Kaiser Wasting

Kaiser Wasting

    1. Re: Remember Subaru from re:zero. Well...

      Tbh I never thought about that… that’s really depressing…

    2. Re: Just got my first comments I know it is nothing big, my book just began but somehow it feels meaningfull.

      Hey man! I was ecstatic! You have every right to be hyped! It’s a big milestone!

    3. Art of main character (more to come!)

      https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/884107747136778240/982811918416891924/Kaiser_Commission8.png Lieutenant Jason Thane https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/884107747136778240/983525720267579442/Kaiser_Commission9.png (...)

    4. Re: I can’t believe it!

      Congrats!  Thank you!

    5. I can’t believe it!

      I got my first review, 8 follows,  three favorites, 500 unique views, and 21 thousand words! I know it isn’t much, but I’m proud of it! Just wanted to share!

    6. Re: Objectionable Content: Sexual Content

      To be honest, not the biggest fan of sex scenes…. Especially graphic ones…. I’d prefer if it was either implied or just not brought up… unless it really matters to the stories 

    7. Re: What is your purpose?

      Try my best and hope it gets me somewhere

    8. Re: Hurray for my first rating for a new story!

      That’s amazing! I’m glad you’re happy you have a rating! 

    9. Re: Hello from me, a reader

      Hello! Man, i feel the lack of motivation, lol. 

    10. Re: Hello there!

      Hey welcome chief! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    11. Re: 100 views on my first fic!

      Man That’s amazing! 

    12. Re: 100k words!


    13. Re: 50 chapters, 5,000 views, & a new cover

      The cover looks amazing! And that is such a milestone for 50 chapters! That’s great to hear chief! Congrats!

    14. So I’m confused

      How exactly does the rating numbers work? Like I’ve seen mine go up and down, but I figure down would be better than up right? 

    15. Re: Free First Chapter Feedback!

      I’ll throw my hat in the ring! I’d love to hear what you have to say!

    16. Re: What does your protagonist want the most?

      Jason basically wants to survive. But it’s more than that, he wants his friends to live, he blames himself for multiple deaths of his friends and brothers… this causes him to go above his normal view to (...)

    17. Re: How would you write madness?

      If it were up to me, I’d write outlandish actions and muttering between speech… depends on the level of madness! Even a personal view from the characters perspective possibly showing him hallucinating (...)

    18. Re: Do you write short stories? And why?

      So I usually write short stories about my characters to develop their character before adding them to my story!