Broken Sky and Shattered Earth: Apocalypse Convergence

Good story, lots of bad sh*t hitting the fan for everybody

Definitely not shying away from introducing characters, letting you get to know them, only for the sh*t hitting the fan to not miraculously avoid them.

It has me almost expecting the MC to get his at any moment in any chapter.  Hope it keeps going.

The Wolf of The North

Been quite a while since I've read the actual books, so maybe i'm just forgetting the mention of a twin in the Stark family.

That said, I'm enjoying the story...hoping the most recent post is an indication of the writing and posting picking back up

Bow of the North

I typically prefer longer chapters, but the story is flowing well and the plot is progressing even with the smaller chapters.  Good GoT fan fic so far.  I do eagerly anticipate interaction with the Starks or other main GoT characters, but i'm hoping the anticipation adds to that eventual enjoyment.

My biggest complaint is probably that I didn't come to this story later when there is a lot more material; the smaller chapters, while good, don't really sate me.

Empathic capacity of a teaspoon

Best potterverse fan fic i've read.  TYVM sir

Out of the Blue

From the looks of things, we are going to be immersed in the changing of the world for quite a while.  But that should slow down the OPness of the mc a good while.  

Decently quick release schedule.  Some pretty decent 3d side characters do eventually join the story.  Should be a lengthy meaty story when it's all said and done.

Demon of the Darkest Night

I like the MC and the world so far

Enjoying it so far.  Enjoying all the parts with the MC, though I find his 'friend' pretty annoying almost all of the time. 

I'd say the weakest part are the little side conversations by the 'Gods'? 'System admin'? ('internet trolls'? :) )  I don't know if less of that is the answer or if you just need to condense into larger exposition points that occur more infrequently.

I do wonder how long it will take for the humans to actually evolve or strengthen enough to rise to another level/plane; It has been discussed a decent amount, but are they actually going to leave the current level at any point before let's say book 10?



Very early, but good so far

Feeling moderately optimistic so far.  Some minor grammar issues, but nothing detracting from the story.  

Apocalypse 2020: Look to the Skies

Enjoying it quite a bit so far.  The immersion of the game scenes is to the point where I feel like he has a full or deep immersion VR setup.  But every time it gets mentioned him loading up the game, putting on headphones, images/game on the monitor, etc, this gets shown not to be the case.  

I find myself wishing this was more of a VR immersion game rather than the computer game with insane graphics.  

Not sure what kind of a complaint it is though for the the game scenes to be too realistic or too good for a desktop game :)

Viridian Gate Online: Doom Forge (Book 6)

Glad you're dipping your toes into this genre.

Enjoyed your published books.

Hadnt connected the dots on that until i read it in a random post after one of the chapters.  

Hope this genre really connects for you and you stick with it.  

Enjoying the story a great deal so far.

Digital Haven

Only negative so far is the release frequency.  Please ramp that up to an every other minute schedule and that should about appease my impatience.