Mathew Goninon

Mathew Goninon

    1. Re: Who needs a cover?

      Author: Mathew Goninon Tittle: The Snow Hunter Summery:  having the character or someone clad in robes and amour walking away somewhere from something (i will let you have the creative freedom for that) (...)

    2. Cover needed

      Hello, i am currently in need of a cover for my new book called The Snow Hunter. it is a sort of sci-fi book but set not that far off in the future to where humanity is all over the universe but going (...)

    3. Re: Writing for fun, and it is working out

      Good luck my brother and continue having fun

    4. Book done and on to another one

      I have finished my first book called last light that took around 6 months to complete and my was it a challenge from having think that no one would read it and view count to exams stopping from writing (...)

    5. Re: How much did you write today? - Word Count Tracking Thread

      found this on the day of new year so 30 words or so as of this moment. my goal for each chapter is 1.5k each chapter which is done in a day but lately that has been hard to do as i have been slacking (...)

    6. Re: New Writer joining today!

      welcome to Royal Road as a fairly new writer myself i can promise you that you will enjoy your stay here with the community 

    7. Re: I Need feedback so that i can improve

      Damn, so what i am seeing is that old me was rushing to get stuff out quick smart and that has backfired on me? Damn you old me if i had a time machine i would slap and tell you to take your time! but (...)

    8. Re: I Need feedback so that i can improve

      Ok, with just a glance, I can tell you a few things. -You need to use periods and punctuation. Some of your sentences go forever and ever. -You need to pick a point of view. It seems to bounce around (...)

    9. I Need feedback so that i can improve

      at the moment  am close to finishing my first book and when I get to making the second book i want to have not as many problems as i do while writing the first one, and knowing me i can for the hell figure (...)

    10. I Have Almost Finished My First Book

      while spending around 3-4 months on the thing i am sad to have it finish as i have so many ideas i want to incorporate into the story but i better have it end before it gets out of hand for me but i think (...)

    11. Re: Checklist for Newcomers

      thanks my man for the advice, as someone whom is new and wants to try and get into writing for fun i find 9. and 8. really helpful and a life savor really 

    12. what are some character ideas you think are overused

      i really want to hear some character idea that are over used because in my book i want to create my own unique person that can still be relatable so what are some ideas or tropes if you wish that are over (...)

    13. Re: Plan or no plan?

      thanks bro for helping me figure out what I want. i was stuck in process of plan or no plan and wing it, but lately I have not been trying either just getting an idea for the book but as of late. I have (...)

    14. My first book called The Final Light come read

      This is my first book as I said in the title, I would love you you guys to view my book and give feedback on the chapters I release, now at the moment the story is short like a couple minutes of reading (...)

    15. Hello i need a cover for my book

      As the title says i need a cover so any who wants to help with this please you are welcome my book is a new book called Last Light, but i also want some advice on creating one like what do i need to create (...)

    16. Hello to others

      as i write this i am currently at school so wont be able to see a lot of the response from you guys. now about me, my name is Mathew and yes with one t not double, i love to come up with story ideas and (...)