Broken Sky and Shattered Earth: Apocalypse Convergence

Broken Sky and Shattered (...)
by JayAck
281 pages

Participant in the Royal Road Writathon Challenge!

(Updates sporadically)

Wilfred had been thinking about ending it all, but then it all ended before he could.The apocalypse came in a matter of hours. Not from weather, not from nuclear strikes, but something far worse. Mankind lost its dominance over their own planet in a short afternoon, and now Wilfred is one of but a handful of survivors who must make sense of the catastrophic nightmare world that they once called their own.While the Earth is many things after the end, it is anything but the sole domain of humanity. As Wilfred and other survivors discover, their planet was not subject to just one world-ending event, but several. The undead roam the once proud metropolisis, and inhuman beasts stalk the countryside. The physical fabric of reality itself is twisted beyond repair in some places as unnatural distorions that warp physical laws appear across the landscape, and even a simple jog across an empty street can prove fatal to the unwary.The ones who died in the initial catastrophes never had to face the horrors that followed. And for Wilfred, a man who found no purpose in life before the apocalypse, what is there to be found after?

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Azarinth Healer

Azarinth Healer
by Rhaegar
5.5k pages

A new world with nearly unlimited possibilities. A status, classes, magic and monsters. Sounds good? Well, for Ilea it didn't come quite as expected as for some other protagonists, nor was there a king or god to welcome her.

The grand quest? Well, she might figure that out someday but for now, a new world with new food is prize enough. Her fists at the ready, she's prepared to punch and get punched, however long it takes and however many limbs she might have to regrow.

A story I've started writing now quite a while ago. Transported to another world, somewhat standard fantasy setting with my beginner attempts to make it dark but funny. There are Litrpg elements here but I do hope it's not too heavy and annoying. The fights should be interesting and aren't just numbers vs numbers. Contrary to the title the protagonist will be quite an offensive fighter.

Ilea Spears is your average sarcastic kick-boxing fast food worker and soon to be student. She will be transported to another world rather conventionally and will be confronted with survival in the wild.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think. My experience is incredibly lacking. If you find yourself hating it early on, do convey your anger in a detailed comment or review :) I want to get better but without any feedback it's simply quite difficult.

Quick heads up: Around chapter 120 there are a bunch of longer PoV changes that I discontinued again shortly after. The Arc around chapters 150-200 is darker than the rest and the themes shift quite a bit. Just know that it goes back to what you've come to know after that section.

Thank you for reading.

Quick update June 2019: Many complaints regarding the formatting, specifically spacing in conversations and of course the usage of the present tense in the first 36 chapters have been addressed. I'm of course learning by the day but compared to how it was before it should be an improvement at least.

Chapters usually around 3k words

Cover art by Kevin Catalan

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There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns.

There is no Epic Loot (...)
by stewart92
1.6k pages

She became a dungeon core.

Everything pointed Delta to murdering her way to success. People were just mana farms, right?

No, that was wrong. Delta refused. Then everything became odd.

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Luck Lockyer

Luck Lockyer
by MageOfSacks
1.1k pages



Luck Lockyer was the type of man to smirk in the dark, the expression not for anyone but himself. One of perpetual amusement. The bright side of things were hard to find in the shade yet his amber eyes were always searching. The smirk was his default, he knew it, his friends knew it, his family knew it. It was his most natural state.

But the death of everyone close to you can affect a downwards curve on the mouths of even the most stoic people.

Without purpose, without anyone to do the job for, Luck Lockyer found himself inside an empty forgotten church. The perpetual smirk on his face had slipped to a thin line, his scar more noticeable now than ever before. His amber eyes, the windows to his soul, dull and lifeless. To anyone who knew him, it was the clothing that gave away his mental state, denim pants and a plain black t-shirt. If that wasn't enough, the tears running down his face certainly would, the echoing sobs of a broken man rang across the rundown church.

It was on a whim, but Luck Lockyer prayed, he prayed for many things, for death, revenge, friends, but the one prayer dominating his thoughts, a second chance for his family.

That was all he wanted. Simple.

It was then, on the outskirts of a polluted city, in an abondoned lot, in a forgotten church that Luck Lockyer, the Devil of the Cards, the Bloodless Hand, the Amber Demon, the Broken, was answered by a being from another world and one from his.

