1. I've peaked.

      Finally, after all this time, I have reached the review bomb stage! Got my first 0.5 rating!

    2. Re: House of Dragons vs. new Lord of the Rings

      Yeah it's definitely not a horrific dumpster fire that a lot of the LOTR superfans are harping. Watchable. Entertaining. Some great moments.  HoD? I am going to binge. If it leaves me in a state of (...)

    3. Re: House of Dragons vs. new Lord of the Rings

      RoP is actually not that bad. I'd give it a chance. I'm going to binge HoD though. I just feel I might have enjoyed GoT without waiting between episodes. 

    4. Re: Special Review Request

      I am still looking for a review swap! I prefer litrpg!

    5. Re: Special Review Request

      I caught up with my schedule! I am taking one review swap! I would prefer a litrpg! Thank you!

    6. Re: Special Review Request

      Ooh. If you are still up for a swap after you are done, just let me know. I'm available whenever. I will read your story over the next few days. Unfortunately, I am working this weekend so my time schedule (...)

    7. Re: Special Review Request

      I can try my best looking through that lens if you would like to swap stories. I've read "The Remaining" by DJ Moles, who served prior to becoming an author so I suppose I have some experience reading (...)

    8. Re: Looking for same-day swap [10K words]

      Sure! Please note, I am working at the moment, so the earliest I can get a review for you is 8 to 10 hours after this post. Is that all right?

    9. Special Review Request

      So I'll preface this request with a bit of background. My LITrpg focuses on a single father who is US Army soldier. He is transported into a fantasy world following his death and seeks to return to (...)

    10. Re: [For Hire] Anime Style Illustrator and Logo Designer

      Just what I was looking for! I would love to discuss in more detail! Please send me a DM!

    11. Re: Is your antagonist really "evil"?

      Yes. I wanted a very simple, straightforward antagonist that does evil for fun. My intention is to have the reader unreservedly root for their defeat.  As an antagonist, he is one dimensional. So, (...)

    12. Re: Badly explain the plot of your series with no spoilers

      A single dad going through a midlife crisis gets isekai'd into a dnd campaign.