1. RE: Cover Art

      Thanks, got it to work, was just being a little weird, had to try it a couple more times and voila

    2. Cover Art

      can anyone help me with how to post some cover art? i'm using a 200 x 300 jpg file, but its only giving me the option to select cover art or reset, I've tried pgn but it doesn't seem to want to work

    3. Looking For Some Advice

      Okay, so I've always loved reading, and I've been on RR for a decent amount of time now, and have recently started thinking about writing my own story. I'm not planning on doing anything fancy and the (...)

    4. Looking For A Plant MC

      As the title suggest, im looking for any reincarnation or just natural MC that are plant based, such as  "Watching Grass Grow" and "The Deadliest Blade of Grass" or just where the MC is something (...)

    5. RE: i'm looking for: vampire fictions or light novels

      Black Blood Have I Become a Vampire

    6. RE: A Semi-Official (Hopefully) Group For Dark Fiction.....

      Sound like a good idea, I personally love reading dark fantasy so I hope this works out for you guys, I'm already reading most of the story's posted here  so I'd be happy to give feedback on any of them (...)

    7. Any Recommendations

      I've recently been reading things like "Blut und Eisen: Blood and Iron", and "Youjo Senki", has anyone got any recommendations similar to these, mainly interesting in the setting as apposed to the characters

    8. RE: Need some help remembering this story...

      Thanks, was wandering why I haven't seen it In a while and was sure id followed the thread, makes sense if its been deleted.

    9. Need some help remembering this story...

      Cant remember the MC's name, but I know he's the son of two crimelords who control an organisation called noir, the story's about how he plans to spread noir's business into a virtual reality world. He (...)