The Magidex Academy: Nova Era

The Magidex Academy: (...)
by AlixRoche
113 pages

Weapons made out of pure magic, superhero outfits and summoning monsters out of crystals to fight by your side - the Magidex Academy is the perfect place for all of that.

Three years ago, Simon Grim's father disappeared while searching for the Sceptre of Onyx—an ancient and powerful Guardian artifact.

When mysterious men in black latex bodysuits break into his dorm and attempt to steal his father's belongings, Simon discovers that he is a Guardian, one of the chosen few who protect the world from the untamed Ispoleens, monsters that slip through cracks between Earth and the Ispoleen realm.

With help from his best friend, Mariana, he escapes the Syndicate agents and takes with him the two most important things his father left behind—his research journal and an Ispoleen crystal.

He and Mariana immediately enroll at the Magidex Academy for further Guardian training. There they dive headfirst into their studies, learning to harness their magical powers and searching for the truth about the Sceptre of Onyx and its connection to the Syndicate.

Being a Guardian isn't easy, but Simon won't stop until he uncovers the reasons behind his father's disappearance and why those men needed the Scepter so badly.

What to expect:
- Weak to strong progression
- The Magical University Experiece, complete with classes, parties, projects (but no homework!)
- Monster hunting missions
- Magical technology and protective gear (think superhero suits, but actually practical)

Upload Schedule: 2 chapters a week Thu/Sun

Word count per chapter: 4.5k - 6k

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Curselock [LitRPG Curse Magic Adventure]

Curselock [LitRPG Curse (...)
by leftright
240 pages

After a childhood of watching his parents grow famous through their use of magic, Leland wanted nothing more than to follow along in their shadows. But an opportunity for something far beyond simple renown was dangled before his very eyes.

The only issue was that the opportunity had dark connotations.

Follow Leland and his two best friends as they adventure through back-wood villages and towns, helping those in need all the while growing their names and abilities. Along the way they will make friends and enemies alike, along with a few crazy stalkers or manipulative nobles. 

Curselock is a LitRPG focused around a curse magic user and his two friends, a berserker and rogue. The story starts with the trio first unlocking their new found livelihoods and their adventures that inevitably follow. Monsters, dungeons, cults, nothing will stand in their path to achieving their lifelong goals. 

After the initial chapter dump, releases will be daily M-F at 20:00 CST

Chapter length ~1600 words

Be careful of spoilers in the reviews! You have been warned!

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Darling of Fate - LitRPG Tower Climber

Darling of Fate - LitRPG (...)
by DyingDream
418 pages

An all-powerful Deity on my ass, an idiot animal companion by my side, and a Tower to Climb.

You'd think a deal with Fate herself would unlock Easy Mode...think again.

Inspired by the characters/mechanics of Dungeon Crawler Carl and the Perfect Run, with the Progression of Defiance of the Fall.

What to expect:

* Tower Apocalypse with 7 Floors

* LitRPG and Progression (Xianxia/Cultivation and heavy Skill level ups)

* Flawed but overpowered MC

* A freakin' goose

* Time Loop with limitations

Chapters average out to ~3k words

Schedule: MWF


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All the Dust that Falls: A Roomba Isekai Adventure

All the Dust that Falls: (...)
by zaifyr
743 pages

Some seek power. Some seek justice. Others seek to root out the filth lurking in the darkest of corners.

Spot was summoned from his comfortable charging pad and familiar floors to a world of magic and intrigue. After the flight of his new patrons, he is left to care for a filthy castle. During his quest to keep this new home clean, he will face demons, foreign armies, and the dreaded stairs.

All those who stand before him will be swept away. Those who follow his spotless trail will find enlightenment, purity, and a world on its knees.

Follow this wholesome vacuum on his quest to power.

Posts Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge] 

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The Autumn of Yggdrasil [Dungeon Apocalypse]

The Autumn of Yggdrasil (...)
by Thorgal
402 pages

The sky sundered and the earth cried. Humanity could only look up while the heavens were changing.

Alduin, 19 years old, is suddenly thrust into an ever-intensifying battle of survival when the world gets overrun by monsters. The day humanity reached a crescendo now lay behind him as he tries to protect his loved ones from a world where even goblins are stronger than the average person.

Follow Alduin as he fights monsters with strategy, conquers dungeons, and challenges his fate in a world descending into chaos. 

What you can expect: (Progression Fantasy)

1. Dungeon apocalypse [Yggdrasil]
2. Cultivating in a magic system based on [Norse mythology]
3. Gradual introduction to magic and dungeons (Ch.19)
4. Potentially great foreshadowing for the attentive readers

The start might be a bit slow but it picks up rather quickly, this is a character driven epic/progression fantasy.

Book 1: The Realm of Midgard

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A New Eden [Sci-fi, AI, Aliens, Space, Mystery, Thriller, Adventure]

A New Eden [Sci-fi, AI, (...)
by Menilik
271 pages

A sci-fi thriller space adventure involving AI, aliens, mysteries, mega-projects, and explorers terraforming planets - join me as I release chapters every Saturday. 

Synopsis: Trillion wasn’t expecting to have her mind uploaded into a spaceship today. But it happened and now there’s no turning back for her and three others.

The four of them now travel through space, looking for new worlds to terraform - looking to build A New Eden.

Their hasty departure meant they weren’t prepared for what they encountered out in space. They discovered mysteries they needed to solve. They entered battles they didn’t have a hope of winning. And, they needed to find creative solutions to problems they didn’t know were possible. 

A New Eden is fully written. It's currently with the editor for final touches. I'll release new chapters (at a minimum) every Saturday NZ time. 

