1. Re: So, how many writers here use dictation software?

      Google Docs work surprisingly well, I have a heavy accent and it turned out pretty good (besides fantasy names). If you're using an iphone, apple's standard earpiece will suffice. You can give it a shot. (...)

    2. Re: .05 Star Review and I am laughing

      Since we’re sharing. I have a 0.5 star rating and two 1 star ratings. I imagine it will only get worse as time passes. Still grateful for people reading my story though Jokes on you! I have two 0.5 star (...)

    3. Re: Just reached 50 Followers!

      Congratulations to this amazing achievement! This might be the jump-pad to launch your story towards the moon and beyond!  :DrakanWine:

    4. Re: Hit Rising Stars!!!

      https://media1.tenor.co/images/f61df881d929b8d5edb95c85f9ac32be/tenor.gif?c=VjFfZmFjZWJvb2tfd2ViY29tbWVudHM&itemid=24149217 :peoapproval: Update: although bombed with 3 1-star ratings, i'm perfectly (...)

    5. Re: Hit Rising Stars!!!

      Congrats! :DrakanWine: Thank you so much! ']Haha if it was a bug, then wouldn’t I have celebrated for nothing? You would be celebrating the happy coincidence! So many worthy stories never hit (...)

    6. Re: Hit Rising Stars!!!

      Nice job! Hope the hype train goes on! Choo choo! On a side note, I'm 1 follower away from the 100 follower milestone  :peodistress:  Fingers crossed that no one would unfollow out of a sudden (...)

    7. Re: Six-word Story Challenge

      My actions, fleeting. My consequences, everlasting. The same person. But now; strangers. "Help me, step bro! I'm stuck!" The rain, doesn't feel the same.

    8. Re: Hit Rising Stars!!!

      Wow, that's very impressive! Congratulations!  :DrakanWine: Thank you so much!  :peoapproval:

    9. Re: Hit Rising Stars!!!

      Congratulations. That's a truly great accomplishment.  Thank you, I'm truly overjoyed and still amazed at the fact that people would read and immerse themselves in a world that I've created. It's really (...)

    10. Re: Hit Rising Stars!!!

      Congrats! Doesn't matter if it's a bug or not, does it? 😆 Your story looks good. Maybe you can put in some more effort and make the best of this opportunity. Good luck with your story. 👍🏻 Haha if (...)

    11. Re: Hit Rising Stars!!!

      That's amazing. I hear once you hit Rising stars you really shoot up afterwards.  Congrats!  Thank you so much! To be completely honest, when I started writing this story, it was on a whim. Just scouring (...)

    12. Hit Rising Stars!!!

      Idk if it’s a bug or not, but in the All genres category, it’s literally at the bottom. If it’s indeed true, then honestly i’m stoked. For someone like me, who hasn’t written anything more than 500 (...)

    13. Re: What is your purpose?

      To find out what that dog doin’.