1. Re: ChatGPT and why you, dear Authors, won't be replaced by it

      I believe there are ways to get it to suggest violent things but it does take some tinkering (Saw people getting around the racism filter etc). What I like it for right now is editing. It makes editing (...)

    2. Re: The Unpopular Views

      LitRPG books should not have romance, they are for adventure. They just need romance stats. Fighting has now been replaced by seducing. The mc must romance their way to victory. Low kissing stats can (...)

    3. Re: The Unpopular Views

      Men use Logic and Women use Emotion to argue. And what is Emotion if not Instinct. some kind of vague unexplainable sense that you just have as a species to Survive in the Wild? Animals use Instinct to (...)

    4. Re: So... You've learned to teleport...

      I just know I'd get curious like an idiot, teleport to the bottom of the mariana trench, and die. I am not meant for superpowers lol.

    5. Re: You have one wish

      A button that when pushed makes a random person around the world anxious and informs that person that the button exists without telling them what it does or where it is. The cult of the button shall rise! (...)

    6. Re: Favourite novels?

      Stephen King's The Stand. I've read a whole bunch of his works and this always stood out as the best to me. Second best would be somewhere between Salem's Lot and Desperation.

    7. Re: Is Royal Road dying? Will it transmigrate? Lol

      An MMO I play has been *dying* according to other players for the last decade lol. I remember it being one of the first posts I saw on their forums back in 2010

    8. Re: The Unpopular Views

      Live action is better then anime because the mouths move when they talk. People who don't like "dubbed" things are mean to blind people.(that includes anyone with tired eyes) Free school shouldn't only (...)

    9. Re: How Mean Are Best Friends?

      Depends on the friend group. If you're actually friends through its usually just playful meanness if you catch my drift.

    10. Re: Health

      Woke up with a sore throat but still trucking  :peoapproval:

    11. Re: Idealology and reading content.

      To the original question, yes I do and I know it's a bad habit so I try not to. For instance, the people who go see movies like fifty shades of grey. My first instinct is always some shade (heh) of (...)

    12. Re: I'm bored and willing to do some review swaps

      Bump, I'm still doing swaps and I'm clear so don't be shy let me see what you got.  I'm game! How about the second one in my sig? I'll definitely get to yours by the end of the weekend! (Probably sooner) (...)

    13. Re: Honey Badgers Ascension in need of Reviews!!!

      Hiya, your story looks interesting. How about a first arc review? You could do either of mine that looks interesting to you. Damn you, friend, you have me by my meta......  Can't seem to decide which (...)

    14. Re: Honey Badgers Ascension in need of Reviews!!!

      Hiya, your story looks interesting. How about a first arc review? You could do either of mine that looks interesting to you.

    15. Re: How do you motivate yourself to write?

      I think it's the old adage about motivation vs discipline. If you rely on motivation your motivation might eventually run out because it's not a limitless well. It's better to make writing a habit even (...)

    16. Re: Why LitRPG?

      A lot of LitRPGs are self-insert fantasies (not all) perhaps it helps the reader engage on that self-insert basis?

    17. Re: I think the second person POV is vastly underrated and underused

      I only like it in videogames otherwise I can't stand it. Immediately takes me out of the story

    18. Re: Review Swap pretty please

      Serpents and shadows please, since mine's quite a bit longer, up to chapter five is fine.