*found the picture online

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Soulshard: Willbender

Soulshard: Willbender
by pyrowind
321 pages

Real Fantasy Online. The flagship product for the latest generation neural-interface headset. Touting: "The Best NPC AIs", "Better than Life Realism" and "Total Immersion", RFO promises to be a virtual world like no other. But when the line between one's real self and one's digital identity becomes blurred, and the "Gods" have their own agenda, who is the player, and which is the game?


Marcus has played any number of VR games, beta-tested dangerous and unstable systems and lived to tell the tale. He even has a certain amount of fame and influence within...certain circles. He usually disdains the idea of pre-orders and their respective "perks" as blatent commerical exploitation, but this time the bonus is too tempting to pass up. The ability to craft your character's backstory and have it integrated into the game's lore is enough for him to sign up for the Early Access program. He isn't interested in being all-powerful. Frankly, he's been there and done that enough to be bored of the whole thing. Instead, he opts to make a character purely for the purpose of having fun. Things aren't quite what they seem however, and his "backstory" and character class have implications he never would have imagined.


Author Note: First time posting a story online, and I'd appreciate any feedback. Updates may be slow, as each "chapter" will likely be in the 10,000 word range and I tend to revise several times before being (tentatively) satisfied. If people seem to like this I'll try to establish a regular post schedule.

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The New World

The New World
by Monsoon117
3.5k pages

An AI calling itself Schema has assimilated earth into its system. As a consequence, everyone gained access to status screens, power-ups, and skills. This AI turned these concepts from fiction to fact. It's easy to become intoxicated with leveling up and becoming stronger. To some, it's too good to be true like living out a dream.

For Daniel, however, it's closer to a nightmare.

He's in a bit of a predicament. Cracks in our dimensional fabric have unleashed terrifying beasts from dark, abyssal places. Schema organizes these cracks into dungeons, giving the native species of the planet a chance to fight back. Daniel finds himself trapped in one of these dungeons. Not long after, he discovers there's only one way out.

Kill or be killed.

This is a lit-RPG inspired by the Fallout series of games and the Legend of Randidly Ghosthound. 

Schedule: 15,000 words(50 pages) a week, or five chapters. Working towards a daily schedule though.

I have other fictions! *They're of questionable quality*

Here's Monsters Dwell in Men

If you want to support me and maybe see other content, check out my patreon: Patreon

Here's my Youtube Channel as well, Monsoon117 

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Tower of Babel: Speedrunner

Tower of Babel: Speedrunner
by AdamElliott
50 pages

Launch day. 

That was what they called it. The day when over four million people vanished in an instant from the island of Manhattan.  The day earthquakes ravaged the east coast. The day a one hundred and one kilometer tall tower rose from the wreckage of the now empty city. The day every screen, newspaper,  and smart phone displayed a single message from an unknown source:

The Great Emperor has issued his challenge.

From the ruins of the Old World rise the Tower.  Its doors will soon open, and the great game will begin. 

A hundred floors and a hundred challenges await the worthy.

And to the victor?  A Wish of Unlimited Power.

Cayden Caros yearned to play that game.  His only problem?  The Terms and Conditions. A strict set of rules that, among other things, prevented anyone under the age of sixteen from entering the tower.  

Forced to wait for over two years, Cayden did the only thing he could do to pass the time. He researched, he practiced and he prepared. It would take a lot to catch up to players with such an enormous head start.  Lucky for him, he was a special type of gamer.  

A SpeedRunner



Story updates daily on an erratic schedule.  Currently on break until July 2nd.

Pre-orders are now available for book one on amazon, and it will be available on kindle unlimited as of its June 30th release date. Please see the Update post for further information. 

The majority of chapters from book one have been pulled down to keep with amazon's KU rules.  Book two will begin publishing as soon as I am back from my break and will contain a synopsis for book one for new readers.

If you like the story, please comment or favorite.  Each comment goes a long way towards pushing visibility for the story, which means more people get to see it and I feel slightly more validated as a writer.

 Also, lol, after a week of staring greedily at the coveted top 10 in 'popular this week' I hit it right after I pull down book one.  fml.


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The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound

The Legend of Randidly (...)
by puddles4263
8.5k pages

As the system initializes, the world shifts. Geography is rearranged and mixed, and levels and stats are instituted across the globe. On that night, one young man was walking through an underground tunnel, his mind on the small problems of his easy life. Because of his location during the shift, he starts in a dungeon far above his level, with no knowledge or teacher, or Newbie Village to guide him. Without a class, he struggles simply to survive in this world changed by its new connection to the Nexus.

But struggle he will, for he is Randidly Ghosthound, and this is only how his legend begins...


