1. Re: Be honest with me...

      So as a disclaimer, my opinion might not be the best given that my summary/story do tend to give off the vibe of 'confusion is my epitaph', but... I'll share the little I can help with. the nice: (...)

    2. Re: almost 50 pages in on book two woot woot

      First of all, that's one gorgeous cover. Second, congratulations! Keep up the excellent work you're doing here!

    3. Re: Give a shoutout to a minor character in your story that didn't get enough screentime, in your opinion

      Lovely thread idea. Shout out to my boy Flynn, the man, the legend, the master of both gravity and managing traffic, and the Broadway material.

    4. Re: Free cover offer

      Beautiful work you did here. 

    5. Re: Do you have some tips on writing fight scenes share them with everyone.

      I don't have anything to add here, I just want to express my appreciation for all the lovely replies.

    6. Re: Want A Review?

      *slides fic*  :DrakanFascinating:

    7. Re: One Million Views

      That's wonderful! You're absolutely rocking it. Congratulations!

    8. Re: Finally writing again!

      Congrats! And yeah, once you finish something you've always wanted to do, you'd definitely feel lighter. I get the feeling perfectly.  Best of luck with finishing your story. It's quite a feat to be close (...)

    9. which angle amuses you most in a story?

      As much as I dream to have readers emotional over my writing, I do want them to crack smiles when I intend to. I just have a fascination with comedic undertones in fiction. Given that people's sense of (...)

    10. Re: How are you reading the stories on RoyalRoad?

      For a while I didn't realize the existence of a dark mode on this site. I tried it once but it felt kinda unsettling for me. I dislike white-text on dark-background, makes my vision swim at times.  (...)

    11. Re: A great week

      That's a good week indeed. Also congratulations on your win! I went back to read your entry and it was phenomenal. 

    12. Re: quick headers/banner images for all of my stories + profile

      What a visual feast! I honestly can't pick a single favorite, but I like 2, 4, 5, 7 and 9 the best.  (Also yes to purple! Give me all the purple!)

    13. Re: Who thinks reality is stranger than fiction?

      Have you seen the movie Rubber? Or how about reading Kafka's The Metamorphosis? Until we hit singularity level of tech, I'm gonna say shit like that is weirder by a mile than people just being mundanely (...)

    14. Re: Who thinks reality is stranger than fiction?

      I'd say reality is stranger. Fiction has a sense of predictability to it that those familiar with certain works can detect it. Reality though? It's wild. Human history can honestly be so fantastic.

    15. Re: Name a difficulty that your world/setting causes in creating a good story

      A thing that's kind of a struggle to maintain is the position of my current story in its verse. Like, timeline wise, it's right at the middle, the third to occur out of five stories.  (I have ambitions (...)

    16. Re: Writing chapters

      Well, now I just feel embarrassed sharing that I manage writing a chapter... ... per week.

    17. Re: Rising stars, baby!

      Take it easy on yourself. Sometimes slow and steady gets you everywhere. Congratulations on reaching the stars friend!

    18. Re: Contribution Points

      Got curious so I tried looking up something similar at TvT. Found a trope called Good Behavior Points. In its real life examples, it has two.  Also, there's an article/post at referencing such (...)

    19. Re: The [Royal Road Flashfic] Contest

      “You have deactivated Sleep Mode. This is against recommendations.” Since starting to scavenge across the many Ruins, Vane’s fortune with interesting findings ran abysmal. Today, however, he found (...)