What to expect:

- Expect a fast start, a mystery filled middle, and a meaningful end  

- Expect to meet Aliens that are truly alien 

- Expect to explore creative strategies for terraforming planets

- Expect a lot of mystery and unexpected discoveries out in space

- Expect enough science to make the world feel real

- Expect enough Clarke tech to make the world feel magical

- Expect characters to have strong and different POVs 

- Expect to watch characters deal with situations they never thought were possible

- Expect characters to make mistakes

If you like these books, you should love A New Eden. 

- Children of Time by Adrien Tchaikovsky

- We are Legion (Bobiverse) by Dennis E. Taylor

Is the book finished? 

Book 1 is fully written, so I’m dripping it out on Royal Road. I’m currently working on Book 2.

Watch the replay of my ask me anything LIVE STREAM:

Want to download a PDF of the first 28 chapters?
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Tales from the Underside: How to Maintain a Questionable System-In-Progress

Tales from the Underside: (...)
by greyly
513 pages

After a series of complicated subway line transfers, Isaac stumbles into the Underside, a fantastical parallel world inhabited by a hodgepodge of overpowered beings. He’s saved by the “god” of this world, Lilith, who decides to implement a stat system to save the Underside from further property damage. Four years later, this system is (roughly) in place, and Isaac is the unfortunate soul tasked with keeping it updated.

There's now a Discord server if anyone wants to chat and hang out! 


This story starts out as a chill, slow burn comedic slice-of-life that follows Isaac’s strange adventures in the Underside. It becomes progressively more serious as it goes on, eventually turning into a character study and developing a serious plot as Isaac learns more about the Underside, its history, and himself. 

Update: Volume 1 (Arcs 0, 1, and 2) is now complete! We have reached the serious plot.

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by zaifyr
401 pages

Sevs is a man left behind. Humanity has progressed to a singularity. He is one of the last of his age trying to join. From a conversation with a younger potential candidate, he has an idea and will try a new path.

With a change in attitude, he throws himself back into the tutorial world to try and achieve synchronicity to join his compatriots. Welcome to Earth.

Publishes: Tuesday, Saturday

Cover art by Asviloka

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Jackal Among Snakes

Jackal Among Snakes
by Nemorosus
2.4k pages

The royal bastard of House Vasquer, Argrave, changed after his stay studying magic at the Tower of the Gray Owl. The sickly man's awkward posture and cruel behavior have been replaced with a neat dignity and acerbic wit. Though once listless, he now strives towards his goals with a life-or-death tenacity. Most come away thinking he seems to know too many details about too much. Few can claim to know his motives or his goals. 

Yet behind that confident appearance, the primary contributor for an open-world RPG's wiki battles existential dread and things far beyond his ken as he struggles to adapt to a grim, gothic fantasy world mirroring his favorite game. The prospect of fighting against a world-ending calamity loses all of its appeal when it transitions from entertainment to reality. Argrave is spurred towards unwanted heroism to preserve his life as he struggles desperately to keep this sinking ship afloat.


Releases 5x a week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!

Cover by Mitchell Kirby:

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My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror

My Best Friend is an (...)
by Actus
991 pages


Good things come to those who wait. Damien Vale didn't, and now he's bound to an Eldritch creature from beyond the farthest reaches of the universe. It's unfathomable, utterly evil, and likes to be called Henry. To Damien, none of that mattered. He was going to learn magic, and he'd be damned if he let something as small as this set him back. 

When Damien started his first year at a mage college, he didn't expect it to be easy. However, when he's assigned to room with a strange girl that has magic that even Henry is wary of, Damien realizes things might not be so easy. He sets out to accomplish his life goal of becoming a powerful mage, all the while dealing with a murderous professor, an eldritch creature that's created a persona to act like a teenager, and a new roomate that's far more perceptive than he'd like.

As Damien struggles to deal with the ramifications of the monster within him, a disturbing fact comes to life: Henry might not be the only eldritch creature on the mortal plane, and he's the only one that can stop them. 

NOTE: This story is  progression fantasy with some very basic litRPG elements (such as a wristband that shows a character's stats). It is not a full on litRPG - it's a progression fantasy story with litRPG elements. The story will contain some romance, but it will not be explicit nor will it take over the story. It starts off slow, but will pick up speed quickly around chapter 26. Enjoy!

My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror was origonally started as a way to thank my patreons. I will be keeping the patreon updated 15 chapters in advance. Enjoy!

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Beware Of Chicken

Beware Of Chicken
by Casualfarmer
1.8k pages

Jin Rou wanted to be a cultivator who defied the heavens, and surpassed all limits.

Unfortunately for him, he died, and now I’m stuck here. Arrogant young masters? Heavenly tribulations? Cultivating for days on end, then getting into life or death battles?

Yeah, no thanks. I'm getting out of here.

In which a transmigrator decides that the only winning move is not to play.


Beware of Chicken will be updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

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Vainqueur the Dragon

Vainqueur the Dragon
by Maxime J. Durand (Void Herald)
1.7k pages

Vainqueur now has a Webtoon adaptation!

It is now available on Amazon! Book 1 (Audiobook 1), Book 2 (Audiobook 2), Book 3 (Audiobook 3), Book 4.

Vainqueur Knightsbane is your average dragon: a giant, fire-breathing lizard who loves to take naps on his golden hoard, kidnap princesses for fun, and make the life of adventurers miserable. Vainqueur's only pleasure in life is to watch his treasure get bigger, one coin at a time.

So when a would-be thief turned unwilling minion tells him about "classes," "levels," and "quests," Vainqueur wonders if maybe, just maybe, he should consider a career change. 

After all, why bother hunting monsters for free when you can get paid for it?

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