1. Re: 100k total views, 777 followers

      100k nice, on your way to 1M

    2. I finished the writathon!

      I wasn't sure I was going to finish at all, let alone this early :)

    3. Re: I made the main page!

      Thanks for the support!

    4. I made the main page!

      Currently sitting at number 5 for RS, it's been a crazy couple of days...

    5. I've gained in power

      I now wield the mighty power of TWO reputation points! Respond to be blesses with the power of TWO points.

    6. Re: 1k Reads?!!!

      1k first huge view count milestones. Congrats that's more than most works will ever get!

    7. Re: Wrote 20 chapters!

      It's only the 14th too! Good job

    8. Re: Combo: 100K+ words, 100+ Favorites, 54.5% done for Writathon

      I've seen you on the RS! :) Good job. It's really cool to see the writathon stories doing so well!

    9. Re: 500 followers, 50k views.

      Impressive numbers!

    10. Re: 50 by just 4

      50 is a good milestone. Keep going!

    11. I come with many things to share

      Been a while since my last celebration posts so I got somethings the share.   Already was going to tell you thag Ascension got over 100 followers! But the over night my other story more than doubled (...)

    12. Re: Review Swaps with lots of caveats.

      I'm hoping for review swaps on 'The achievement '/My writeathon attempt - updated in post. Thanks for the swap I had a lot of fun reading your story and your review!

    13. Re: Review Swaps with lots of caveats.

      Did you have a preferred story? Whichever you find more interesting. I would rather have you read something you might enjoy. 

    14. Re: Review Swaps with lots of caveats.

      I might have missed something but which of the books in your signature did you want a review on? I also have 2 so if you want to do a double swap we can :) P.s. many of my favorite books have (...)

    15. Re: 100k words now uploaded

      That is a lot of words. Good job!

    16. Writathon project made rising stars!

      All the Dust that falls, made the Satire Rising stars! Its near the bottom but it only too 10 days to make it. Thank you all for reading!