Reincarnating into a Fantasy world as an Autonomous Machine Arsenal

Loved it! Need more nukes to bake the story a bit more!!!!

If not nukes chemical weapons sounds good too.

BTW  just posting a high rate score to help author put more chapters.


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I liked it, the story is trash(as the own author says), but sometimes it's good to read some stories that aren't made to be that serious. There's a bit need to have more editing and proofreading because the novel being trash doesn't excuse  some grammar errors and mistakes being in the novel.




Also: plz more lewds?tongue-out

Limitless Adaptation

It`s a very good story, was kinda surprised by the details of the adult content, not that it made me mad or angry, but I was kinda expecting a bit more vanilla content/fetish, but I still like the story. The RPG aspect of the story is not cluttered with much info and neither the characters keep opening the stats/skills menu all the time(it is very annoying when it keep happening in some stories).


Keep up the good work, the story has quite a good story for a story that has adult elements(some stories that I read were just porn with an rpg mantle to disguise it a bit).


Nigmus Online [2nd Draft Complete]

Very good story(2nd Draft Complete as of the review time)

A very good, very dark(quite literally) story. It's one of my favorite genre, wich is a VRMMO, with a MC with a rare job. It kinda reminds me of Ark.


The character score is not at the max stars because it was a bit bland (IMO) for the secondaries that sounded like "I'm a dick because I can" almost everytime they appeared.


The story felt a bit rushed, with a lot of "bits of time skip" when the MC and the world passed and there wasn't enough explanations or chapters describing what he did, sometime the story was like "I gained a very rare class, let's try this class to see if I like it" to the next chapter be like (in the game) "I have a lot of loot that I can't sell for XXX reasons, so I'm looking for someone to sell to me". Don't take me wrongly, I like it, just that it felt a bit rushed to me, the story could be divided in 2 arcs/books if it was a bit more detailed.