A Merchants Tale

A Merchants Tale
30 pages

Legends rise.


Country’s fall.


Empires wage war.


But what supports these great powers, allowing them to function as a single organism.


Is it the common man, Farmers and Millers forming the backbone of the land?


The Soldiers and Guards keeping public order?


The Wives and Widows supporting from the side-lines?


The Nobles from their seats of power?


Or the elusive Sorcerers who wield power untold?


And what maggots crawl in this great creature, all trying to get a piece of its slowly decaying flesh.


The gangs of the Underworld hidden in the shadows?


The Bandits and Deserters hiding at the edges, ready to pounce on any weakness?


Witches and Warlocks working their dark art?


Or other Nations clawing at their neighbour’s, salivating over the riches they stand to gain from another’s demise.


There is one group that belongs to neither group. They thrive on others misfortune and bring with them salvation and destruction in equal measure. They can raise a kingdom up or tear it down screaming and kicking.


These are the merchants, the lifeblood of kingdoms, because what is the one thing above all else men crave.


Is it Love? Power? Destruction?


All these things can be acquired with one simple thing.




Wealth is the true power behind the world. Wealth can buy army’s, strangle kingdoms, and turn even the most devout man from his faith.


Merchants come in many forms, shapes and sized, some gaudy, bleeding the people for all their worth, some tricky, preferring to make contracts and debts to trap men. And some desperate, doing all they can to sell even the most worthless of junk.


This is a story of one merchant who goes against all a merchant stands for. He works not for profit but for some unseen goal, a prophesy aeons old. He comes and goes like a ghost, bringing with him hope and victory. All pray for his arrival to spare them from despair. 


But what about when he doesn’t show? What about the people he doesn’t save?


For this man is no angel, no saint sent to save the masses. His goal was never to deliver hope. It merely isn’t time for their destruction yet.


For nothing is eternal.


And all things must end.


But what comes after?


Quick disclaimer in response to the review I got, this is my first story and somewhat of an experiment for me, hopefully my writing will get better the more I practice. Thanks for any helpful advice :)

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