Dang thats a cute cat

Dang thats a cute cat

The Xulaain Chronicler [The first ever community driven, AI generated, second person novel on Royal Road]

The Xulaain Chronicler (...)
by Perpetual250
5 pages

Welcome to Xulaa.

A lawless, untamed pocket plane with no Primordial or lesser dieties.

Guide the hand of fate (in the form of AI) as you shape it and it's (currently nonexistent) people down the path of the community's choice. 

The hand is yours to guide, my friends, will you take up the mantle?

These first few chapters are just going to be polls to gather some basic information before I start plugging things in. Comment your ideas, and then vote to help out! 

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The Uprise of a Nobody

The Uprise of a Nobody (...)
by B1ah
207 pages

The story starts off with a monotone voice announcing, "You have died.". The man receiving this news began to tremble on the ground, curled up in a fetal position. A large window entered his vision displaying the dreadful words in a blood-red mirk "You. Have. Died.", as if hearing it announced wasn't enough. The man began coughing, then chuckled. Laughter became manic as the trembling worsened.

The man opened his body, spreading his limbs out and screamed, "Finally! Finally! Finally!~". The man laughed hysterically before he sank to the ground. Another window displayed itself:

"Would you like to restart? 

"> Yes

"> No"

The laughing stopped, and silence consumed the atmosphere. The man became contemplative, slowly getting up and began walking. Pacing around usually helped his mind process his thoughts. After a while, he paused and eventually clapped his hands and exclaimed, "Nope! Who would want to go through that hell again?!".

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Damage=MA: A Rolling Stone LitRPG

Damage=MA: A Rolling (...)
by zechamp
97 pages

By a stroke of fate, a stone gains sentience and sets out on a grand quest to touch grass. 

However, the system forgot to change its stats from their [Metric] values to the appropriate [Str, Int, Dex] values.

Things escalate. Fast. 

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St. Truck-kun be with us protags! Tales of the isekai regiments of another world

St. Truck-kun be with (...)
by John_Oakman
66 pages

A collection of cheerful and lighthearted stories of the guys who got yeeted to another world and their adventures in the armies of some country in said world. Y'all know what kind of stories I write...

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I'm Not An Angel, I'm A Knight

I'm Not An Angel, I'm (...)
by NathanJWriting
385 pages

Upon his defeat, the Demon Lord placed a cursed on the entire land that infested it with thousands of clones, "fakes" as they call them, of each of the Nine Heroes who defeated him. Our main protagonist is not one of those nine heroes, rather, she is one of those fakes who, after realising that chasing after the original was foolish, decides to change and become her own self.

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Paranoid Mage

Paranoid Mage
by InadvisablyCompelled
1.4k pages

Now on Book Four!  Check the Volumes selector to make sure you start at the right place!

Book One: Paranoid Mage

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Callum had seen things all his life.  There are monsters and beasts living among people, but he learned very early not to admit such things, not if he didn’t want people to think him crazy.

It turns out that the supernatural is real, but at thirty Callum has no desire to be part of that secret.  Not that he has a choice when it turns out he is a mage, albeit one that hasn’t cast any spells in all his life.  There are requirements, duties, and education that the powers that be insist he be subject to.

To hell with that.

Book Two: Renegade Mage

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After escaping from the Guild of Arcane Regulation and the Bureau of Secret Enforcement, Callum has lost his greatest protection: his obscurity.  Now the powers that be know who he is, and hiding is harder than ever.  Nor is hiding a plan, just a reaction.

Now Callum is forced to decide how he wants to approach the supernatural world, and how he’s going to keep himself secure when the apparatus of government is arrayed against him.  Even if he wanted to live as a mage, that bridge has been thoroughly burned, and even if he wanted to live as a normal person, he is far too deep to close his eyes to what he’s seen.

He has to make his own terms.

Book Three: Heretic Mage

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Callum is at war with the Guild of Arcane Regulation, the organization that governs mages on Earth.  He’s spent most of his time lying low and hiding out, trying to understand what he can do and how he can remain free from their meddling.  What he’s learned is that he can’t.

It’s time to move from reaction to action, and take on GAR and its evils directly.

Book Four: Reclusive Mage

The Guild of Arcane Regulation has fractured, and new forces move on the board.  Callum cannot quite declare victory, for even a weakened GAR still forces him to hide from the world at large, yet he is no longer prepared to run. Instead he builds his own strengths to stand against those who wish to do him harm.

