Dang thats a cute cat

Dang thats a cute cat

I'm Not An Angel, I'm A Knight

I'm not good at writing reviews but imma go try (this is only my 3rd and one of them was All the Dust That falls)! 
so I may be a bit of a 2D person but there aren't any flaws that jump out at me. I did see some grammar mistakes but they were infrequent and didn't hinder my reading experience at all. 

I love the premise and unlike many books, the execution doesn't fall flat.  The characters feel real to me as well. 

ah what the heck am I doing this is a good book you should read it give it a follow and favorite. Doesn't update that frequently because the author is a casual (#authorsupport) but it'll make you smile when you see that there's a chapter available. Do both me, the author, and mostly yourself a favor and give this a read. Just do it. Click that freaking read now button now, ok? Ok! 
why are you still here?





how was that not 200 words I really suck at this dang

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All the Dust that Falls: A Roomba Isekai Adventure

There's a highly unique MC. There's is good world building. Albeit, not a lot, but the world building that does exist so far is highly effective, and I am sure that much more world building will follow. Read this, you won't regret it.

I am qualified to give this book a "LAUGHING WARNING" so I do.


The Uprise of a Nobody

So, right now I'm only at chapter 1 (only 2 chapters have been uploaded) and the premise is really interesting! I know that is literally what the title of this review is saying but it's true and all of you should read it! This is my first review so I don't really know what else I should talk about, but yeah! Woo! Good book! Yeah! I'll update this review when more chapters get released probably. 😁😆




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