Tower of Cards 1: Spell Thief [A Progression Fantasy]

Tower of Cards 1: Spell (...)
by J Pal
287 pages

No one knows why Gaia's Ark came to Earth, but with it came the secrets of her runic cards.

Almost half a century has passed since prison ships enroute to Australia discovered the mysterious tower. Monarchies, republics, and trading giants came together to build a city around it, and contain the monsters spilling out of the rune-covered structure. The few that dared enter and climb it, learned the magic of Gaia's runic cards. Now, people delve into the tower's depths for fame and fortune or in search of power.

Diya Sen climbs the tower hoping to find clues regarding his missing brother and solve Gaia's mysteries. However, the warring noble houses stand in his way. Only allies and powerful cards will help him overcome obstacles and function outside the nobility's control. His mission won't be easy. Not all cards are made equal and sources of power are outside his—an ordinary man's—reach. If the direct approach won't help Diya achieve his goals perhaps the talents of a Spell Thief will.

This is a rewrite of The Pen Is Mightier. The magic system has been completely changed and the protagonist's fighting style/crafting and everything else is different as a result. There have also been major story point changes. The characters and settings are still mostly the same.


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[Maid] to Kill

[Maid] to Kill
by zechamp
285 pages

A humble [Maid] in a backwater household, Fayette was resigned to living the dull life of a proper domestic servant, slowly leveling as she cleaned the estate. However, everything changes after she discovers another path in a sudden monster attack.

What if she were to take a more... direct approach to cleaning the filth plaguing this world?

What to expect from this novel:

-Household skills put to gruesome use in combat.

-A bit of romance. Eventually.

-Guillotines. Eventually.

Cover by @Risukasa_nen

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Lonesome Hill (One of my feature film scripts) Rated R -- Western

Lonesome Hill (One of (...)
120 pages

A man heads out west trying to escape the demons that plague him but no matter how far he runs he can not hide from the beasts within....

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Legend of the Arch Magus

Legend of the Arch Magus (...)
by MSisa-Crazyblackchili
308 pages

An Arch Magus dies, only to find himself in the body of a young man in a medieval Kingdom. He finds out that he is the second son of a Duke, exiled to a desolated town by his own family. Shackled by the notorious reputation of his new shell, he tries his best to develop his domain, implementing new policies and innovations, leading his subjects to prosperity. In this world where magic is undeveloped, he shall once again pave a new path.


Started posting here since the book is ending and it'll be better if more people read it -- started regretting posting things for free tho. People are less forgiving and more critical to published writers, it seems. 

I'll post whenever my mental health allows. Hope everyone understands. 

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by Quill
514 pages

Sing the story, bard, of the Firebrand. He, the youth who saved Morcaster from ruin. He, the warrior who defeated an empire. He, the archmage who crossed the Netherworld...

The tale of Martel the mage, from his humble beginnings as a hapless novice at a magic school. Slow, character-focused and light-hearted progression fantasy. Updates Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Join the Lyceum on discord.

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Ghost of the Truthseeker (A Cultivation LitRPG)

Ghost of the Truthseeker (...)
by Strungbound
461 pages

A multiverse spanning cultivation story with LitRPG elements

They thought it was bad when an alien being descended upon Earth, killing billions of people. That was until the world was initiated into part of a universe-spanning Empire of cut-throat cultivators, beasts, and entities of ungodly power. Not to mention being forced to navigate a complex system of progression aided by a mysterious AI.

Alistair was just an ordinary college student, but he is now forced to find his way through an increasingly complicated world where power is obtained through conflict and death, where cultivation is key and the Peak is insurmountable. Alistair faces deadly encounters behind every corner on his path to survive and protect his loved ones, as he forges his own path to eternity.

Current Schedule: Monday through Friday

(Cover art by StrongHorse)

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Sovereign Cipher: Overpowered Evolution (LitRPG)

Sovereign Cipher: Overpowered (...)
by MavTech
429 pages

“In some way unknowable but instinctively felt, Pneuma was both royalty and a monster. To be respected and feared. Trint was in awe. He wasn’t even sure what Pneuma looked like… but his fear was justified.“

Trint, an average, middle-aged nobody who suffered a terrible encounter, finds himself thrown for a loop when Earth is integrated into the Iterations. He must ascend through level-gated realms till he either hits the top or dies.

Adopted by a mysterious family Dynasty, Trint receives an equally-mysterious companion and faces his greatest challenge yet: he must now succeed at becoming a monster-wrecking machine or he will never recover what he lost.


Release Schedule: 

Bonus chapters when I feel like it.

Author Background

This is my very first time writing a story.  The first time I've shared it with more than one person.  I know it's not perfect, but I'd appreciate any comments you wish to share.  Be honest but respectful, and I know I can get better.  

