The Captain of Hellsing

The Captain of Hellsing

Eyeball - Titanslayer

This story is decent it's not great and it's not terrible it's just basic Eyeball is the type of stroy where you can just turn of your brain and enjoy the explosions where the mc is a complete 2 dimensional sociopath everyone else is a just a cardboard cutout of a character that has only 2 brain cells and the world the mc lives is never expanded on nor is it ever properly explained but it's got cool action so who cares so if you just want something to waste your time with and not use an iota of brain power reading this is the fiction for you

The Great Defender (A Superman [Smallville TV show] x RWBY Crossover)

So this fanfic was pretty good at the start but has drooped in quality dramaticly the main problem is that every single person that stands against the bad guys(Cinder) are idiots that can't plan, like The Phantom attacks secure locations yet these people never try to keep Clark around to guard them, for shit and that the bad guys keep getting away and never lose.

Overall this fanfic had its moments but now its just bad

The Tears of Kas̆dael

Truth be told I used to like this story it was new and had an interesting lore and world building but now it's just boring and feels to slow paced not to mention the main character having almost no drive with no clear goal in and worse yet just lets himself get used by almost everyone he met and overall just seems way to dumb and naive.



Was fun while it lasted

Alright so I gotta say this story was a straight banger until chapter 27 from the worldbuilding to the characters everything was just amazing but after that point things just got straight down hill now its more akin to a dumpster fire then a novel and that just makes me so sad and angry

So try it if ya want but I wouldn't suggest it 

Path of the Berserker (A Daopocalypse Progression Fantasy)

Okey let me just be frank and say this is quite possible 1 of the best new novel on Royal Road and why I say this is just plain simple its unique and fun

With a cool twist on the average xanxia plot this story is shaping up to be quite the gem or should I say an ember that has balzed into an inferno

Mark of the Fool

What can I say this story is just that good and is far better then most of the stories on the site and I feel like the reason for this is that it just has this unique spin on the hero chosen by the divine trope 

Look just read this story and have fun

Tales of the Implock - A LitRPG Monster Evolution Story

Truth be told this is by far the best story that has a demon for a protaganist I have seen on RR 

Implock is one of the best stories I have the pleasure of reading recently, a large part of that comes from the reealistic charachters and excellent worldbulding witha good serving of comedy that just ties everything into a wonderful novel.


A New Kind of Freak (A dragon evolution story)

Not much to say about my opinon on this book other then thats it instresting and pretty fun to read while their may not be to many characters yet I feel like this story has some serious potential and could be a pretty great book 

It's certainly better than some of the other stories on this site so all I can say is why not give it a try

A Dearth of Choice (Dungeon Core)

This story honestly feels like a breath of fresh air since it is about a dungeon that doesn't immediatly choice violence every chance it gets the characters feel real and I can really just understand the M.C. and his reasoning and so far the story is riveting and fun I cannot wait to see how it progress