The Mook Maker

Do you like furries? Do you like a transmigration story with an OP MC. Then you've come to the right place. This is another take on the Isekai genre where the MC awakens in the ruins of a forest with a strange blue box asking them to select their first element. Who would have guessed that the ability would give the MC a veritable army of elemental and summoned furries to command at their will

Story 4/5: Still a little early to comment on the story. The author leaves us in suspense as we follow the MC in this strange new world. Why are they here, for what purpose, and what will they do? We'll have to wait to find out. I've no doubt that whatever happens. The MC will end up building a legion of elemental furries to achieve great things.

Style 4.5/5: The style of the story flows fine. The pacing is good and the scenes are described in good detail. Detailed but not overwhelming. I enjoyed the fight scenes as the MC unwittingly unleashes his summons on bandits and other enemies.

Grammar 4/5: Could use a quick once-over but doesn't take away from the story at all.

Character 4/5: It would be great to know a little more about the MC. What their name is, whether they're male or female, or what they look like. To be fair, the author could very well be keeping the MC as an every-person troupe while focusing on the supporting cast. Still too early to say. 

Overall 4.5/5: It was a fun read that was easy to follow. Great for any fans of isekai's out there who enjoy a good wish-fulfillment series. Best of luck to the author 


The Heart is a Void: Ashes to Ashes

Story 4.5/5: A VRMMO game where players suddenly lose the ability to log out. Add into the mix the removal of pain management system and you end up with an interesting premise where people have to survive this new reality. How will they react? What will they do? All interesting ideas. The concepts been done before but it's a classic so the idea is fine by me. The story has potential to turn into something interesting. 

Style 4/5: Execution of the story needs some work. The author has done a good job creating the world, system, skills, and metrics. Now they need to bring it together in an interesting way that keeps readers attention. for example. It would have been great if the first chapter jumped straight into the story or set up the story to explain why the players are stuck in the game. Instead it took a few chapters to get going which made it hard to get invested.

Grammar 5/5: I wasn't able to spot any glaring issues with grammar. 

Characters 3.5/5: I think in this type of story setting, the characters become the bedrock behind the story. In this particular case, I wasn't able to get invested in the characters. Who they were and why we should care about them. This review may change over time. 

Overall 4/5: story and world have potential. Worth a read if you're a fan of VRMMO's and systems

The Bettor's Oath [A Dark-Modern LITRPG]

Story 4/5: It's still too early to comment on the story but I like what I'm reading so far. There's real depth to this new world that the author has spent time to create. Each chapter has a little nugget that gives us more info about where he is and what kind of world it is. I feel like the story is building up to something big.

Style 4.5/5: The writing style is interesting with good use of vocabulary and prose. The use of descriptors is  more colorful than most novels but I was still able to understand what was happening without issue. I found myself reading all chapters in one sitting without realizing the time. 

Grammar 4.5/5: No glaring issues with grammar that I was able to notice.

Character 4.5: I like the MC. Lothar is a cynical alcoholic who is dark and gritty. The perfect combo for a dark litrpg. He's  not weak but nor is he a Gary Stu who adapts to his new environment instantly. Other characters show promise as well. Interested to learn more about Tink but I won't say any more.

Overall 5/5: The Bettors Oath is an interesting take on the dark grim litrpg genre that is sure to leave you wanting more. Highly recommend giving it a read

3 Bodies 1 Soul

Up and coming isekai novel

Story 5/5: I feel like I'm getting a 3 for 1 deal. A story with an underdog human trying to succeed in the world. Tick. An evil young prince who's a demon. Tick. An elf who pines for adventure when his family frown upon it. Tick. Bringing all three narratives together in a well planned and interesting story line. Now that's unique!

Style 5/5: something about the style is simple but extremely alluring. The story flows extremely well and keeps you hooked while the detail and exposition is enough to not be overbearing. I guess there really is beauty in simplicity and I think the authors style perfectly matches the isekai genre. 

Grammar 4.5/5: A few things here and there but no glaring issues. I'm not a grammar expert but i feel like the grammar improves with each and every chapter.

Characters 5/5: I really like the characters in this story. Each has their distinct traits that make you excited to follow their journey. What's more is that the MC controls all three characters at once. Still too early for me to comment about the side characters

Overall 5/5: The author has created something really special here. A new take on the transmigration isekai novel that is sure to pull you in and leave you wanting more. I've no doubt we'll be seeing this in the trending or rising stars list soon enough.



Fragments from the Wildlands

Story 5/5: A very well written and interesting short story that follows Miguela as she becomes part of a top secret scrying team for the five kingdom. Each chapter weaves a unique and interesting narrative as she uncovers part of a much bigger plot the author has created as part of his five kingdoms of cordizal series. An exciting world of magic and political intrigue that matches some of the great fantasy novels out there. The author has created something truly epic that will assuredly leave fantasy fans wanting more 

Style 5/5: does the writing style flow? Yes definitely. The author has a style that is concise, clear, consistent with an advanced use of vocabulary and prose. I can feel the world and I can feel the characters. Big tick in the box here

Grammar 5/5: I'm not a big stickler for grammar having read machine translated novels in the past. But I have to give a nod of respect to the author here. The level of grammar comes close to professionally written books.

Characters 5/5: The author certainly put in the effort here. The MC and supporting characters each have their strength and weaknesses with a clear backstory. There's no OP in this story but that's by design. Instead, we find very real people each with their own goals and agendas interacting in a world that feels succinctly real. 

Overall 5/5: this is the starter of a five course gourmet meal that is sure to leave you satisfied. If you love epic fantasy's set in complex and well designed worlds then this is for you. Oh and there's magic!