1. Re: First Chapter Feedback/Reviews If you end up doing mine, could you do a mix of both methods? I would like for you too look over it with a critical eye and point out what I've (...)

    2. Re: The accidental new plot?

      For those that have things planned out: Have you ever gotten to a point, following your plan, that you suddenly realize you missed something important and now need to add in a whole other section including (...)

    3. Anyone willing to leave a review on Above and Below? The main things I would like to know is what I need more of in my story and what I need to work on. I would also like ut if you could talk about (...)

    4. Re: Chapters. How Long is Too Long?

      Hi guys, so I'm writing my first high fantasy novel and at times it feels like my chapters are too short, but other times it feels like they are way too long. Am I overthinking this? Is there a general (...)

    5. Re: Opinions on the blurb?

      Update: The story Above and Beneath should be out soon I have just sent it into RR and awaiting approval. Thanks for the feedback!!!

    6. Re: Opinions on the blurb?

      Well... since it's been asked, and there are great people here who nail it to the core. I'll ask for opinions on my own new blurb and if anything can be done to improve it. (Although I would appreciate (...)

    7. Opinions on the blurb?

      After taking a few months break, I'm going to start publishing a book on RR. It follows the same kind of plot line that the others have but its one I feel I am more dedicated too, i have already written (...)

    8. Re: Writing LGBTQIA+ characters and books

      I am not part of the community, let me just get this out there. However, I have grown up amongst them. Let alone befriended many. One thing to note, is that, there are many different types. Just like anyone (...)

    9. Writing LGBTQIA+ characters and books

      As a member of the community I felt that it would be useful to open a thread dedicated to discussing how to write LGBT characters and give the community the representation that we deserve successfully. (...)

    10. Re: Pride, and there should be an LGBT plus tag

      I believe this would be a brilliant feature to add into RR! This way people who want to read about LGBTQ+ characters can find books that include them easier!  Although I will say that this will make (...)

    11. Promote your story by telling us how/why you named it what you named it

      For me, the name of my un published story Life or Freedom is based of a big decision that will need to be made near the end of the book though i am thinking about changing the name to something else. What (...)

    12. Re: Dialogue Required?

      It sounds like a challenge but I can see it happening! I can't wait to see how this pans out! Goodluck!

    13. Any advice for editing

      Hi! I find myself struggling to edit quite a bit, especially in the grammar and spelling department. I find the process long and boring so i was wondering if anyone has figured out way to not make it long (...)

    14. Re: Prompts?

      I'll try writing one. MC wakes up in an unfamiliar room, still wearing the exact same clothes they were wearing before they fell asleep. The room is sparcly furnished/decorated. Just white wallpaper (...)

    15. Re: Prompts?

      I'm not a huge prompt writer, mostly just because a lot of people get too specific with their prompts. I can suggest r/WritingPromts if you like that sort of thing. To me, it always seems like people suggesting (...)

    16. Prompts?

      Hi! Recently I've opened up this RR story: I'm planning to make it full of short stories so if anyone has any prompts I could use that (...)

    17. Re: I want to delete my stories and create an entirely different world and story

      Update, just released it! Be sure to check it out

    18. Re: I want to delete my stories and create an entirely different world and story

      Thankyou all for the advice, I've decided to keep up the two stories but for the time being they are on hiatus. I will probably open up a story which will include a bunch of short stories (each chapter (...)

    19. Re: I want to delete my stories and create an entirely different world and story

      Thanks for the advice. I genuinely don't know the answer which scares me but it could be a no and it could be a story I'm actually able to complete.  Have you tried short stories? If you find yourself (...)