Salvos (A Monster Evolution LitRPG)

Salvos (as a character) strikes the sweet spot of being fun to read about, and being easy to empathize with.  

The plot makes sense and is about the characters, and the battles are rather well written.  

The idea of 'companions' is very integral to this story imo, I'm hoping the author will explore this more deeply in volume 3

The Farmer

This needs a proofreader, at bare minimum

In the first chapter there are more grammatical errors than you'll find in the first 10 chapters of a decent fic. Really hurts flow/immersion.


The premise seems interesting and I want this to be a good story, but the writing level feels like a trash-tier wuxia.


Here's to hoping the author rewrites/gets a proofreader or editor, this story needs it 

The Solar Towers: Telilro

It's early in the story, but the author wanted reviews.


The world the author has built is fascinating,  but as of yet not fleshed out.


The characters are going to need a while longer to feel real, but it seems like the story will be fine on that account. 


The writing is generally good - grammar, spelling, length, etc.

Occasionally a sentence that makes me groan from the amount of effort required to read it shows up.

There are sentences that make no sense/ are just missing words.

There Is No Story Here

There really is no story.

Just move on, ignore the troll.



Now for 50 words to meet the minimum requirement, though there really isn't 50 words worth of thought to describe this waste of time.

Just purposely garbled rambling about how there is no story, with perhaps an attempt at reverse psychology to get you to keep reading.


There are at two voices which attempt some sort of interaction with themselves and with the readers. It isn't good.

An ordinary novel but every 10,000 words the audience kills the least interesting character

If the title made you stop to take a look, do read a few chapters. 


This story was a work of art

Never Die Twice

I usually don't write reviews so early into stories (read all the chapters but there aren't a lot). 

I know Void's writing ability from other novels, so this is an advance I'm willing to give.


I really like the setting, motivations, writing style and just about every scene so far. 


Good grammar, though you get a word out of place every few chapters. Author fixes errors and his writing grammar is very pleasant to read 

Mother of Learning

Left a placeholder/mistake review a long time ago, fixed

I followed this story for a long while before it came to RRL, and it is a favorite of mine.


Please do read

Vainqueur the Dragon

Thank you Void, please write more chapters

The grammar, spelling, and general technical skill this story is written with do their job wonderfully- they make the story more understandable, flow better and let me just leap in, in addition to doing their basic job of simply not breaking flow or immersion.

Edited because I noticed some mistakes, can't give 5 stars


Void has a certain flair to their works, it feels like a flight of fancy, yet my feet are still on some sort of surface. Kind of like jet-skiing or windsurfing. Which I like.


Despite being a whimsical, light hearted (in tone) comedy there is an emergent (background?) plot. It is emerging very tastefully and organically in my opinion, the hints are intriguing and what has been revealed captivating. I like the shape of the plot and think it adds a dimension to the story without taking away from its premise and style.


Finally,  the characters.  I love reading the character interactions and delight in the personalities on display- both of which fit in to the story's feel by being super-realistic whimsical caricatures of people that could exist.

Thank you Void. To anyone else reading this, try a few chapters