Change, once started, is hard to stop.  Callum’s actions have brought change to the world of the supernatural, but that can bring chaos and destruction even as he eliminates tyranny and corruption.  He has to move beyond being one man against the world, and stand in the world he’s made.

Paranoid Mage is an urban fantasy but it goes rather sideways from the normal stuff fairly quickly. 

Chapters are Fridays, 5PM EST, with approximately 5,000 words per chapter.

Join our Discord!

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Kitty Cat Kill Sat

Kitty Cat Kill Sat
by argusthecat
668 pages

Ownership of the last functioning piece of orbital infrastructure kind of puts you in a position of responsibility.  The fact that there's a lack of thumbs in the process makes it a challenge.  But challenge is, as far as anyone can prove, my middle name.

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First Contact

First Contact
by Ralts Bloodthorne
9.7k pages

Eight Thousand Years after the Glassing of Earth, Terran Descent Humanity has largely become a post-scarcity society based on consent and enjoying life. With the discovery of another ancient race beyond the "Great Gulf", events and history collide to draw the Terran Confederacy into war against a hundred million year old empire that has always won and believes it always will. With allies and enemies of multiple species, the Orion Galactic Arm Spur will be wracked by warfare the likes of which have not been seen. Cracked, harried, wounded, and damaged, Terran Descent Humanity willfully throws itself against the universe itself.

"The universe hates you and will take away everything you love, laughing while it does so." - Terran belief.

A wiki is available (although under construction) at: https://fcgestalt.fandom.com/wiki/First_Contact_Gestalt_Archive_Wiki

Told largely from the viewpoint of other species, the story is currently ongoing. It involves graphic depictions of violence, war, adult language and situations, drug use, and other mature topics.

The story will be updated on weekdays, so keep an eye on this page for more chapters.

The story is 700+ chapters, and repeating characters do not start appearing until the Vuxten chapters. If you're in a hurry for repeating characters then this story will not be enjoyable to you. The interwoven plot is not based on a single person but the entire war, with its effects upon multiple people.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge for April 2022]

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Never Die Twice

Never Die Twice
by Maxime J. Durand (Void Herald)
506 pages

Now available on Amazon Kindle
Walter Tye is the best friend any adventurer needs. He is the smiling shopkeeper next to your local dungeon, the one who sells you these cheap healing potions. When you need information about a monster, Tye always knows. He wants to help; you can trust him.
He is also the undead necromancer ruling said dungeon, getting paid to solve problems that he caused in the first place. But don't tell anyone that... 
Story sponsored by knightaether.
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Azarinth Healer

Azarinth Healer
by Rhaegar
9.7k pages

Heya. The heavily edited chapters 1-74 are available on Amazon as Book One, on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and as an Audiobook narrated by Andrea Parsneau :).

Next to the published book on Amazon, I only post Azarinth content on Royalroad, Scribblehub, and Patreon.

A new world with nearly unlimited possibilities. A status, classes, magic and monsters. Sounds good? Well, for Ilea it didn't come quite as expected as for some other protagonists, nor was there a king or god to welcome her.

The grand quest? Well, she might figure that out someday but for now, a new world with new food is prize enough. Her fists at the ready, she's prepared to punch and get punched, however long it takes and however many limbs she might have to regrow.

A story I've started writing now quite a while ago. Transported to another world, somewhat standard fantasy setting with my beginner attempts to make it dark but funny. There are Litrpg elements here but I do hope it's not too heavy and annoying. The fights should be interesting and aren't just numbers vs numbers. Contrary to the title the protagonist will be quite an offensive fighter.

Ilea Spears is your average sarcastic kick-boxing fast food worker and soon to be student. She will be transported to another world rather conventionally and will be confronted with survival in the wild.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think. My experience is incredibly lacking. If you find yourself hating it early on, do convey your anger in a detailed comment or review :) I want to get better but without any feedback it's simply quite difficult.

Quick heads up: Around chapter 120 there are a bunch of longer PoV changes that I discontinued again shortly after. The Arc around chapters 150-200 is darker than the rest and the themes shift quite a bit. Just know that it goes back to what you've come to know after that section.

Thank you for reading.

Quick update June 2019: Many complaints regarding the formatting, specifically spacing in conversations and of course the usage of the present tense in the first 36 chapters have been addressed. I'm of course learning by the day but compared to how it was before it should be an improvement at least.

Chapters usually around 3k words

Cover art by Kevin Catalan

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