From Within The Dungeon

From Within The Dungeon
217 pages

This is the story of Nathaniel Spencer, a twenty-three-year-old man, who'd lived a bit of a rough life.

His' is a story that begins as many others do.

With his death.

After having a steel beam dropped on him, crushing his body, Nathaniel finds himself reincarnated into the world of Grandlore!

He, and a few others who are in the same situation as him, must now work together to survive in this strange new world and hopefully find a way back!

Chapter Length: 2000 Words or above. It can only be more, never less.

Chapter Releases: Whenever I write something. Gotta get dem creative juices flowing first. Preferably once a week though.

Content Warning tags are there to give me creative freedom. Don't worry too much about it.

This story is somewhat slow in the beginning.

Think of it as the early chapters of Second Coming of Gluttony and all the other KN novels where people get sucked into a different world.

Cover by [Asviloka]

Check out his art thread here!

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Glimpse of Eternity

Glimpse of Eternity
464 pages

Because of an incident when he was ten years old, Kagami Ken had to suffer through excruciating pain due to a one-of-a-kind illness.

After a particularly bad fit of the illness when he was twenty-three, Kagami Ken fell into a coma for six months!

When he woke up, Ken's intuition told him that his days were numbered, so he sets about doing things that he'd always wanted to do, but never could.

Due to a sudden desire to do some good, Ken pours an extraordinary amount of money into a donation to a Charity organization he stumbles upon.

He never knew that due to this, He would get the attention of a certain God!

After this and that, he now finds himself reincarnated as Reivan Aizenwald, the Half-human, Half-Warbeast baby!

On his second lease at life, how will he choose to live? What goals will he aspire to achieve? What Chaos will he bring to this new world!?

Find out by reading the story, cuz I honestly don't know! 

[This story is quite a slow burner, especially since 200+ pages are dedicated to his life before getting reincarnated.]

[Chapter Length: 2500-3500 words (It can only be more, never less. Except for bonus/extra or interlude Chapters)]

[Chapter Release: Once Every Sunday. Depending on certain factors, I may post more.]

[The Warning tags are just there to give me freedom when writing. I don't plan to be overly descriptive of schmex scenes and gore. Don't worry.]

Hello! I'm Lire, and this is my first fiction!

I know its going to be rough around the edges. But I'm trying my best to improve day by day. I hope you're patient with me if you do give this fiction a try!

Correction suggestions are appreciated. Same with grammar corrections. English is my third language, so it would help me improve. I shall try my best to make as few mistakes as possible though!

Constructive Criticism is very welcome.

Anything to make my first brain-child, the best it can possibly be!!

If all you do is diss it, without providing anything constructive, I'm ready to pour whatever creative juices I have on making up insults for you, your mother, and all your Ancestors! long as I don't feel particularly lazy at the time. Also, if your diss makes me laugh while also being true, you get a pass too. I'll even give you rep.

By the way, this work will be heavily influenced by (English TLed) Japanese Light Novels and Korean Web Novels. I mainly read that kinda stuff after all. With minor influence from Wuxia and Xianxia. Really, just a little though. Oh, and Harry Potter which I read repeatedly when I was a child.

If you hate those types of novels, then please piss off immediately. I don't want to waste your time.

If you do like them, then please give my novel a try!


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Don't Come Inside, Okay?

Don't Come Inside, Okay?
105 pages

Lars Cromwell just got dumped by his girlfriend of 3 months, apparently because she found someone better.

Although the normal man would have been bummed out by this, Lars didn't particularly mind.

Because Lars just won the lottery, which meant he was about a billion dollars richer now.

And he had one less person to share it with!

Even if he was single, at least he was filthy stinking rich!

In any case, this is Lars' story. A story that begins just like how many others do.

With his death.

Join Lars as he reincarnates into another world as his Avatar together with his favorite game's Dungeon and it's NPCs!

= This Work is on an indefinite Hiatus. I do not know when I'll get back to this, but I plan to rewrite a bunch of stuff when I do. If you liked this, keep following it so that I can inform you of when I improve this! =

Hello, I'm Lire, and this is my 2nd fiction.

I recently got into the whole dungeon thing, and thought that I wanted to write one of my own!

Chapter Length: 2000+ Words. It can only be more, never less.

Chapter Release Schedule: Whenever I can write. I am juggling this with my main Fiction, so yeah...


- Don't expect much statistical growth from the MC. Although I plan for him to refine his techniques and increase his repertoire.

- You can guess from the name, but there will not be too much action in the dungeon itself. Plus, the dungeon has been fully built, so not too many things will be added either. The whole idea is to kill potential intruders before they enter the Dungeon.

- This will be more like a Kingdom building story, than a Dungeon Building one. MC will try to dominate his surroundings so that he can keep his Dungeon safe.

- There will be Slice of life elements, since realistically speaking, events aren't supposed to happen all the time.

- This work is inspired, to a certain extent, by Murayama-sama's Overlord Light novel. Minus the 'emotionless' undead MC, and the premise of misunderstandings. The NPCs will also be aware that they were characters in a game, that came to life for some reason, so no need for MC to role-play to pull the wool over the eyes of his own allies. Also, unlike Overlord, there is a chance for the cast of characters to increase through a built-in gacha system(This is not a spoiler, this will literally be explained in the first few chapters.), except that the rates are absolutely abysmal, so it won't happen frequently. Maybe I'll use a poll to decide the next ally? We'll see.

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