1. RE: Advertisement - content continues bellow

      Well, you can add an advertisement at the end before the option for going to next chapter, previous chapter or main page.This way the add will be inside the vision and the users won't be disturbed.

    2. RE: Need help with "serious conversation"

      (Sorry I found myself having a lot of time all of a sudden so I'm going full helpful mode! :D )  yeah I kinda agree with the first guy. The conversation is way too fast and a bit forced.  Without (...)

    3. RE: Need help with "serious conversation"

      First please edit this because it is kinda of a mess. Readable but lot of grammar and just spelling mistakes.  Second as for the story itself its pretty meh? I mean very contradicting action to save (...)

    4. Need help with "serious conversation"

      First of all, the novel in question is Evolve Or DIE!! which is about an RPG apocalypse. In the latest chapter that I had uploaded, there was a serious conversation b/w the MC and a girl whom he had (...)

    5. RE: Support your authors

      True that. PS- Voting in the poll too!!

    6. Awesome Post Apocalyptic Novel

      It was another normal day for Tim when suddenly he saw that thousands of meteor like bright lights were coming towards the earth at an astonishing speed. Watch Tim as he tries to survive and meet up (...)