the Dreaming Goddess, has finally hit 55000 views! This is a significant milestone, primarily since I celebrated 50000 a few weeks ago. My rate of increase in prominence (...)

    12. Re: Beastmaster/Tamer genre

      Well, my main character William does befriend a chimera named Massacre. She starts as an antagonist, but he 'tames' her with music and later saves her life. After that, Massacre becomes a core part of (...)

    13. Re: Isekaied but came back

      The titular character of my story, the Dreaming Goddess, has an arc like that. She frequently returns to her own world and only enters Erian in her dreams. However, the Dreaming Goddess is also a perspective (...)

    14. Re: Describe your Book/Series/Arc as short and poorly as possible: Part 2

      Massive thirty-gambit pileup with demons, angels, spirits, paladins, and ninjas. It's in my signature if you want to read it;

    15. Re: What is your protagonist currently doing?

      Right now, Abdul Sahshir is fighting for survival in a burning city. He is trying to protect the not-so-innocent people of Zigilus from a legion. At the same time, he is looking to get is grudge matched (...)

    16. Re: Five Chapter Review Swap (First Five responses)

      I'm game. I'd like reviews on the Dreaming Goddess, my only story.

    17. The Dreaming Goddess finally reached Rank 2384!

      Great news today! I've been languishing in the low three-thousands of rank for a long time after my story fell from nearly 2500. But several good reviews and a lot of attention from the community (...)

    18. Re: Looking to do review swaps

      I'm game. How many chapters do you want to trade?

    19. Re: What themes and topics do you dislike in stories?

      For me, there are two equal and opposite extremes. The first is edgy, jerkass protagonists who treat other people like dirt. So often, they spend their time resorting to violence and being antisocial (...)

    20. 50,000 views at last!

      I have good news everyone. My story has finally hit 50,000 views! It is the tale of three heroes in three parts of the world. William Gabriel a noble but pragmatic Paladin with a silver tongue (...)