Terror Infinity - Side B

I genuinely like this fanfic very much due to the reward system and vivid description of the battles. The only problem is that Shin considers himself too weak during a baatle which I think is being fixed by the author. 


I like the work and can’t wait to get the new chaps .

How to Avoid Death on a Daily Basis

Gotta request the royalroad admin team to allow me to give this novel 10*s

I think that it is an awesome novel with extremely good humour. The thing that I like the most is the punctuality which the author possesses in the release of new chapters. Keep up the good work and take this story to completion


Hope I could've given this story 10/5 stars

The novel has awesome story , great writing and other worldly mysteries and ideas.

I've read it till the latest chapter and never once have I gotten bored with it . Just when I think that I'm finally going to know the suspense , an even greater suspense pops out nowhere which thrills me to my core .

As for the pace of the story , although a bit slow it is fun to read . The MC is not like some useless hero who saves everyone he meets and mourns everyone that died which is good. The heroine is a bit irritating but nevertheless she just adds to the fun of the story.

The idea is the most innovative one that I have ever come across and it is revealed in a good way to the readers . ( Just need to work on the size of author notes a bit)

The grammar although not great , but is still good and doesn't hinder the fun and thrill of the story even one bit .

Anyways , keep the chapters incoming .


PS- I think this is the best novel I have read from the tens of novels I've come across


The Exiled Prince

I think that the idea is very innovative and the story is interesting to read . The author just needs to increase the pace of the story and stop explaining every minute thing in detail . All in all , this story is very interesting.


Good luck and keep up the good work !!!


And yeah , keep the chapters rolling !!!!!!!



PS : Just please don’t drop this story .




A Wolf's Way

I think the story is good however the author just needs to work on the description of difference in power .

Dungeon Conqueror [12+] (Cancelled)

Awesome idea and a good way of presenting it to the readers !!!

I think the idea is amazing and the author is doing a good work .



And yeah , keep the chapters rolling !!!!!!!

Emperor Saga

Goodread , just check on the English a bit

It's a fun novel with a lot of plot twists which I like . The MC keeps on getting trolled every time which if fun too .


If the English was better it would be a 5 star from me . 

Continue the novel and keep up the good work .


Side note : Try to reduce the hiatus