1. Re: 2,000 views in first 20 days

      Hey congrats! Your story is getting impressive engagement. Honestly, your views to follower conversion is really impressive. It helps to have a good story :)

    2. Re: 100k words and 1600 views

      That is a lot of word. Good work. I am not even half way there yet!

    3. Re: It's my birthday today!

      Happy birthday!

    4. Re: Posted my first chapter on royal road!

      Welcome! P.S you should look into putting your book in your signature 

    5. Re: Top 5000 woohoo!

      Thanks everyone!

    6. Re: First RR project complete! :D

      Looking forward to your next

    7. Re: Submitted my 20th chapter today!

      Awesome, keep that ball rolling

    8. Re: 42 Followers

      Why I also have 42. It's the first major milestone Also what is 6 times 7?

    9. Re: I have evolved. (Part 2)

      How about The Points Sage?

    10. Top 5000 woohoo!

      Finally made it. I stalled out a couple hundred away for a few weeks but finally it top 5000!

    11. Re: Just got my highest rating below 10,000!!

      Congrats! 10,000 is just the beginning

    12. Re: 20K!!!

      Congrats on 20k

    13. Re: I wrote 21k words since Thursday night

      I don't know how you do that, 21k is a lot. I don't even get half that in a week

    14. Re: Just Hit 25K Views!

      That is a lot of views. Congrats!

    15. Re: 30k words!

      Congrats on all the words!