I hope someone enjoys this story as much as I did writing it.

Story Elements:

The story included LitRPG elements that help build the world but will not have constant readouts of stat sheets.

There will be nothing rated beyond PG-13 romantically/sexually.  

Violence is the main contributor to reader discretion.  This will be a story involving violent battles and detailed death.



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Wayfarer's Guild (A LitRPG Story)

Wayfarer's Guild (A LitRPG (...)
by VyStarlit
513 pages

No good deed goes unpunished. Nova Davis learns this first hand when helping a crying girl leads to being transported to another world. Attacked by monsters, hunted by gods, and dealing with a secretive Summoner who is insistent she help him build a guild, Nova can't catch a break. And this is only the beginning of her issues. At least she has a cool System that gives her skills, right? Too bad its malfunctioning. 

While Nova struggles with a glitchy system and a class she's not sure how to use, she'll explore the wonders and magic of a fantasy world and the creatures within it. Come and follow Nova in Wayfarer's Guild, a LitRPG story that combines adventure and slice-of-life.

Updates Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday around 11am EST.

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The Type Specialist

The Type Specialist
by Incarnated Whisp
1.4k pages

Alex wakes up in the world of Pokémon. Obviously, the next step is to become a Pokémon Trainer, but not just any Pokémon Trainer.

Why should I be mediocre with every type when I can be an expert in one?

The Type Specialist is my first attempt to write a fiction. It is about traveling the world and building a strong team. The focus is on Alex taking on the Gym Challenge and dealing with problems that pop up here and there. Since this is my first fiction, the protagonist is a little rough at the start but improves as the fiction develops.

Updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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Essence Eater (A Super Progression Fantasy)

Essence Eater (A Super (...)
by J Pal
324 pages

Gods. Demons. Aliens. Superheroes. Supervillains.
Consume them all for power.

Eighty years have passed since WW2, when Prime took to the skies and ended the war. No one knows what gave him his power, or what birthed the wave of supers that came after. Some claimed the nuclear bombs dropped in Japan cracked the barrier between Universes, allowing alien energies to enter the dimension. Others believed the wars finally triggered what humanity needed to reach a new stage of evolution.

Daniel Das lives with his uncle in post-super London, the League of Hero's primary hub. He's spent all of his twenty-one years pushing himself, training in martial arts and studying supers, hoping he'll awaken his metagene and gain super powers. The cut-off age is close, but he hasn't yet awakened superpowers.

Meanwhile, the League is steadily losing parts of the city to the growing villain factions. Daniel's uncle wishes to keep him away from the world of supers, but with the hot zones closing in, that's easier said than done. There are villains selling unregulated superpowers to gangs and dark days are on the horizon.

Despite his limitations, there is no stopping Daniel. He is ravenous for power. If needed, he will ally with demons if they give him the power to protect his family and home.


This world building is heavily inspired by Worm and The Boys. It features dark, realistic storylines, corporation-funded heroes, and villains who aren't necessarily bad guys. The protagonist's powerset involves the crowd-favourite consuming enemies for power trope, too.

The GameLit/LitRPG elements are super light and takes a while to kick in. The powercreep is slow as well since I don't enjoy overpowered protagonists. 

Chapters everyday until book 1 is complete. The schedule will change once I reach that point.

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The Mook Maker

The Mook Maker
by beast_regards
193 pages

There are many possible fates that can await those whisked away from our world to another.

Some became heroes or villains, given the right power to forge their own destinies as they wished.

Others, the powerless, became victims, doomed to perish, at the mercy of the cruel world filled with mystical powers they are unprepared for.

A lone man that woke up alone under the alien sky was neither of those.

He didn't get to choose what he was going to become - a disaster, an unwilling source of intelligent, yet violent monsters, slowly but steadily rising in numbers. Stranded in a foreign land, without even knowing the language, his creations may be the only company he would ever find. 

He wasn’t powerless. But was he really that much better off? 

It just took one wrong power.

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Character Creation: Mystic Seasons Upload Book 1

Character Creation: Mystic (...)
by Shadow Alley Press
360 pages

Hollen doesn’t want to die, and that’s weird. 

As an Artificial Intelligence operating as the help function for Mystic Seasons: Mythopoeia, the world’s premier Full Immersion RPG, Hollen shouldn’t care that his server is being downsized, but he does. He issues a Quest to a new player to find a way to keep him alive, and together they discover hidden aspects of the game. But Hollen isn’t the only AI trying to escape.

 Acarus, an in-game god, has developed a virus to infect players and propagate into the real world. Can Hollen find a new host before the server crashes or the moderators delete them all?

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