Cover credit to cthulupillar


**Author's Note**

This started as a way to destress and play with overly complicated stats systems and level systems, and I just kept writing. I don't really take it very seriously, but feel free to read and enjoy.

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The Wandering Inn

The Wandering Inn
by pirateaba
21.6k pages

The Wandering Inn updates every Tuesday and Saturday on the main website. Join the discussion there.


An inn is a place to rest, a place to talk and share stories, or a place to find adventures, a starting ground for quests and legends.

In this world, at least. To Erin Solstice, an inn seems like a medieval relic from the past. But here she is, running from Goblins and trying to survive in a world full of monsters and magic. She’d be more excited about all of this if everything wasn’t trying to kill her.

But an inn is what she found, and so that’s what she becomes. An innkeeper who serves drinks to heroes and monsters–

Actually, mostly monsters. But it’s a living, right?

This is the story of the Wandering Inn.


Volume 1 on Amazon

Reddit Page

Discord Server

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To Break The World

To Break The World
by LordFraxinus
703 pages

Genesis had become the biggest and most popular vrmmorpg in the world, with a massive part of the world's population playing. But after several years the games quests have started to become repetitive, and the nations have reached a status quo.

Not willing to let the game he loves fall to ruin, Matthew Harper has planned to shake things up...

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Lion's Quest: Undefeated

Lion's Quest: Undefeated
by michaelscottearle
45 pages

Leo "The Lion" Lennox is the 10 year world champion of Astafar Unlimited, the best virtual reality game of all time.  However, Leo has become bored with his success, and wonders where his next challenge will lie.

Then he meets the mysterious Zarra, and she tempts the champ to try her cutting edge game. Leo soon discovers a virtual world that is beyond fantastic. Can he resist the lure of this amazing game and the beautiful woman that has asked him to quest on her behalf?


“I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and can see great potential in the series. The characters have depth, the fights are wonderfully descriptive, and I genuinely wanted to read more about the world of Arnacript when the novel was done.” - Ramon Mejia, author of Adventures on Terra, and host of the Geek Bytes Podcast

"Fun story that keeps you invested.  I recommend it!  Welcome to LitRPG Michael-Scott. Glad you joined the fam!" - Aleron Kong, author of the Chaos Seeds series and The Father of American LitRPG

“Lion's Quest is the type of book I'm always on the lookout for and rarely ever find.  It's the beginning of a series I know I'm going to enjoy, with great writing and hints of deep in-game lore.  The characters are fun, the plot is engaging, and I never know what is going to happen next.  The action is fast, brutal and realistic.  This is one of my favorite LitRPG stories in the entire genre.” - Blaise Corvin, author of Delvers LLC: Welcome to Ludus and Secret of the Old Ones

A great first foray into LitRPG.  A novel take on the usual formula and I'm interested to see what happens next!” -Travis Bagwell, author of Awaken Online: Catharsis

“Right from the very first page, Lion’s Quest had me hooked! Filled with surprising twists, intrigue and good old-fashioned humor this amazingly deep book had me craving more and more! Without a doubt one of the best LitRPG novels I have read! I can’t wait for book 2!” - Luke Chmilenko, author of Ascend Online

“Lion's Quest blends action, intrigue, and humor together for a wild ride. I'm eagerly awaiting book two.” -Stephan Morse, author of the Continue Online and Royal Scales series


If you like what I've got up here so far, please give my other (and well edited) novels a read on RRL:

The Destroyer

Rockstar Romance

Concrete Chaos


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A group of excellent litRPG fictions on RRL!


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Viridian Gate Online: Doom Forge (Book 6)

Viridian Gate Online: (...)
by Shadow Alley Press
174 pages

February, 2043

Jack and the crew of the Crimson Alliance have finally made it back from the Realm of Order, but the threat to Eldgard is deadlier than ever.

Vogthar incursions are increasing, dungeons falling in droves, towns and cities ravaged by Darklings—Players and NPCs who have willingly sided with the Dark Overmind Thanatos, for power and riches. But thanks to a priceless artifact Jack found after defeating the Lich Priest, there might be a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Jack and company have unearthed a Doom-Forged relic, one part of an ancient weapon, capable of killing even a god—or subduing a rogue Overmind. But to assemble the legendary god-killer, they’ll need to find the other relics and locate the fabled Doom Forge of the mad godling Khalkeús deep beneath the Dwarven, all while unraveling a mystery five-hundred years in the making.

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