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    1. Re: Philosophical stories

      I know RRL isnt a place to search for that kind of stuff, RRL is for dumping voluminous wish fulfillment trash, but still, why not. I'm looking for the kind of stories that after you read them you spend (...)

    2. Re: Review swap for newly-started fiction

      Hey, can I get in on this too? :D I read up through chapter 5 and loved it (and posted a review and several comments)! I don't think I see very many stories like this, so this was a breath of fresh (...)

    3. Re: Review swap for newly-started fiction

      I'd be interested. Here's mine: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/53477/the-warrior I'll get yours done either today or tomorrow. It looks fascinating. I'd be interested. I'm at 15k words. Is that (...)

    4. Re: Review swap for newly-started fiction

      Your story looks really fun to read! Mine hopefully keeps your interest the same way yours did mine. Would you be open to doing a review swap? https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/55157/single-mother-cultivator-determination-to-deny (...)

    5. Re: Review swap for newly-started fiction

      I just reviewed your excellent story. Please review one of mine. Thanks SDT! On it :D

    6. Re: Review for review swaps

      Hi CKJ5! I'd be interested in swapping. Be warned that my fic is a bit unusual and niche in terms of format, it's okay if it isn't down your alley. It's written like a mockumentary about the de-extinction (...)

    7. Review swap for newly-started fiction

      Hi! I've just recently started posting my first story, currently at around 5k words, with new chapters being released daily. I'm looking for reviews, and I'm happy to swap. Please be advised that the (...)

    8. Re: Offering my humble reviewing services (first 10k) [OPEN]

      Hey everyone, I have some free time and want to do some reading so I'll review the first 10k words of your fiction. Hopefully this can also improve my own editing skills.  :DrakanGlasses: Some rules (...)